To any of you wondering how the Big Reunion turned out – It was fun! Four events in the three-day period, so a lot of chat and smile, but not too onerous, even for me, the spouse. Terry got a chance to get together with his high school pals – this event took the place of their regular summer get together. Saw some old Sterling friends as well. Had a tour of the high school – pretty snazzy, it is! They have even taken Terry’s suggestion from five years ago and mounted banners in the gym for the Debate Team’s State Championship back in 1960-61 (when T. Was on the team). Classy!

The weather has turned, thank goodness. No more 100 degree temps. Fall is on the way, too late for the cornfields, I’m afraid. But perfect now, for us northwesterners.

The signing last night was at Anderson’s Books, in downtown Naperville, Il. Terry has been signing there since forever and they always do a great job. Last night was no exception. Large crowd, many with their entire collection. Terry signed for over three hours, being his usual charming self, and everyone, children included, was patient, polite, and cheerful. Really, the Best Fans Ever. As we like to say – names were exchanged, phone #s given, alliances formed – use your imagination as to what else may have occurred. We do . . .

There were folks from Baltimore, Rockford, IL, and even Sterling.

Patiently waiting.

Now we are in Milwaukee, awaiting tonight’s event at Boswell Book Company on Downer Avenue. Where would we be without GPS? Don’t even TRY to answer that one!

“Here is a picture of me, Jonathan Lee, with Terry Brooks at his event in Naperville, IL last night. I had an amazing time. Not only is Mr. Brooks a fantastic author, but he is also a great man. The latter being even more important.”