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Available July 9, 2012!
The new tale featuring Allanon!

Allanon’s Quest by Terry Brooks is available now!

Fantasy is filled with quests. First published in 1977, The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks is one such great novel.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of The Sword of Shannara. To celebrate, Del Rey Books and Terry Brooks are publishing The Annotated Sword of Shannara, a book that features inside commentary about the book, how it came to be, its characters, and why it has endured for so long as a foundational book in the genre.

But it’s not the only tale that will see publication this year. Terry has also written Wards of Faerie, a first book in a new trilogy that will publish August 21, 2012!

Then there is a short story—one fans have been asking after for 35 years!

Paladins of Shannara: Allanon’s Quest is a brand new, 10,000 word ebook short story by Terry Brooks. It is a prequel of sorts, featuring Terry’s most enigmatic figure, the Druid Allanon.

Here is a bit more about Allanon’s Quest:

On Sale: July 09, 2012 | Price: $.99
Pages: 34 | ISBN: 978-0-345-53680-8
Published by : Del Rey

The legendary hero Allanon takes center stage in the first of three gripping new stand-alone eBook short stories set in the world of the fantasy fiction phenomenon that is Shannara—by beloved New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks.

The history is thus: The once-Druid Brona, seduced by his pursuit of dark magic, was forever transformed into the Warlock Lord—whose evil would be the downfall of the Four Lands and the death of the Races. Against him, the Elven King Jerle Shannara wielded the fabled sword that bore his surname and triumphed. Or so it was believed. But though the Dark Lord was driven out . . . he was not destroyed.

The Druid Allanon knows only too well the prophecy passed down to him by his late master: that eventually the Warlock Lord will return. Now, after hundreds of years, that day seems imminent. And the time is at hand for the Sword of Shannara to once more be brought forth from its sanctuary to serve its ancient purpose. All that remains is for a blood descendent of the Elven house of Shannara to carry the blade into battle.

With ever more portents of doom on the horizon, Allanon must seek out the last remaining Shannara heir, who alone will bear the burden of defending the Four Lands’ destiny. But with agents of darkness closing in from behind, unexpected enemies lying in wait ahead, and treachery encroaching on every side, there can be no certainty of success. Nor any assurance that this desperate quest will not be the Druid’s last.

I’ve read the short story and, as a Terry Brooks fan, I loved it. It features an Allanon that is only hinted at in The Sword of Shannara—sure, a man strong in character, but one filled with doubts about the coming storm that is about to sweep south from the Northland. Fans get an inside point of view look at the last Druid and learn more about the events leading up to the greatest power struggle in the Four Lands.

To view which ebook retailers will be carrying Allanon’s Quest, click HERE!

DON’T HAVE AN EREADER? WANT IT IN PAPER?: If you don’t have an ereader like the Kindle or Nook, don’t fret! While the story won’t be collected in a hardcover until Terry writes at least five more short stories, fans who lack an ereader can download applications for the Kindle (PC | Mac) and Nook (PC | Mac) and read the story on their computer! Just click which link applies in the previous sentence, buy the short story, and enjoy a fantastic read!

Allanon’s Quest is available now!

Go read it!

58 responses to “Buy Now: Allanon’s Quest”

  1. I have been a devoted fan of Terry Brooks since I first picked up the The Sword of Shanarra. And that was back in 1987!! I can’t wait for this short to come out!!!

  2. What about Linux users?
    I have never read eBooks (I like the books in my hands so I can feel them). Can we (linux users) read the eBook too?

  3. What about those of us in Canada or other countries. Any idea when it will be available to us? I tried to pre-order it, but it said only available to US Residents.

  4. “First of three”? Will the other 2 parts be released to coincide with the release of each Dark Legacy book?

  5. Sounds like it’ll be an interesting story. It would sure look good on my BOOKSHELF next to my other Shannara BOOKS, but I guess that’s not to be. I’m gonna have to buy a better computer chair so I can sit here and read the whole thing!!

  6. I so LOVE Allanon and can’t wait to read this…I already pre-ordered it!!! Keep them coming on Allanon!!!! So just to put them (this one & the Short Stories still to come) in chronological order they would come in around the Sword of Shannara Trilogy correct?!?! I have read the books three times each (Books Chronologically from First King of Shannara to Straken ~ All of which I own in paperback or hard cover and soon all of them for my Kindle..hehe) since 2001 when I found the first 3 books among my parents collection of books. I also agree that movies about these books would be great too, I know I’d buy them all in Blu-ray after I saw them at the theater!!!

  7. Glad i decided to look around the website instead of going straight to the forum. Just got done pre-ordering the book 🙂

  8. While the post above emphasizes Kindle and Nook, I just checked and it will be in Apple’s iBookstore as well. Woohoo!!

  9. Why can’t it be published in print? I love the smell and feel of a book, which is why I don’t own an e-reader. Maybe at a later date, when all three short stories are out? Oh please!!!

  10. To Nylanet:

    I understand what you are saying. I felt the same way before going to e-reader. Once you do it, it’s the way to go. I have a Nook Simple Touch and I like reading on it more than regular books now. It was really easier to make the change than I thought it would be.

