Poll: Which Four Lands Pet Would You Want?


We have domesticated dogs. And cats. And birds. We have goldfish that swim around in tanks and snakes that barely move.

But what if you could domesticate creatures from the Four Lands? How cool would it be to have your own moor cat? Or a war shrike? Or maybe something more deadly, like a jachyra? Or asphinx?

So, what Four Lands pet would you want and why?


45 responses to “Poll: Which Four Lands Pet Would You Want?”

  1. I wonder though are Sylvans and Tatterdemalions? Since Sylvans take care of parks and the like in service of the Word; and Tatterdemalions are creatures created by the Word.

  2. Jachyra. Talk about house-training hell. I’m guessing you don’t get a favorable response by spraying a demon in the face with a squirt bottle of water. Tragic? Lethal? Geographically dispersed? All yes. Favorable? Unlikely. 😉

  3. OK the Roc section doesn’t come up on my computer so I put it in the roc/warshrike section. I would love to have a moor cat and a roc! 🙂

  4. I chose Roc/War Shrike because flying one of those would be phenomenal! Besides the rush of flying, if I had to flee a dangerous situation on ground what better pet than a Roc or War Shrike! Plus one could teach it to hunt for you and bring you back food! What a great survival and travel pet!

  5. Moor cat is my choice. But I would like a roc too. On my pc when you vote roc you are also voting war shrike are the same vote, but in the results they are separated. I think some of those combine roc and shrike are probably roc votes.

  6. I chose the Roc but I so want a moor cat also . And I was guessing the oakBog wouldn’t be a very good pet would it? Since it was in the forbidden ? 😉 but its similar to frogs I picture with teeth. And they talk .

    • Oh I love cats and I had a cockatiel love Birds so I would fly to where I wanted to go instead of a automobile 🙂

  7. whisper was hands-down my favorite non-human(ish) character in all of the shannara novels. i’m also known for being a sucker for pretty much anything with fur and no more than 4 legs. we recently introduced my 15-yr-old nephew to the wonderful world of fantasy role playing (dungeons & dragons) and his ranger character has a giant lynx for a pet … i’m still trying to convince him that it should be named whisper – lol!

  8. Are there any Sylvans or tatterdemalions in the four lands? I thought they were wiped out around the time of the great war. Just curious, my vote by the way moor cat.

    • I believe in The Genesis of Shannara there is a tatterdemalion. Don’t remember any sylvans(its been a while), but I do think they were mentioned.

  9. Roc or a Warshrike would be awesome but since i’m not a wizard/druid/warlock of any kind I think the Warshrike would eat me so i’m going with Roc. Flying would be awesome!!!

  10. Why can’t we have more than one??? I’d have to have at least 4 of the animals….Roc, Moor Cat, TreeSqueak, Splinters Cat, and maybe a War Shrike!!!

  11. I would choose a moor cat. They are loyal and can warn of danger before it arrives. Besides, they have a big PURR!!! What a nice vibrator when you need to relax…

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