Touring with Terry: The Heartland Tour

Sorry no posts – am unable to get on so am sending these as emails and letting Shawn get them in the proper place.

Lovely Joseph-Beth bookstore in Cincinnati. Good group of fans. A high school classmate of Terry’s has recently moved to the area, so it was a pleasant surprise to see him there. Terry’s presentation is working pretty well. He gives a little talk first, about what is happening with the books, reads a short passage from the second book in this set, takes questions, then signs.

The following day we traveled to Dayton where we met up with, yet another, former high school classmate, and enjoyed spending the early part of the evening with him. Terry signed at Books & Co where Sharon, a book selling friend from way back, took charge. Another terrific audience with many long-time fans present. Lots of discussion about the last time we were in Dayton – We certainly didn’t remember.

Sharon and the staff at Books & Co.‏

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  1. Terry,
    Today me and my girlfriend Alison and her 13 year old son Gage drove 4 hours to see you at the Carmel, Indiana B&N. Unfortunately, we were unable to find the book store after 2 hours of driving around looking. We even stopped and asked for directions from 6 people, each giving us bogus directions on how to find Barnes and Nobles. I have recently had my first book published and I have to say you are a major influence for my writing. I wish I could have had the chance to meet you at least once , but I guess my inability to take directions got in the way. I know you don’t plan on any more tours but if you change your mind please post it so I might get the chance to finally meet my favorite writer. Take care for now, and good luck with the rest of your tour.
    Best Wishes, Chad L.

  2. After thirty five years reading Terry’s wonderful stories and characters, I met him at the Indianapolis event. I knew he was a great writer, but found him also to be a personable and genuinely caring man. It is obvious that he loves the world he has made, as well as sharing it with us. With the books that he plans and the movies in the works, the next ten years may be the best ever!

  3. Me, my wife and our friend drove 4 hours from Akron to Cincinnati to Terry and we were not disapointed. Before this i have never been to a signing and was very pleased with the presentation. I have been struggling lately with my own writting and going to this has inspired me again. Thank you. Till next time.

  4. Hah! that is me in that picture! total fan boy moment! second day on the job and the author I had been reading for 13 years comes in???? Talk about excitement! Terry was an absolute pleasure, fun, talkative and just plain friendly. Its a great feeling knowing one of your childhood idols is such a nice person! Thanks for the autograph Terry!!

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