Touring with Terry – Minneapolis

Sorry to be so tardy in writing this post. Things have been hopping since our return to Seattle and life just got in the way.

We had a rather exciting room at Le Meridien Hotel in Minneapolis. Very modern, with a delightful courtyard restaurant which we tested almost immediately upon our arrival. Check out our room!

The living room of our artful suite.

Great location if you are ever attending the theater or Target Center.

Wonderful crowd at the Roseville B&N. Attentive staff, which was excellent, as our dear friend, Kathy, joined us there and I deserted my post to spend some time with her. Lots of fans from years ago – apparently we haven’t been in Minnesota for six years. Lots of changes of course and the traffic! We used to think we knew our way around Minneapolis pretty well, but no longer. Terry lost a contact the last day and I had to drive to the airport – Terry’s not the best navigator, even with two good eyes, so we did a lot of backtracking. The NeverLost wasn’t the a great help either. Much carrying on and gnashing of teeth. Mostly on T’s part, I must add.

As you know, Terry if always stealing names – here is the original Ament, Ryan

We had a free day to spend with Kathy so we visited the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Quite the place – all decked out for Fall. And it was a glorious autumn afternoon. I highly recommend a visit for those of you in the area.

Fall at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Shawn will have to fill you in on Powell’s Books in Beaverton, Oregon, as Terry and he drove down and back and I stayed in Seattle. That was the last signing on this tour and Terry is already busy formulating an outline for the next book. Never rests, that man. I am reading ‘Bloodfire Quest’ galleys, which will be heading to the printer shortly. All is moving along quite swiftly I must say. The ‘Annotated Sword‘ will be out before you know it. Were you aware that Terry did the narration for the audio version annotations? Quite the multi-talented guy!

A quick thank you to all of the bookstores and the care they took to have backlist in stock, as well as the omnibus editions, which are very popular. And you fan-folks are just amazing! We hear stories about crazed audiences from the booksellers, but we have NEVER, in all the years, experienced any that were not gracious, polite and enthusiastic. You are #1 in our book!

Perhaps I will jump in with posts of interest, or photos, in the future. Until then, bye for now – thank you again for your kind comments and for reading, reading, reading.

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2 responses to “Touring with Terry – Minneapolis”

  1. Thank you for coming to Minneapolis Terry and Judine! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit.

    I think we have a much bigger crowd than the last visit. It’s nice to see the fanbase continuing to grow. We had a fantastic time spinning yarns, asking questions and interacting with one another. Terry is a real trooper as we were there long after store closing time.

    Please come back soon!

  2. It was fantastic seeing Terry again. I hadn’t seen him since he appeared at the other Barnes & Noble that used to be in Roseville. I met a lot of really nice people that night and greatly enjoyed listening to Terry as he read to us from, “The Weapon’s Masters Choice.”

    Thank you Mr. Brooks for your truly wondrous worlds.

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