Well, the state of Indiana must have some $$ in the coffers, as they are rebuilding, adding, changing, every major highway. Kind of stressful finding the store but we persevered and only needed one phone call to make it happen (sorry, Chad L.). Great turnout, very well run – Thanks Lisa and Thomas!

The most exiting was Andrew Witham bringing his Emmy! He remembered Terry visiting his school (and staying with his family) way back when. He was totally inspired by Terry and became a screenwriter – and a successful one at that – hence the Emmy. Very shiny that Emmy!

Then there was Dave and his son Sean who came from Waterford, MI. Dave has a fantastic memorabilia collection including this long ago and far away comic strip – carefully preserved and protected.

Lovely, lovely old homes along our route to downtown Indianapolis. Great old trees and classic gardens. The downtown center was hopping! LOTS of people, including an American Legion convention. Unfortunately, our hotel was right in the center of things and “things” were hopping until almost 4 AM.

Off to St. Louis tomorrow, a five-hour or so drive. It has been a very long time since we have been there. We have the evening off for some R & R. Badly needed.