Video: The Terry Brooks Seattle Event

Wards of Faerie by Terry Brooks hit #2 on the New York Times bestselling list!

It should have been #1. I curse you, Gone Girl!

At any rate, that hasn’t stopped Terry. He’s been on the road since. He visited several states in the heartland but between tour legs came home to Seattle for a few events and a break, soaking up the Labor Day weekend sun and relaxing before heading back out. He also had pages to proof on the next book, Bloodfire Quest, and editing changes on the last book in the trilogy, Witch Wraith. Now that I think about it, he likely labored more at home than he did on tour!

On August 30, 2012, Terry visited the University Bookstore in Seattle for one of two local events in support of Wards of Faerie. Terry has signed in that store every year for two decades. Duane Wilkins, the resident science fiction/fantasy guru, has worked there for more than 25 years and gave us all a little scare a few weeks ago by not going to the hospital when he was supposed to. Needless to say, in the video below, Terry nicely chastises his friend to start his presentation.

But then did the normal for an event—or perhaps not so normal.

Terry catches people up on what his plans are right now for the various irons he has in the fire, talking about Wards of Faerie, publishing for 35 years, how the this trilogy is constructed, how the full-color interior pages by Todd Lockwood came to be, and what he is thinking about working on next. He also talks a bit about the movie scene and The Annotated Sword of Shannara that is coming in late October. That’s not all though.

Instead of doing what he usually does and reading from the next book, in this case Bloodfire Quest, he decided to read something a little different…

… and that different has Shannara fans squeeing like school children!

Here is that video, which includes the reading and a Q&A session afterward:

The section Terry read from is from the point of view of Garet Jax, the Weapon’s Master, arguably Terry’s most famous character. Fans for decades have asked for more about Garet Jax but there was never a right time for Terry to do so. Well, with the advent of the eBook and a lot of readers yearning for quick stories that can be delivered with ease, Terry decided to write a few short stories. Garet Jax got center stage in this one.

The Weapon Master’s Choice should be ePublished sometime in early 2013 in support of Bloodfire Quest. Before you ask, no, it will not be published on paper but those of you who do not have an eReader will be able to read it on your PC/Mac just like Allanon’s Quest.

For now though, we have Wards of Faerie, a now New York Times bestselling book that brings elements from what I consider to be Terry’s best Shannara book, The Elfstones of Shannara!

Hope you enjoyed the video!

5 responses to “Video: The Terry Brooks Seattle Event”

  1. Can’t wait for the Shannara announcement. Really hope they do go the GOT route which will allow them to expand into more of the story/characters than movies would. And so glad that Terry will have say in the development of it so it hopefully will stay somewhat true to the books.

  2. I’m so excited to see Mr. Brooks tomorrow in Portland! I know I’m not going to sleep tonight for tomorrow is my book-geek Christmas!!!!

  3. hope they do decide to make movies of the shannara series ive read every one and cannot wait to see what the movie companies could do to bring them to life……

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