Poll: Have You Read A Terry Brooks ARC?

ARCs for Bloodfire Quest by Terry Brooks have arrived!

For those of you who don’t know what an ARC is, it stands for Advanced Reading Copy. ARCs are produced by the publisher for publicity and review purposes. An ARC is the entire book that will be eventually published. In this case, the ARC in my possession is for Bloodfire Quest and Terry has signed it as well.

When I began the official Terry Brooks page in late 1999, I had only one condition of Terry. I did not want to get paid. Working with one of my literary heroes was payment enough. No, I wanted two ARCs for every release, ARCs that I could do with as I pleased. Read them. Sell them. Give them away. Do what I like. In that way I could read the book early.

Terry and Del Rey Books have upheld that part of the bargain for 13 years now.

What I do with the ARCs has changed over the years though. I now read Terry’s new books long before ARCs are even produced by the publisher. Therefore, I can use them to benefit others. My moderators get the copies usually now, for their work on Terry’s forum. Sometimes, like last year, I auctioned my copy off so I could help pay down my medical bills from uninsured cancer treatment.

This year, it changes again. One of my ARCs for Bloodfire Quest I am auctioning off for my friend, Duane Wilkins. Duane is one of the best booksellers in the fantasy/sci-fi genre. Any author who has toured through Seattle and visited the University Bookstore knows Duane. Thousands do. Terry has known Duane for two decades. Earlier this year, he had a huge medical scare that put him in the hospital for more than two weeks. Unlike myself, he had health insurance but it doesn’t cover everything and two weeks in the hospital led to some medical bills he simply can’t pay off as an underpaid bookseller.

Therefore, my ARC is going to him—and a lucky one of you! You can read more about the auction and bid on Bloodfire Quest HERE!

Which brings me to my poll question on this Friday, a two-fold purpose:

Have You Ever Read A Terry Brooks ARC?

8 responses to “Poll: Have You Read A Terry Brooks ARC?”

  1. I always find some of the mistakes in ARCs quite funny, like when the King of the Silver River showed up in Landover. Hahaha!

  2. I have the Bloodfire Quest that I found online. But I won’t tell you exactly from whom, because I don’t want any legal issues coming about.

  3. I have been reading Terry’s books since I was 13…and that was 25 years ago! I have always been a passionate fan of his. I was fortunate enough to recieve two hand-penned letter from him when i was young & also sent him a drawing I made of all his Landover Characters ( I often wonder if he kept it.) To be able to own a signed ARC would be a real treasure & a lifetime wish for me.

  4. Yeah, actually the first ARC I ever got was from the contest Shawn ran. So I guess he gets some of the blame for hooking me on those. hah
    I knew that there were ARCs in existence for books, but I never thought I’d ever get to see one. But I think it may have been the very first contest for an ARC that Shawn did (Ilse Witch) and I won one! Now, I get ARCs whenever I can, usually depending on whether I’m in the states or living abroad. Currently, I have 7 of them, including Bloodfire Quest.
    Anyway, I’m still very grateful to Shawn for that first one. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Yes, I received one from a very dear friend – I have a Measure of the Magic ARC that Terry just signed for me this past August – and it is the cherry on the sundae of my entire signed TB collection. Love him, Judine, and we love YOU, Shawn. And it is poetically just like you to do this for someone who could really use it. Rawk on Web Druid.

  6. No I have not ever read a ARC, I would be interested in purchasing one though and possibly biding on this one, if I haven’t missed out!

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