We had a long day of driving to get from Indianapolis to St. Louis. Not the most scenic, either, especially with the corn fields not in the best shape. However, we did manage the impossible: We ate at both Waffle House AND Cracker Barrel IN THE SAME DAY! and lived to tell the tale.

Our evening was free so we drove through yet another monsoon rainstorm, complete with thunder and lightning (drought?) to get to a movie we have badly wanted to see, “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” WOW! This movie is so, well at the risk of sounding Valley Girl, AWESOME. It compares to “Winter’s Bone” and is definitely our favorite movie of the year. Six stars from the Brooks’.

We had the next day off as well, and ended up going to another movie. A strange thing, our hotel, the Chase Park Plaza, has a first run movie theater in it. Can’t think why, but there it was. We were across the street from the zoo, science center, etc, but it was so hot we just stayed inside.

St. Louis is another city, like Indianapolis, that is filled with fine old buildings. The Basilica and surroundings here are quite spectacular. The signing was downtown, in a not-so-great-but-getting-better area, at Left Bank Books. For some reason I have yet to figure out, the nearby bank, First Third Bank, gave Terry and his fans a lovely reception before the signing. Lots of really good food and drink and an hour or so of getting to know one-another. Very nice. Left Bank is a small store but they really packed them in for the signing. Many folks from all over the south (Mississippi, Arkansas) and Midwest showed up. Thanks, y’all, for being such great supporters of the books. We really do appreciate you.

The delicious treats offered at the reception . . .

A few of the fan guests at the reception . . .

Brooks' fans come in all sizes . . .

Another Amberle!

With the promotional cover of WARDS OF FAERIE!