Video: Terry On Why Fantasy Matters

Readers read for many different reasons.

For me personally, I read to learn and for a certain level of entertainment. For learning, I don’t mean non-fiction. While I may read the occasional non-fiction book, I read fiction to learn. That’s right. I said it. Fiction, largely made up lies, is a gateway to truth. If a writer is great at what he/she does, they are able to take what exists in our world, dress it up in a different way, and make us think about problems that tend to be uncomfortable in our own world but made a little easier to look at in a fiction one.

Terry Brooks has his own thoughts on this subject. Why does he write fiction? He is a former trial lawyer. Shouldn’t he be writing legal thrillers? Not so fast. He writes fiction for a very serious reason and that reason is a good one.

Especially for those people who read fantasy fiction.

To talk on this subject, he was invited to speak at Ted Talks in Seattle, WA on November 10, 2012. It took place at Meany Hall on the University of Washington campus. The day was packed full of speakers from a vast variety of disciplines—composers, dentists, chefs, writers, and many others. The purpose? Here is what the day would be tackling:

This year’s theme is transformations and will include speakers who explore, catalyze, and share transformations great and small, in and through, art, science, stories, communities, innovative technology, culture, health, the environment, and life.

Terry gladly accepted the invitation. Here is the video that features the bestselling Shannara author as well as many other speakers.

I highly suggest watching the other speakers. Ted Talks really is a fascinating program, a great way to expand one’s knowledge about the world. But if you want to skip to Terry’s contribution—and I think you should at least watch him—mouse click your way to minute 48:00.

It really is a great speech. It lasts about 15 minutes or so. The crowed loved it. Hope you do too!

To learn more about Ted Talks, click HERE.

Happy reading! And for you writers…

Happy writing!

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  1. Well worth your time to watch this. An insight into the Terry’s mind, and of others, if you watch more.

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