Touring with Terry: Heartland Part II

More on Dayton . . .

We were surprised to see the entirely new town, shopping town at any rate, built up at the Greene outside of Dayton proper. It is a very attractive “life-style” mall with a central square with trees and grass, fountain and benches. The fountain cooled the entire area. Many high end shops and restaurants. Books & Co is housed in an amazing structure, somewhat like a glamourous aircraft hangar. So strange to see all this out on the flatlands.

The last morning in Cincinnati before our drive to Lexington we walked around the corner to Skyline Chili to try the unique Cincinnati chili we have heard so much about. While the chili, basically a ground beef meat sauce over spaghetti with lots of cheese (onions and beans, if you like – a 5-way), was OK, what really impressed us was the people working there. Terrific, cheerful, engaging service – thank you, Mattie! When we left we were given a First Timers Kit containing a bib, oyster crackers, hot sauce and a Peppermint Pattie! A fun experience!

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  1. Thank you Mr. Brooks for coming to Dayton to promote your book and give us some insight into the genius that writes an engaging series. This was my first book signing but after such a good experience it will not be my last. I hope to hear you speak again. Thank you sincerly. James P. Watkins

  2. That is the most down to earth regular guy coolest photo of Terry ever! I thought it was completely LMAO funny! My only question Terry,did you finish your plate? Thats like a whole roll of TUMS meal! Happy Tour Terry, see you in Milwaukee on Sep 11!

  3. Skyline chili! I am from Ohio and grew up eating it. I can say, if you do not wear a bib you will end up wearing it on your shirt. Good stuff!

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