Shawn Is Alive: No Really, He Is

photo-shawnI’ve had a great year.

After the year I had in 2011, I deserved a great 2012.

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with cancer in May 2011. I went through two surgeries, six months of chemotherapy, and many days where I laid in bed wondering what it all means.

But I persevered. I overcame. I shut up and put up, as they say. And I am stronger for it now.

Throughout the ordeal, I had some important people around me. Friends. Family. And a large internet group of people cheering me from beyond the computer’s electrons. That’s you. You were there for me. As Terry Brooks fans, we share a common bond, and since I’ve been Terry’s webmaster for 16 years if you include the dedication website that came before the official website, many of you have become dear to me and hopefully vice versa.

I realized this during the Wards of Faerie tour. So did Terry. As he usually does, our author toured for the release of his new book. He was immediately inundated with questions at these events—and questions not of the usual sort. Hundreds of you asked after my well-being. Terry was overwhelmed by this. He even called me halfway through his tour and said, “Damnit, Shawn, would you please post something on the website to let my readers know you are alive and well and not shuffling off your mortal coil just yet? Sheesh!”

I didn’t do it. Mostly because I like Terry talking about me on the road!

But he had a valid point.

So here I am, updating you all at the end of the year. I’m doing quite well. I had a check-up last week and I am still cancer free. I’ve made a significant lifestyle change—eating better, removing most gluten from my diet, more fruits and vegetables, doing hot yoga several times a week, and work in the gym.

I feel fantastic. I’m likely in the best shape of my life right now.

Cancer can have a positive effect as well, it seems.

I don’t know what the future holds. None of us do. But for right now, in this moment, I am here to stay.

You’ll just have to deal with your Web Druid a little longer!

Happy Holidays! Hope you are reading something great!

And here’s to a better and stronger 2013!

38 responses to “Shawn Is Alive: No Really, He Is”

  1. Glad you are cancer free! Something to celebrate indeed. Let’s hope all who are afflicted as such has as good a result as you. Enjoy life!!

  2. Very happy to hear this 😀

    Y’know, you have fans of your own now. That means they won’t only be wishing you well … they’ll be rabidly demanding it. 😛 Enjoy the fame!

  3. Shawn,
    I am glad that you are still cancer free!!
    Great to hear that all the fans asked after you.
    Happy Holidays to you!!

  4. And that update is probably one of the very best gifts those of us who love our Web Druid will receive. You’re simply too ornery, you will outlive us all, and that, my friend, is a very good thang.

  5. That’s great news! I am glad to hear that you’re doing well! I hope for the best and keep up the hard work! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

  6. Hi Shawn,
    Congratulations on being cancer free!!
    You have always been very helpful and patient with all my “off the wall” questions and I appreciate your dedication to your craft.
    Terry is lucky to have you and I know for a fact that I have asked Terry how you were doing during one of his events!…
    I wish you a healthy and wonderful 2013!
    As I always say….Keep up the fine work!

  7. Shawn ,I am so glad you are cancer free! Your mom keeps me informed about your cancer. She also told me about your book. What a great accomplishment !!! I can say I personally know a author .Shawn,you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!! Love and Blessings Donna

  8. You look healthy and happy. I’m so glad you have beaten this and wish you a great 2013 and success in everything from here on. Cheers to you, Shawn!

  9. Shawn,

    I am glad to hear you are doing well, I know hearing you are free and clear is an amazing thing to hear. I heard it with my sister and even myself when I found a lump in my chest. I hope you have many more positive follow up appointments. By the way I am extremely jealous of your job, I wish I could work alongside my favorite author. I started reading your book too, you did an amazing job, Terry might have taugh tyou too much. Keep up the great work in everything you do.


  10. So glad to hear it!! I’ve been wondering how you are doing. Thank you for all you do for us fans. =) You’re awesome!

  11. Happy Holidays to you, too, Shawn. I’m glad you continue to do well, and wish you all the best for now and years to come. Wouldn’t want a Terry Brooks website without its cool web druid anyway. 🙂
    Happy Holidays, everyone, and a successful and safe New Year.

  12. Thank you Shawn! You’re an inspiration. I’m reading The Dark Thorn right now and it’s very good! Stick around, I want to read more from you 😉

  13. Shawn,
    So glad you are doing better. Thanks for all that you do for us who care so much for Terry and his craft. We are all closer to him and his art because of you. Merry Christmas!


  14. I am very happy to know your back in the saddle and running better then ever stick around a while we need you in our lives

  15. Merry Christmas, Shawn and blessings this Christmas season! I have been a Terry Brooks fan since I first picked up title=”Magic Kingdom For Sale, Sold!” from my middle school library in 1992! Your site has done true justice to the legacy that is Terry Brooks.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family for many more great years of service to Terry as well as to his millions of loyal fans.

    Thank you!

  16. I am so sorry that I am responding to this information so late, however, I am ecstatic that you are doing so well! Hurrah!!! And Praise God! I hope to have you around for a very long time!!! Thank you for your dedication to Terry and to his fans (of which I am proud to be one). Keep up the good work Shawn and have a most wonderful Christmas!!

  17. Congrates on doing a fantastic job Shawn! You’re an insperation to us all and have been great on helping us out! Keep it up cause we still need your guidence just as we need Terry’s! =)

  18. Hi Shawn just got your book dark thorn via the kindle app on my iPad can’t wait to start reading do a fantastic job on here and I’m glad you are on the road to recovery all the best Shawn keep up the great work

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