Touring with Terry: Austin

Austin! What a great city. How many airports do you know that have Salt Lick AND Dickies Barbeque? M-m-m. We didn’t get to stop on our way IN, but believe me we had lunch there before flying out.

Baggage carousel at the Austin airport . . .
Baggage carousel at the Austin airport . . .

Terrific two-bedroom suite at the Omni, downtown. Nice for our last stop before home. We had an escort for this visit which is very nice. Never realized how much like having one until we didn’t any more.

Our friend, Dick Tanner, from Richardson, drove down (4 hours – he’s as crazy as Terry’s fans) for dinner which we enjoyed at LaCondessa right before the signing. Book People is a terrific store with a super selection of books, fun sidelines, and the BEST card section ever. They do a lot of major signings so everything was run smoothly, including attaching one of the staff as photographer, since everyone wants a photo with T. these days (cellphones, you know). Big crowd, too. A huge thank you to everyone involved.

Super signage . . .
Large group…
A family affair . . .

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  1. This was our first time meeting Terry, and it was an absolutely fantastic experience! It is not common for one person to have the gift of writing and the gift of public speaking, and you truly are at the top of the game on both accounts.

    Our 8 year old daughter asked to come, but was skeptical at first about the idea meeting Terry would be any fun at all. Despite the fact that immediately following his signing her book she asked “can I go play now?”, Rowan said she thought meeting Terry was awesome.

    Terry, you and Judine are very gracious to spend time with your readers, something that at this point is not required for you to sell books. I read some time ago you had said something along the lines that you couldn’t understand why people would want to meet you, the boring author. The answer to that is everyone wants to meet the parents of their friends, and you have given us lots of friends to cherish.

    Hope all is well with you and your family, and that we have the opportunity to meet you again.

    Jonathan, Cindy & Rowan Krell

    P.S. While standing in the signing line we noticed a book on the self, “Blogging for Dummies” … can’t imagine why that book would stick out?

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