The Wards of Faerie Interior Artwork

Todd Lockwood is one of the best artists in the fantasy genre.

So imagine Terry’s surprise when Todd wanted to do the interior artwork for the forthcoming first book in The Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy, Wards of Faerie!

Terry and Todd spoke at length about the book, its characters, and a great setting for the full-color piece of art that will open up inside the book. Todd also read a couple scenes. He took that information and sketched out several scenes, selecting one. Then Todd went to work in earnest, updating Terry as the art progressed, allowing the bestselling author to make adjustments when needed. Todd was all too happy to make the changes.

The result? Here is the finished piece below:

In hi-res, it is stunning. I love it. And it does justice to the characters in the book and the setting that Terry has created. It is the Fangs, a place of great evil in the Four Lands. Ard Rhys Khyber Elessedil is leading her group of companions into the unknown, looking for the other-colored sets of Elfstones from Faerie. This is perhaps the most accurate pieces of art featuring Rock Trolls, by the way, who are protecting Ohmsford twins Redden and Railing.

Terry also loves the piece. He is excited one of his novels has a full-color piece of artwork on the inside again. It is part of his desire to thank the fans for their years of support—so thank you!

And since fans ask about artwork all of the time, Todd is making this piece of artwork available in a series of prints and giclees at different sizes and prices. I believe Todd and Terry will also double sign the 15 x 19 giclee! Click HERE to look at sizes, prices, and ordering information, as well as closeups of the artwork!

Can’t wait until Wards of Faerie is published on August 21st! And if you want a signed copy of the book, be sure to order one at The Signed Page!

More soon!

24 responses to “The Wards of Faerie Interior Artwork”

  1. Reminds me of the artwork from the D&D books, which looking up the artist, makes sense as apparently he did a bunch of that work.

    • I agree completely. I wish Terry went with a different artist. All of Lockwood’s stuff screams D&D….which can dissuade many classical fantasy fans.

  2. Wow, this is better than the Sword foldout and I am a huge fan of the late Hildebrandt Bros. But I always felt that it was too LOTRish when you compare to all those calendars that came out in the 70’s. FINALLY, Terry has an artist that gives us a unique peek into the world of Shannara in a way that matches the look and feel one imagines. I even see a difference that keeps it unique from the Salvatore books as well. I am definately putting this Giclee on my wall in my library with Terry’s life works. I have ordered my dual-signed book as well. Man what a fantasy fantastical summer!! Kudos to Todd and Terry. Thanks for the lifetime of memories and magic!!

  3. I love Terry Brooks work, glad to see it in art form. would there be any way to get this as a poster?

  4. What I am REAL curious about are who are the three in the lead? The Dwarf, Elf and man? Do we know them or are they new characters.

  5. I cant wait to get the new novel – “The Wards of Faerie”
    Ive been reading your novels since college and am hoping to go to a book signing in Cambridge, Mass to meet you. this august.
    I may have a first edtion on the shannara trilogy i have to dig them out before the signing. do you sign other books if we bring them too at book signings ?
    this would be my first book signing so i thought I’d ask ahead of time.
    thanks for your time.
    love all of your books

  6. So that’s Khyber? Kinda looks mannish. But I guess that’s the kind of hardness an Ard Rhys needs, eh? After all, she is older than what she was in High Druid.

    Also, do I see Patrick Stewart in the background?

  7. A bit late to the game here, but does anyone know if the new artwork will be featured in the ebook as well as in the printed copy? I’m trying to decide which one to buy. The work looks fantastic, and I want to make sure I can get my hands on it. 🙂


    • We don’t know, Chris. These types of things usually don’t make their way into ebook form. That’s why publishers are starting to put art in hardcover books — making them something special again.

  8. Is the UK version supposed to have the interior artwork in it as well as I have seen copies in waterstones in the UK that do not have it in

    • The UK edition does not have the artwork. It does have the map though.

      Only the US edition has the full-color foldout that Todd Lockwood did. The UK publisher didn’t want to include it, sadly.

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