UK Cover: Witch Wraith


Here is the UK Orbit Books cover for Witch Wraith! It has a tentative release date of July 16, 2013 and concludes the Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy!

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  1. Why does the UK get the better covers? (Other than that annoying red circle of course.) I have to go back 15-20 years to find a better US one, especially the one for A Princess of Landover.

  2. I like the cover. Never had one so dark green before – a good colour for witches!
    The UK covers tend to be darker….the red circle on the bottom right is infact a sticker which can be peeled off 🙂

    only downer is there is no internal artwork. that is so very bad!

  3. I think the US covers are better generally. And I’m in the UK so I have to purchase through All three covers for Dark Legacy (UK) are virtually identical. At least the US covers are varied. A good example are the UK covers for the High Druid series compared to the US ones. Cover for cover the US ones got my vote. Sorry, but it’s just what I think. Feel free to disagree.

  4. I like that cover. Although it’s making me think of the dragon from the forbidding. I hope it’s not, cause that dragon was cool and could potentially mean something… Hmmm…

  5. I think EVERY cover put out for this series looks absolutely amazing!!! I am dying to read Bloodfire, the wait is atrocious!!

  6. Just seems like any old generic book cover again which will have nothing to do with the contents. I’d love to be proven wrong but it looks like the artists have nothing from the story to go on and so have just rehashed the same image 3 times which is a shame.

    What I thought were great covers were those that depicted scenery from the four lands, like I love the cover that shows Arbalon and the Ellcrys for Elfstones.

    And from just trying to, for the sake of this post, the red dots printed on or seemed to be when I tried removing it from my copy of Bloodfire Quest with a lot of effort short of ripping it off.

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