    One of the things I love is that you can download books and begin reading them instantaneously. I would recommend making the change to e-reader to anyone who loves to read like I do.


  11. Just finished reading the new Paladin’s of Shannara, Allanon’s Quest:

    Freaking AWESOME!! Thanks Terry!

    • One down one to go…dang AQ was really good…then bam over….oh I wanted more…so now to read the other and when is the announcement on the winner of the arc? Or did I miss it?

  12. I just finished Allanon’s Quest, and it was amazing. Thank you, Terry – I can’t wait for the new book! (BTW, Shawn, thanks for the links and info on how to get an e-reader for the computer – it was super quick and easy.)

  13. Great story. Allanon has always been my favorite character & I always wanted a glimpse of him before the Sword. This simply makes me want to know more about him. He needs a full book!!

  14. Fantastic my first e-book purchase. Noticed there was no biting sarcasm from our favourite Druid, unless I missed it.

  15. Will this story (along with the soon-to-be-released other TWO) ever be printed on paper format? These short stories look like a perfect candidate for Subterannean Press to work their magic on in the future.
    I remember an e-mailed short story that needed to be placed just after Walker Boh meets the shade of Allanon in the Ilse Witch. I don’t think that was ever officially published in paper format.

  16. I loved that story. Allanon is my favourite Shannara character and I couldn’t wait for this story to come out. From the very first paragraph, I felt like I was plunging back into The Sword of Shannara. This was a good primer for the Annotated Sword of Shannara coming out this fall. Can’t wait.

  17. It is a little ironic that Terry writes about humans destroying the technology and science they have made, yet only offers the short novels in e-form. What happens when the real thing happens and we have no more electricity…..the short novels will be lost forever!

      • Well Del Rey needs to get their act together. I for one wont buy an e-book and know I’m not the only person out there. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to read this but don’t have the cash for an e-reader and refuse to sit at my computer that long. If its not in hard back or paper back I wont read it.

  18. Too bad it’s not a hard covered REAL book. The Terry Brooks shelf in my library would look great with a new addition! Come on, guys! I’m sure a tree would be more than happy to sacrifice itself for the privelege of becoming another Terry Brooks epic!

    • They won’t be until they are gathered together into a short story collection. To have a collection, Terry will have to write at least another nine or ten stories, which will take years, I’m afraid.

  19. I am a new reader to the series, just finishing the sword trilogy and Indomitable and trying to adhere to the suggested reading order. I know this is a stand alone short story, but should this story be read before I continue on to Dark Wraith and subsequent novels. Thanks

    • Hey Jeff, you can actually read this short story at any time. I’d suggest reading it next simply because it won’t take very long, is not expensive, and you’ll still have Sword fresh in your mind.

      Unless you want to read The Annotated Sword of Shannara when it is published in October. Then I’d say hold off reading Allanon’s Quest until right before it.

  20. Thank you! I’ve been hoping for some sort of back story on Allanon and the Druids! I’m also another one that has been reading the Shannara series since 1987.

  21. The one downfall to e-books is that I much prefer to read a paper copy and add to my collection on my large book shelf. I might just go ahead and print this out and bound it with a copy of this ‘cover’ photo so that I can have it on my shelf as well! Looking really forward to reading this!

  22. Just finished the first Wards of Faerie. Really marvelous! It must get stressful when you set the bar higher and higher….

    The new map is lovely too. But I noticed, while re-reading Scions of Shannara, that Varfleet seems to have moved across the Silver River. Problems with the Levee?

  23. Although I cannot wait to read this, I can’t help but be disappointed. I love to read books in paperback. There’s something about reading books like this, turning the page, smelling the wonderful smell of the paper. It just adds to the experience. People are turning more and more to media at the cost of some of this experience, not to mention the medical implications of spending too much time viewing printed media on a computer screen. It’s worse for the eyes than reading a book in printed format(on paper). Please consider allowing a printed version to become available. I will likely read it then, until then, I think I’ll pass.

  24. I am a devoted Terry Brooks fan, with all of his books in my possession!! The problem is that I don’t do ebooks or Kindle, or Nook etc. I do hardback and paperback copies of books, and I’m so distraught because I am unable to acquire the Paladins of Shannara series. I feel like my collection is so very incomplete now, even with all of his other works in my collection. When might these short stories be available for the “computer challenged”, or people who just prefer to sit down and turn the pages?! I sure hope I get to read them before too much longer!

  25. Hi Shawn,

    I was just wondering what the reading order for the three new e books should be and where they fit into the reading order lists.

    Thank you.


  26. Hi Mate I bought via kindle Paladins of Shannara Allanons Quest. I see another kindle book will be available this month with the same title but with a different cover. Is this the same ebook or is there more books on Allanons Quest adding to the story?

  27. I just tried to buy Allanon’s Quest using the Nook (PC) link and received a message telling me this product is only available within the U.S. I also tried Kindle (PC) but this book wasn’t there at all. I live in Canada. Do I have to wait for Allanon’s Quest to come out in hardcover before I can read it?

  28. I will wait until the three “Paladins of Shannara” short stories are released in a hard cover book before I buy it.

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