Bloodfire Quest — Art by Todd Lockwood

Bloodfire Quest — Art by Todd Lockwood

Bloodfire Quest, Book Two of The Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy, will be published on March 12, 2013!

To celebrate Terry’s 35th anniversary of publishing last year, Del Rey Books hired artist Todd Lockwood to paint a full-color interior foldout piece of art for Wards of Faerie. It didn’t stop there. Todd was also hired to paint the interior art for Bloodfire Quest and July’s finale, Witch Wraith.

Todd worked closely with Terry on the Bloodfire Quest art. It is a scene from the book, one where two of our Elven heroes are in extreme danger. I can’t go into detail about who the characters are, where they are at, or what accosts them (pretty sure you guys can take a wild guess there!), but I can say that Todd did an absolutely stunning job depicting the scene.

Terry and Todd are signing copies of the hardcover at The Signed Page and Todd will have signed giclees (prints) of the new piece of artwork.

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Bloodfire Quest ramps up the action from Wards of Faerie. Our heroes and even some of the villains are strewn to the ends of the Four Lands and beyond, and evil lurks at every turn. It is a book that will leave many of you screaming when the last page is turned… Thankfully, Witch Wraith will be published in July 2013!

For now though, you can view this stunning piece of artwork and know that Bloodfire Quest is almost here!

Bloodfire Quest by Terry Brooks will be published on March 12, 2013!

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Written by Shawn Speakman
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