Touring with Terry: Lexington

Nice dinner with Langdon Shoop, better known to all of you as “Shoopdiesel.” We had met him previously when he appeared at last year’s signing at West Seattle’s B & N.

Shoopdiesel and Terry

Then off to an old friend, Joseph-Beth Booksellers where Terry has signed many times. Terrific crowd, many familiar fan faces. Well run and organized. As usual, fast friendships formed between those in line.

Watch out for this kid! He’a a firecracker! We had more fun with him. Normally I understand he’s quite shy and retiring . . . Michael Solo (a great name!) Nickname: He’s Up to Something (just kidding)

To bed late, up early to drive to Indianapolis for a 2 o’clock signing. GPS – what a wonderful

7 responses to “Touring with Terry: Lexington”

  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful books.
    One of your books was the first my son ever read cover to cover.
    I remember him telling me he loved it so much, he wanted to pay his friend to read it so he would have someone to talk about it with!!
    Thank you, Donna McLeod
    P.S. That is my firecracker grandson in the pictures. You made his (and his dad’s) day.

  2. Thank You so much Terry, such a magical night! Everything was so much fun! From the intro, to the reading from the next book, the question and answer session, and the signing! Thanks for being there for your fans!!!!!

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