Touring with Terry – Home in Seattle

Our final Seattle signing was at our local West Seattle B & N on Saturday afternoon. Not only did folks show up from our neighbor to the north (Canada, for those of you unsure of your geography), but we had good attendance from the family! Local fantasy author and friend, Peter Orullian, came directly from the airport, returning from a work related trip to Germany. We are very grateful to you all for seeking out a rather difficult-to-find location and spending your Saturday afternoon during the Labor Day holiday with us.


We are off again on Thursday for Phase Two of this year’s tour. For those of you who aren’t aware of the tour schedule, we will be in Naperville, Illinois, Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. We will also be attending Terry’s (gasp) 50th High School Reunion. Yes, the time does fly. Hope to see many of you on this next leg of our trip.


4 responses to “Touring with Terry – Home in Seattle”

  1. Just Curious if Terry has any data on what the largest number of Brooks Books, he had to sign for one person on the tour so far. I hope I won’t be thrown out for having a large suitcase with over 30 selections. Yes it is on wheels. If asked to, I will cut that down I am very flexible and if I have to attend Milwaukee and Madison, I will. I just gotta get these all signed! LOL THANKS TERRY! I will be waiting patiently at the end of the line!

    • Jeff,

      I did EXACTLY what you’re describing last time Terry was in Minneapolis. I packed my largest suitcase on wheels, waited until everyone else was served, and moved to the very back of the line. Terry patiently and politely signed each and every one! This time, I’m bringing about ten items; everything I’ve purchased since his last visit.

      Although you do get more one-one-one time with Terry and Judine being at the end of line, Terry was obviously exhausted by the time it was my turn. As such, I didn’t want to keep him any longer than necessary. (He also doesn’t seem to like me very much, but that’s a story for another day.)


  2. Shawn, are the times listed for the tour all eastern time or time zone specific? For example…chicago is listed as 7 pm…is that chicago time?

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