Online Chat: Terry Brooks on Story Board

What do Terry Brooks, Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, and Cherie Priest all have in common?

They have a few things. First, they are all fantastic writers with cultish fandoms that read everything they write. And that should be the case. If you haven’t read all four, then you haven’t read what fantasy has to offer.

But more importantly, all four are taking part in the third Story Board chat on Tuesday at 8:00 pm PDT!

Story Board is the brain child of Patrick Rothfuss, bestselling author of The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear. It is hosted on the fantastic Geek & Sundry. I’ve known Pat for years now and he’s one of the most giving people I know. With his Worldbuilders charity, he raises money for poor nations all over the world. And now, with Story Board, he wants to give something back to the writing world.

In Pat’s own words, this is Story Board:

It’s going to be a series of hour-long discussions about storytelling. We’ll probably focus on novels a bit, because that’s where I live and breathe. But I have plans to talk about other types of stories too. I want to bring in people to talk about storytelling in videogames. In comics. On the web. On TV.

It’s all story, you see.

In short, Story Board is a great way to hear some of your favorite storytellers talk about their craft. And for burgeoning new writers, it’s a perfect way to hear aspects of the craft of writing you might not otherwise hear.

Here are the first two episodes:

Story Board: Episode III is October 2nd, Tuesday night at 8:00 pm PDT. Terry will be joined by Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, and Cherie Priest. To join the chat to listen to these people talk about story and maybe get your own question answered by the group, you’ll have to have a free Google+ account. And if you do use Google+, add Terry’s new page HERE!

A few minutes before the chat goes live, we will send out a link with how to watch the online chat! I’ll send it out via Facebook and Twitter for sure so watch those. I’ll also try to update this page with the link when we have it. For those of you who can’t attend, the entire video will be posted on YouTube afterward.

See you Tuesday night!

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  1. Great idea, but where are parts one and two? Will it be possible to watch at a later date as I’ll be working at that time?

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