Chapter One: Bloodfire Quest

bloodfire-titlepageBloodfire Quest, Book Two in The Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy, is publishing March 12, 2013!

That means the book will be released in just over two months time!

Many have called Wards of Faerie a great book. Having already read Bloodfire Quest, I can tell you Dark Legacy only gets better! The heroes have been introduced in the first book and now Terry turns up the heat—as only he can!

Here is a bit more about Bloodfire Quest:

The adventure that started in Wards of Faerie takes a thrilling new turn, in the second novel of New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks’s brand-new trilogy—The Dark Legacy of Shannara!

The quest for the long-lost Elfstones has drawn the leader of the Druid order and her followers into the hellish dimension known as the Forbidding, where the most dangerous creatures banished from the Four Lands are imprisoned. Now the hunt for the powerful talismans that can save their world has become a series of great challenges: a desperate search for kidnapped comrades, a relentless battle against unspeakable predators, and a grim race to escape the Forbidding alive. But though freedom is closer than they know, it may come at a terrifying price.

Back in the village of Arborlon, the mystical, sentient tree that maintains the barrier between the Four Lands and the Forbidding is dying. And with each passing day, as the breach between the two worlds grows larger, the threat of the evil eager to spill forth and wreak havoc grows more dire. The only hope lies with a young Druid, faced with a staggering choice: cling to the life she cherishes or combat an army of darkness by making the ultimate sacrifice.

In the next two months, Terry and I will be featuring some great new content from Bloodfire Quest, including two chapters and the interior artwork by Todd Lockwood. The Weapons Master’s Choice, the Garet Jax short story, also comes out during that time period.

But today, Terry and Del Rey want to feature an excerpt from Bloodfire Quest! It is Chapter One, in its entirety. There was a small part featured at the end of Wards of Faerie but this is the entire chapter.

Click HERE to read it! Must have Adobe Reader to do so!

Then post your comments below!

15 responses to “Chapter One: Bloodfire Quest”

  1. Tantalizing. I can’t wait for the rest of the book to follow. I absolutely love all of the Shannara books and have read them all.
    Thank you for feeding my imagination.

    • I own the entire Shannara and Landover series (all except Wards of Faerie which is hardcover). I enjoy the entire series except for the Genesis trilogy, as I don’t enjoy (and can’t get into) the end of the world scenarios.

      When I found this website (really bothered to look that is), it was the ONE day after Terry had been at the bookstore near my house.. I cried a little..

      Looking forward to going to my first Terry Brooks book signings in March! Already took the day off work! : )

  2. Very good. Not what I expected. I was expecting the other ohmsford twin to go with Arling. Well maybe he still could. Now about the Leah girl……

  3. Whoa, I didn’t expect this: I had read the story with the other bloodfire quest in italian, so I hadn’t linked the word bloodfire withe the italian translation =)
    it will be intresting to see what happens…

  4. March cannot come quick enough!! On an other thread someone asked why Amberles’ ellcrys hasnt lasted as long as Aleias’. Aleia was an elf of the faerie age, not like Amberle who is from the age of men

  5. 2 months to wait! it already feels like a life time!
    The first book was great and the second looks like it is going to be even better!!

  6. I have become so addicted to Terry Brooks’ writings especially the Shannara works. They are so real I feel transformed into those times and places. It’s unfortunate he can’t write as fast as I can read. My bookshelves are covered mainly in his work – all the Shannara series including ‘Heritage’, ‘Genesis’, ‘Legends’, ‘High Druid’, ‘Voyage’ and of course – ‘Magic Kingdom of Landover’.

    I am a LOTR fanatic and didn’t think anyone would be able to touch Tolkein but how wrong was I!
    Please keep them coming!

  7. The plot sounds very similar to Volumne 2: Elfstones. While I enjoy Terry Brooks writing and looking foward to BloodFire I found that he keeps rehashing old ideas. I personally think Shannara needs a reboot! And the mixing of fantasy and sci-fi in the Shannara series and going back and forth through time from past to sci-fi future has only hurt the series. My best memories are The Sword, The Elfstones, and Wishsong along with the Hertiage Series and High Druid. The use of ProFantasy Maps wouldn’t hurt Terry.

  8. The plot for BloodFire sounds very familar to Volume 2: Elfstones, while I enjoy reading Terry Brooks Novels it is strange how he keeps rehashing old ideas. And while the old napkin map of Shady Vale worked in the 70’s today fans demain more detail akin to Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms. Most RPG Writers use tools like ProFantasy Maps in the creation of World Building and Dramtica Pro for plot and story structures. Not to mention, the skipping through time from the fantasy past to a sci-fi future has done nothing but hurt the series. My best memories are The Sword, The Elfstone, & The Wishsong … The Hertiage Series, First King, and High Druid, which was a pure fantasy setting and some of Terry’s best work.

    Strange also that you only allow quotes that praise his works, and delete the critisim remarks, though a professional writer would welcome a critical view.

    • What are you talking about, Eric? Not everyone can post on Terry’s website from the outset when they arrive. They must be approved by me first before they can be seen to keep the robots and spammers at bay. I don’t delete criticism of Terry’s work unless it is by a troll.

      That said, you need to wait for Bloodfire to be published before you question Terry. Since I’ve read it, I know, and it isn’t a rehash of anything. 🙂

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