Had a GREAT time at the signing and meeting Terry, what a pleasure! I only won the “most books” category by a close two books more. He was so gracious to sign them all for both of us. — Jeff W.

This post was lost in my iPad, or maybe the ether – at any rate, it disappeared somewhere between Madison and Minneapolis. So much for writing in the car.

Two things were memorable about Milwaukee. One, at dinner in the hotel I had a fried bologna sandwich! I had never seen one on a menu before and assumed it must be a local speciality so I bravely ordered it. It wasn’t bad, all dressed up in a bun like a hamburger with a nice thick slice of bologna and various condiments. Unusual . . . Luckily, I only ate half, as I was ill half the night, after we returned from the signing. AND no local Milwaukeans seemed to have heard of it either.

Number two occurred at the bookstore, Boswell Book Company on Downer Avenue. Great neighborhood – Terry even suggested his fans might want to head on down the street and see our most recent favorite movie, “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” that was playing there. The store is smallish but connected to a Starbuck’s – not a bad situation. Crowd was smallish too, but made up for that by their enthusiasm. Except for a man in the back that fell asleep during Terry’s reading and began to snore. Not softly. Not sure if he was there for the event or not, and the couches were extremely comfortable! Terry was also competing with a bookclub meeting up front. A large group, they were discussing “The Heretic’s Daughter.” Good to see people having such a good time talking about books, and without food or wine!

The staff was very gracious and Daniel even offered me a browse through their ARC bookshelves. Much appreciated, thank you.

Then it was onward to Madison. Next up, Minneapolis. Catch you later, Judine.