Terry Sees Bloodfire Quest Art

Yesterday, I witnessed a rare occurrence.

An author hanging out with one of his artists.

Bestselling author Terry Brooks stopped by the home of artist Todd Lockwood to sign beautiful giclees of the full-color interior spread in Wards of Faerie. It wasn’t the first time the two have met. They met several years back at Dragon Con and, when Del Rey began planning the release of Wards and all that would encompass that effort, I suggested that Todd be offered the opportunity to paint a Shannara scene.

Terry thought it a great idea. Todd thought it a great idea.

And this is what Todd came up with for Wards of Faerie:

Todd loved painting it and Terry couldn’t be more thrilled with it. It is a piece that hearkens back to the days of Terry’s debut novel, The Sword of Shannara, when the Hildebrandt Bros. painted that book’s full-color interior foldout. That book’s art depicted the quest company from Culhaven embarking on a dangerous adventure to regain the Sword of Shannara.

As you can see above, the piece of art in Wards shows that book’s characters also making their way through the Four Lands.

Terry and I drove down to Todd’s rural home where the snow appeared to be just above the town where the artist lives. Todd invited us down to sign some giclees and Terry had a day to relax, take a trip, and see something really cool.

Because yesterday, Todd finished the interior piece for Bloodfire Quest!

Here is a picture of Todd and Terry sharing a laugh in one of Todd’s art rooms:

Here is a picture of Todd signing one of the giclees while Terry looks over the artwork from Wards of Faerie:

Here is a picture of Terry signing one of the giclees:

Unfortunately, I can’t show the art that will be within Bloodfire Quest. We are going to reveal it sometime in early 2013. All I can tell you is this: It is epic awesome. Todd Lockwood unleashed in the Four Lands! It features creatures from the Forbidding who simply haven’t had enough man-flesh to satiate their hunger…

More in 2013 about Bloodfire Quest!

The Four Lands will never be the same again…

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  1. Can anyone confirm if this means that Witch Wraith will have an interior piece of Todd Lockwood artwork too?

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