Sneak Peek: Todd Lockwood Bloodfire Quest Interior Art

Sneak peek: From the Todd Lockwood interior art for Bloodfire Quest!
Sneak peek: From the Todd Lockwood interior art for Bloodfire Quest!
Every once in a while, I get to have a little wicked fun with Terry’s fans.

Yes, I’m a fan. I have been a long time. My place alongside Terry and his work gives me the opportunity to see many things before the fans. This is a blessing and a curse. While I get to see and read things early, I also can’t talk about them.

That, my friends, can be quite maddening.

Today’s post is a case in point. The painted image to the right is from Bloodfire Quest. Todd Lockwood has returned to paint a full-color interior piece of art that will be featured as a foldout in Bloodfire Quest. It has been finished for about two months but only now am I given leave to feature it—and not even in its entirety! The final unveiling will be in mid-February. And I can’t wait for that to happen because I think it is going to blow you guys away!

The scene in question is one of the most powerful in the book. When Terry and Todd chose it, I literally could not wait to see what Todd would come up with.

Let’s just say that he took it, made it his own, and it is absolutely freakin awesome!

The image to the right is a Faerie demon. I won’t tell you which one…

You will be able to purchase the artwork in a dual-signed limited giclee when we do release it. For now, you can see the work that Todd did on Wards of Faerie and purchase that HERE!

Many of Terry’s fans did that during the holiday season.

Better get ready for the new piece of art!

More soon! Stay tuned!

26 responses to “Sneak Peek: Todd Lockwood Bloodfire Quest Interior Art”

  1. looks good – but wil this artwork actually be inside the UK print?
    Wards of Faerie did not feature the interior colour art [but the 4Lands map and Paranor was inside]

  2. Is there some general idea about where the tour is going to be?

    Snapshot looks great – Lockwood is a fantastic artist. Excited for March!

  3. Cannot wait to get the book and any other goodies from Terry. By the way Shawn. Will there be any signings in Southern California this year? Please tell me? Thanks.

  4. Think I dated one of those…

    And whats the “V” above the creatures head? It looks like wires, or maybe arrows or bullets flying by. Cool picture that asks more than it answers.

  5. Since March of 1990 when I bought “Scions of Shannara” and had Tery autograph it I was hooked. since then I’ve been collecting every new book . “Wards of the Faire” is the latst book which I’ve just finished. Icouldn’t put it down onceI started it and fell asleep two nights in a row and I reraead it slowly for the second time latr on. I an’t wait for the nexe two volumes to come out. Thank you Terry for giving me a place to roam away from the hustle and bustle of todaysmadening life. Charlie 4175

  6. Hi new to this website but been a fan for years !! (Uk) names familiar though!!! I was wondering has there been any talk about a movie being made for any of Terry’s works. I,m probably asking the same question that’s been asked a thousand times. I’m re reading all the books at the moment for the 100th time I feel and even at my age(45) think they’re amazing

  7. Love it!! It really raises the anticipation!! definitely looks like something out of the forbidding! the ropes in the background are suspicious though……

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