Poll: Who is your favorite Leah?

Morgan Leah, art by David Cherry

The Freemarks. The Ravenlocks. The Shannaras. The Ohmsfords.

All are super important to Shannara and the tales that Terry weaves.

But the Leahs are often the most talked about family on the website and on its forum. Readers can’t get enough of them. If Terry writes a story that doesn’t have one, a rush of questions come into the site asking when Terry will include a Leah in the next story. It’s gotten almost comical to watch that response happen.

There are a number of Leah characters, all of whom have been important to the Ohmsfords and their fight to keep the Four Lands free from evil. Menion went with Shea to help defeat the Warlock Lord. Rone went with Brin to be her anchor when she needed it—and eventually married her. Morgan is arguably the fan favorite, his story with Quickening most reader’s favorite love tragedy. Then there is Quentin, who grew addicted to the magic of the Sword of Leah but survived his trip to Parkasia. And now we have the first female Leah, Mirai, on an adventure that will rock the Four Lands forever.

Who is your favorite? Why? Would love to hear from you!

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30 responses to “Poll: Who is your favorite Leah?”

  1. Have to go with the original Leah… Menion had serious character growth forced on him in a very short period of time… although I have to agree, I have loved all of them. BUT, let’s not forget the Creel’s!

  2. Had to vote for Morgan. Of all of the listed names, we know more about him that any of the others really. He had a more integral part in not one, but four books.

    • the sword of shannara series have inspired me since the year i was born 1977 greatist fantsy saga ever ,thank you terry brooks!

  3. I picked Morgan because I’m rereading “heritage” right now. although,Mirai seems interesting,I’ll wait til the story is finished to see where she fits in.

    • Too funny! I just finished re-reading the original trilogy and “heritage”; got done with “The First King” just today.

      Back to back. Really puts the entire story arc in perspective.

  4. Rone needs more love! He wasn’t intimidated by Allanon – and without him pushing Allanon, there is no Sword of Leah for his ancestors to use and be power players.

  5. I suspect I’ll like Mirai. But I’ve sworn a solemn personal oath to wait until a series is complete before I start reading it, so I’m waiting. So painful, but I know it will be worth it!

  6. I had a hard time choosing between Morgan and Quentin, but eventually gave it to Morgan because I began with Heritage (Druid, on tape to be precise, how old am I?) and he fit great into that ensemble cast, as well as doing well all on his own.

  7. I have to go with Morgan. His love affair with Quickening was one of my favorite story lines from the entire series. I’ve read the Heritage set the most, I think it might be my favorite.

  8. Had to go with Menion. He went with Shea on friendship and ended up a change person. Started out a very carefree person to a trustworthy strong companion.

  9. No doubt about it……Rone…..anyone who stands up to Allanon is one tough person, he never backed down!

  10. I voted Quentin, however I have not met the female yet as I am waiting for all 3 books to come out and then reading the whole story in 1 shot…so I guess i’ll have to wait to make my final decision.

  11. Morgan. His character left something in my youthful psyche that still haunts me today. It’s been a while since I read the books, so forgive me if I mix my characters up a bit. Morgan’s time in the spire (I think, just go with me) was such a vivid and relevant lesson for me as a teen but it also let me know that there’s always a way out. Again, forgive me if I’m wrong but that’s the feeling I was left with.

  12. Morgan. Without a doubt. He had the best story line, the most depth as a character, and was a main protagonist in my favorite series!!

  13. Morgan Leah (and again that is pronounced LEE!!!! lol) is the best. No Leah had more of an impact on a Shannara story line than Morgan. He did it all! He saved Par from the Shadowen, he saved Padishar in the Pit, he discovered the Shadowen traitor, he saved the dwarf women Elise and Jilt, he was big part of Walker getting the black elfstone, and he hooked up with the King of the Silver Rivers daughter!!!!!!!!! WHAT ELSE COULD HE POSSIBLY DO!!!!!!!! lmao/ Best Leah ever. Period.

  14. Something I always wondered was if the magic was dormant within the leah line. Line of though. Kinson Ravenlock married Mareth (with innate magic with black staff!! to control) leads to Shirl Ravenlock who marries Menion Leah. Leads to Rone Leah who uses a black magic sword. On the otherhand i could be crazy

  15. I named all my three sons after Terry’s Characters. My first son’s name is Garret Jax, the best character ever! My second son’s name is Connor Rone, hence why I voted for Rone Leah. My third son’s name is Brennan Coll. I have to include the great characters I have come to know since I first read The Sword of Shannara at 17 years old in 1993. I own every one of Terry’s books and most are signed. Thank you for all the great memories and the ones to come.

  16. Had to go with Miria. We don’t see much of her in the first book but I always felt like the Leah men were all variations of the same character and its fun to finally see a female Leah helping the Ohmsfords and shaping the future of the Four Lands.

  17. My opinion is a tad scuid, because the only “Leah” I’ve come across was Morgan (still trying to get arround to/ get my hands on the other novals. : (

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