Your 2012 Tour Pictures (updated 9/14/12)

Yes, Judine is out on the road with Terry taking pictures at all events but many of you are also taking photos while Terry tours in support of Wards of Faerie. That’s great!

This part of the website will be updated whenever a photo is sent in. Enjoy!

We met Terry Brooks last night. Our daughter, Morgan, really took a liking to him. He was great: he read a short story, answered questions, signed books, and took pictures. He exceeded my expectations. When we got the chance to meet him, he didn’t rush us along or anything. It means a lot when your favorite writer takes a minute to say hello. — Jacob and Michele (and baby Morgan), Madison, WI
Had a GREAT time at the signing and meeting Terry, what a pleasure! I only won the “most books” category by a close two books more. He was so gracious to sign them all for both of us. — Jeff, Milwaukee, WI
Meeting Terry Brooks was a great honor. As a doctoral student in English literary studies, and as a medievalist, I have a deep respect for good stories, and nobody can consistently tell a great story like Terry Brooks. His charm, cosmopolitan wisdom, friendly attitude and energy all continue to be an inspiration. I went to the signing as a big fan of Terry Brooks as a writer, and left the signing a bigger admirer of the person. — Anthony, St. Louis, MO

Feel free to send photos into the website via the Contact section!

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  1. I would love to know if you are headed to Albuquerque. I have never been so drawn to someone’s books. I am thoroughly addicted.

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