Touring with Terry 2012

Here I am again – back by, I guess just Shawn’s demand. This year’s tour covers the Heartland, after beginning in Boston. Last night’s signing at Porter Square Books in Cambridge was the first, and if all go as well and as smoothly we will be happy. A rather small but well-stocked independent, they drew more than 65 people. All polite, pleasant, and enthusiastic, as are all of Terry’s fine fans.


The highlight of the evening was Amberle who was SO excited to meet Terry, from whose books her name originated. Great fun!


Once again we will be driving, with a plane flight or two. Too bad we don’t have Shannara decals for our rental car, we could advertise along the way!

Now in Cincinnati where Terry will sign at Joseph-Beth on Madison Road at 7 PM tonight. See you there?

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9 responses to “Touring with Terry 2012”

  1. Will be watching twitter for upcoming trips to Vegas. Would love to meet you. I’m kind of annoyed I didn’t get my call from B&N that your book was in, but will go and get it tomorrow. Have a safe trip

  2. Yay!! I am looking forward to meeting him in Austin, TX next week! Too bad there aren’t Shannara decals available. I would definitely have one on my car!! =)

  3. I would love to meet Terry. But I am sad to say the tour is not coming by my way. Hopefully one of the next tours will be in my area. I will surely be there when he does.

  4. I met Mr. Brooks last night at Porter Square Books. It was a chance in a lifetime for me, as he is responsible for inspiring me to write my own stories. Shannara has been something very special to me, and meeting the creator made it perfect. He was incredibly nice and a real pleasure to meet. I hope I get to do it again, but if not, I’m glad I got to meet him.

  5. Terry is so very gracious with his fans! I remember flying up to Seattle from Southern California almost 15 years ago with my 14 year old son Brian so he could finally meet his big-time hero Terry Brooks. That was SUCH a lifetime memory, and he still treasures each and every signed book. Gotta plan another Terry Brooks trip soon and until then…..sending Judine and Terry greetings from the Barstow Bunch!

  6. I agree with Ingrid Monroe. I got to meet Terry in Memphis during his Morgawr tour. It was definitely something I’ll never forget, and he and his wife were so gracious and pleasant.

    He signed my copy of the Sword Trilogy omnibus, Ilse Witch, Antrax, and of course Morgawr. They are some of my prized possessions for sure!

    Wish he was coming a little further south. This time St. Louis is probably closest to me and it’s like 6 hours away. Bummer for me, but maybe another time!

  7. Thanks for a great meet and greet Saturday in Indianapolis. Both my son and I enjoyed listening and talking with you and Judine. It was well worth the five hour drive and wait in line. Hopefully you’ll come to Michigan again in the future!

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