Poll: What Replica Would You Want?

“The Sword of Shannara” painted by David Cherry

The website consistently receives questions about Terry’s involvement with merchandising his novels. The majority of these questions surround the creation of replicas. Some people want swords. Some people want Elfstones. A few have even asked for life-sized sylvans.

What replica would you want to decorate your home with if given an opportunity with the best ability for presentation (on a wall, in a glass case, etc.), and why?


40 responses to “Poll: What Replica Would You Want?”

  1. I can’t choose! Too many good ones, the black staff, the swords of Shannara and Leah, and of course the elfstones! Of course if the druid histories book were an actual book full of stories that would probably win.

  2. There should be an entire line of Shannara replicas. But, to start, you have to go with where it all began. Either the Sword of Shannara or the blue elfstones.

  3. I’d have to go with the Sword of Leah, personally. Something beaten and old, but still beautiful and deadly. A piece with at LOT of apparent history . . . And just a little bit of mysterious something that was imparted by Allanon and the magics of the waters of the Hadeshorn.

  4. Would rather have the power of the sword of Leah but for looks alone would find it hard to choose between a black staff of the word, the stiehl and of course the legendary sword of shannara. I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’d like all, perhaps a premium version and a regular version of all items could be made, 2 versions of each may allow for fans with lower budgets

    • That should be rather obvious, since you’ve read Wards of Faerie. Some people might not want the other sets of Elfstones, making it necessary to have a Blue Elfstones choice and a Black Elfstone choice.

  6. The sword of shannara was the obvious choice. But I voted for the druid histtory that would look out standing with the rest of my collection. The palidin medallion was a runner up though. I would most likly buy all of it.

    • id like to change my vote . i want one of the books. the ildatch, or a druid history. to go with my full set of Shannara books 😀 great idea i wish i had read this before i voted.

  7. I had to vote for the Stiehl. Pe Ell was one of my all time favorite characters. Lotsa good choices though! I’m really diggin’ the polls too! Nice job.

  8. Picking just one was extremely painful – but I’d have to go with the blue elfstones. I’ve spent more time visualizing them than just about any other talisman Terry’s written about… The Sword of Shannara, Jair’s seeing crystal, and a book from the Druid Histories coming in very close…

  9. Voted Black staff as I guess this might actually be where it all started in a historical timeline rather than published timeline. Question: and I guess this may have been asked before but do the knights of the word become the Druids of Shannara?

  10. I had to pick the Sword of Leah. I love the Leah characters. They are my favorite side characters, Morgan being my absolute favorite. The tragic love story between him and Quickening kills me and gives me hope for true love as well.

  11. Just think what we could do with our own airships, complete with a fully charged set of diapson crystals. No more driving!

  12. The “King of Landover Medallion” for sure. I remember reading Magic Kingdom for Sale/Sold off of my Dad’s shelf when I was 9ish. To have an amulet that does what it does, encapsualted my imagination. I love the Shannara series, but the Magic Kingdom of Landover will always be my favorite. Just in case you were wondering, I’m 30 now.

  13. OMG there is no way i could just pick one im practically drooling at the thought of having any if not all of these items just make them all and tell me how much it will cost and who to make the check out to !!!!!!!

  14. I voted for the Blue Elfstones because I think they are one of Terry’s most interesting talismans, and they’re more interesting incomplete (they invoke the mystery of the missing Elfstones that fans have lived with for so long). I like the mind/body/soul imagery of the Elfstones, and plus they are the cause of the Wishsong and the heart of many of Terry’s narratives.

    However, it would be amazing if replicas of a Druid History and the Ildatch were made with a sort of ancient, heavy tome look, with Terry’s writing inside, even if the writing was incomplete or some of it illegible. First, it would give fans more Terry to read and more insight into his world, and it would also be awesome to reread passages about the Druid Histories and the Ildatch thinking you own them, even recognizing that they’re only representations.

    Still, I must cast my lot to the Blue Elfstones. The Black Staff of the Word is cool, but it’s basically just a walking stick that glows – I want something more iconic, personally.

  15. There are many items that I would love, but I would have to see them first. If they lived up to Terry Brooks’ vision and mine, then I would get them. The one piece that comes to mind is The Stiehl.

  16. Got to be the staff of the word but what id love to see is a animated film of the books kind of like japanese manga style,now that would be awesome.

  17. Definitely the Sword of Shannara. The original weapon that so many of the story lines follow. Its the origin of the whole series. Would definitely have to start there..

  18. How can I choose just one? Maybe your poll should have people number them in order of most wanted to least wanted.

  19. Honestly the Ildatch or the volume from the Histories have the most potential as they could be sold, but blankly as journals and such. Other than that the Darkwand would be the most interesting.

  20. How about character replicas like Garret Jaxx or even the King of the Silver River? I’d personally would like to have a replica of Paranor. But of what was listed I had to pick the Steihl. An assassins weapon that slices through anything? Impressive. Makes me curious how the sword of Leah would fare against it. I won’t mention the Sword of Shannarah since it wasn’t truly meant as a physical weapon.

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