Poll: Do You Give Books For Holiday Gifts?

Today is Black Friday.

For those of you not in the United States, today is Black Friday, the day where people ransack stores at risk to their own personal safety to get deals on gifts for the holiday giving season.

I love giving books. It’s not all I give but books are often the most meaningful. I can tailor each book to every person.

I start my holiday lists early. Some people, like Judine, love cookbooks. Terry loves thrillers and young adult books. My mother likes any fiction that is done well. My father is a Clive Cussler fan.

So, do you give books at the holidays? And have you given a Terry Brooks book?

Will you this year?


9 responses to “Poll: Do You Give Books For Holiday Gifts?”

  1. After 35+ years of reading, my girls are giving me a KOBO for Christmas (as my hands are ready to go to sleep before I am).
    I’ve always given them books for Christmas and as they weeded through their library, I’ve ended up with a lot of favorite authors/stories back in mine!
    After finding original books by Andre Norton in a little book store near home, I don’t think a KOBO will ever make me “feel the thrill” as when I found book after book of Andre Norton’s sitting on that shelf for a $1 or $2.

  2. Yes if I know what type of book they like or if I think they would enjoy it. By the way, that’s how I got into your books. My sister gave me The Sword Of Shannara for Christmas 30 years ago.

  3. At my 14th birthday party one of my ‘bookworm’ friends gave me “Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold!” as a gift and my world changed forever:)

    • all the books i have read by terry brooks i have been deeply inthraled be tales woven and the plot described is like a work of art

  4. Best gift there is!! My wife and I started the tradition back when we were dating… today we have quite an extensive library!!

  5. I give books to many of my closest friends. Never gave a Terry Brooks book though – only to myself for christmas 🙂

  6. I love giving books for presents. My family members are big readers as was my Dad. I try to get one for my grandchildren either for birthdays and/or Christmas as often as I can. Start them young and I believe they will grow into learning fast.

  7. I enjoy giving books as gifts at Christmas. I love it even more so when I can give them autographed copies. This always makes those recipients even more excited when they receive the signature of their favorite authors on the inside cover, and in some instances, a personal message to them. I am hoping to do this with the next two books in “The Dark Legacy series”. I know. I know. They will not available until next year. That is fine also. Birthdays are great times to give books also. Right?

  8. My mother and I are big readers, we always have books on the go and so when Christmas comes around there are always books included on our wish lists.

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