Bloodfire Quest: Todd Lockwood Interior Art

Bloodfire Quest — Art by Todd Lockwood
Bloodfire Quest — Art by Todd Lockwood

Bloodfire Quest, Book Two of The Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy, will be published on March 12, 2013!

To celebrate Terry’s 35th anniversary of publishing last year, Del Rey Books hired artist Todd Lockwood to paint a full-color interior foldout piece of art for Wards of Faerie. It didn’t stop there. Todd was also hired to paint the interior art for Bloodfire Quest and July’s finale, Witch Wraith.

Todd worked closely with Terry on the Bloodfire Quest art. It is a scene from the book, one where two of our Elven heroes are in extreme danger. I can’t go into detail about who the characters are, where they are at, or what accosts them (pretty sure you guys can take a wild guess there!), but I can say that Todd did an absolutely stunning job depicting the scene.

Terry and Todd are signing copies of the hardcover at The Signed Page and Todd will have signed giclees (prints) of the new piece of artwork.

  • PURCHASE: Bloodfire Quest hardcover double-signed by Terry and Todd
  • VIEW: The Bloodfire Quest Tour
  • PURCHASE: Bloodfire Quest Signed Giclee

Bloodfire Quest ramps up the action from Wards of Faerie. Our heroes and even some of the villains are strewn to the ends of the Four Lands and beyond, and evil lurks at every turn. It is a book that will leave many of you screaming when the last page is turned… Thankfully, Witch Wraith will be published in July 2013!

For now though, you can view this stunning piece of artwork and know that Bloodfire Quest is almost here!

Bloodfire Quest by Terry Brooks will be published on March 12, 2013!

What do you think of the artwork?

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19 responses to “Bloodfire Quest: Todd Lockwood Interior Art”

  1. The colors and the atmosphere are great but i am not fan of the enemy proportions… But it looks great !

  2. I really liked the ‘Wards’ artwork, but I like this one even better! It’s very awesome. I also just put it together that Todd has done a few pieces for R.A.Salvatore’s ‘Drizzt’ series. I always liked those covers, so it was cool to finally realize that it’s the same artist. Looking forward to the next!!

  3. Not a fan of this style for Terry’s books; way too D&D for me. Those things look like something from a Dr. Suess nightmare book.

  4. It is good art but a little too,…I don’t know, I don’t have the word for it. I like the art in the Wards of Faerie more. When I read, I visualize the characters the way I think they look. Terry makes that easy, he weaves a canvas of words into beautiful paintings in my mind that come alive. There is no doubt Todd is a great artist and Terry did good in choosing him, because there is a lot of people who like art in the books. For me though I rather use my mind.

  5. My brother and i love your books. Can’t wait to get the next book. I love the art work too. I usally use my mind on how something in your books might look like. With ther artwork some of them come alive. Keep the books coming. 🙂

  6. I am not going to spill the beans but I know what part that is and the artwork is Phenomenal!!!! I can definitely say you will know what part it is when you read it in the book. It will keep you seated in a state of “Stay away from me, I AM READING” until the very last page where I went, “Oh No! I have to wait!”

    With the first two books fully loaded with action, I can only imagine what the third book is going to be like and I look forward to it!!!

    A friend gave me the First King of Shannara but I did not read it until about 10 years later when I came across a set of the Heritage Books. I bought them, sat down and that was all I did for the next three days! One book a day. I found out I just had to sleep a few hours here and there.

    Thank you, Terry, for providing me with hours of fantastic reading and keeping me in suspense waiting for the next adventure to take me away into the
    World of Shannara!

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