Excerpt: Chapter Two of Wards of Faerie

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Wards of Faerie, Book I of The Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy, will be published on August 21, 2012 in the US and a few days later in the UK.

But you don’t have to wait for publication day to begin reading it!

Terry and Del Rey Books have authorized the early release of Chapter One and Chapter Two, for your reading enjoyment. They feature Aphenglow Elessedil, Druid of Paranor, as she searches for lost knowledge in the bowels of the Elven royal palace. Aphen is one of the main protagonists of the novel and it is her will and wits that set in motion the story that will shake the Four Lands to its core.

And nothing will be the same again!

Here is the first two paragraphs of Wards of Faerie:

It was almost one year to the day after she began her search of the Elven histories that Aphenglow Elessedil found the diary.

She was deep in the underground levels of the palace, sitting alone at the same table she occupied each day, surrounded by candles to combat the darkness and wrapped in her heavy cloak to ward off the chill. Carefully she read each document, letter, or memoir in what had taken on the attributes of a never- ending slog. It was late and her eyes were burning with fatigue and dust, her concentration beginning to wane, and her longing for bed to grow. She had been reading each day, all day, for so long that she was beginning to think she might never see Paranor and her fellow Druids again.

Click HERE to read the PDF file of Chapter One! And HERE is a PDF of Chapter Two! You must have Adobe Reader. Download it HERE.

Chapter Three and the rest of the book will be published on August 21st! And don’t forget Allanon’s Quest, now also e-published for your reading enjoyment!

Feel free to use the comments below to discuss these chapters with other fans!

The Four Lands will never be the same again…

12 responses to “Excerpt: Chapter Two of Wards of Faerie”

  1. Really loved the other books of yours that I’ve read. This sounds like it will be just a great. Hope to read it soon.

  2. Outstanding!! I can not wait until the 21st. I have been reading this series since 1982. The books keep getting better and better. I hope the search for the other elves stones is successful, and begins a brand new world of excitement. The Blue Stones and the Black Stone have been with us for many years. I am hoping the lost stones take us on many new adventures.

    • book after book i get hooked when the writer talks to me like a friend [marc bolan/trex/spaceball ricochet]

  3. I am so envious of you guys who get to see Terry Brooks tour. I have now downloaded the two new chapters but I know that once I read them, I will be disappointed while I wait until I can get a copy of the book sent to me in Australia. I simply can’t get enough.

  4. I will be buying this book. I love all of Terry’s books. This is another one for me to place in my treasured collection. Terry has never dissapointed me, he has always taken me on exciting wonderful adventures within his pages. So I am surely looking forward to this journey. Thank you Terry for all your wonderful books, they are the best.

  5. Chapter 2’s great build up for the book! Glad the following two in the trio are out soon too as well because I know I’ll fly through this one and be desprete for them. Intrestin change with the Chosen there that’s not expanded on, is the Ellcrys preparing for something a lil unfortunate….?

  6. I’ve been reading Terry’s books since I was 15 years old. 26 years later…..I still love them all. I have read the two chapters that Terry has so generously let us take a peek at and cannot wait to get this book in my hands as well. Terry is the greatest story teller EVER!

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