A Rare UK Signing Event

Orbit Books is so excited to announce that Terry Brooks will be visiting the UK for the first time in over 5 years!

Wards of Faerie: The Dark Legacy of Shannara, Book One

Wards of Faerie: The Dark Legacy of Shannara, Book One

Bloodfire Quest: The Dark Legacy of Shannara, Book Two

Bloodfire Quest: The Dark Legacy of Shannara, Book Two

Witch Wraith: The Dark Legacy of Shannara, Book Three

Witch Wraith: The Dark Legacy of Shannara, Book Three

Terry will be in London on holiday but has spared an evening to schedule an event at Forbidden Planet – on Wednesday 3rd April at 6pm. He will be signing copies of the first in his new series, Wards of Faerie (now available in paperback) and his new hardback Bloodfire Quest (out 12th March). LIKE our Orbit UK Facebook page for full details and updates.

This is a single UK event. Terry is not touring the UK. If you live in the UK but not in London, definitely travel to Forbidden Planet! It will be the only way to see Terry.

And for all Terry’s UK fans who can’t make it to London, never fear… whether you can attend the signing or not, every person who emails a question for Terry to orbit@littlebrown.co.uk will receive a Bloodfire Quest badge! We will film his answers so everyone gets to ‘meet‘ him. Plus the top three questions will win a signed and dedicated book. (UK entrants only).

NOTE: If you can’t attend but want a signed copy of one of Terry’s books, contact Forbidden Planet at their London Megastore location. They are more than happy to take an order and post it to you.

Join us to celebrate a great year for a legend of the fantasy genre! 2013 is an especially exciting year for Terry as his full Dark Legacy of Shannara series will available, with the last novel in the trilogy, Witch Wraith, publishing this July.

For more details on this, follow the Orbit UK Facebook page and their blog!

40 responses to “A Rare UK Signing Event”

  1. Hi, how can i get a signed copy of book 2 from FP when i don’t live near London and can’t afford the cost of travelling?

    Will Terry sign some so they can be posted to those of us who can’t make it?

    Thanks for your time!

      • Not quite what i asked!

        I asked: How can i get a signed copy of book 2 from FP….

        Obviously i can order a book from FP or anywhere else but i want a (UK) signed copy!!!!

        • I didn’t answer your question? I beg to differ. I told you to order it through Forbidden Planet. If you found this website, you can find Forbidden Planet’s website and order a signed UK book.

          • Thanks for that!!

            Although you said: “Yes, you can order a UK copy of Bloodfire Quest from Forbidden Planet. And they can post it to you…”

            Not immediately obvious that i could order a “signed” copy, just a UK copy although i could be a bit thick there! lol!

  2. I am so damn excited about this! Sword of Shannara was the first fantasy novel involving humans I ever read. Been reading fantasy ever since. About 22 years now! Thanks Terry!

  3. Oh WOW! Hopefully this one off event in London will be the prequel to a whole tour around the UK. Here’s hoping so, although if there is any possible way I can get down to London for the signing then I will.

  4. So pleased Terry has taken time out of his holiday to do this signing. I do not live in London, but will be travelling down for this. As well as the new book ( which I will buy on the day) will Terry be willing to sign a couple of other books of his I have? (thinking of the Annotated SOS)

  5. Shawn what you said about the book signing may or may not have been immediately apparent. Tim is obviously not familiar with the set up. For gods sake pull your head in and be nice for a change. Try some humility and don’t write this off a a crazy fan. I’m really sick of your comments to people. Honestly go and have a close look at how you have written to people. If you spoke like this face to face to someone. You are a smart ass

  6. Nope nothing learnt.:-) I was wondering how you’d have a go at me instead. Maybe I was joking too… I can’t believe you didn’t pick that up. I’m so loved by everyone 🙂
    I wasting my time here and Terry loses another fan from his website. Keep your next insults moderate and what ever you do don’t apologize 🙂

  7. glad to see we can bring more than one book as i have an original copy of the Sword that i want signed 🙂 its fortunate as well the day he’s signing is on my day off that week

  8. Shawn, just a short note to say thank you for all that you do here. I have never seen where you are rude to anyone. I have only seen you be helpful. Well, London would be nice but I think I will wait for a signing here in the states, closer to home, Keep up the good work Shawn.

  9. Hi there, hope you can get an answer for me on this – i live in London, would love to get Terry to sign my books. I have every single one of the Shannara series, mostly in omnibus format where available. Would he be ok to sign all of them? I count 14 in total. Its a lot to ask, and i dont want to cause offense or embarrass him by having him say no at the idiot who brought so many, so i thought to find out first.

    If you could find out somehow for me I would be so appreciative.
    Its not so can sell them on, they are all hardbacks and all too precious to me, all items i want to hand down to my kids and they to theirs and so on.


      • Oh thats fine, he doesn’t have to put my name in any, especially if it’s gets crazy busy lol, id just love them to be signed by him. Thanks very much for that info, i’ll make sure to let people with less books ahead of me. Thank you very much for that Shawn! Have a great day.

  10. I’m absolutely gutted that I can’t afford to travel to London from Devon (it would mean an overnight stay as our transport is so awful down this end of the country). I’ve been waiting forever (so it feels) to come to a Terry Brooks UK book signing and now I can’t get there. I do hope the 3rd April goes well and I’ll have to settle for ordering a signed UK copy instead (am totally and utterly gutted!).

    Shaun, what’s the difference between the US and the UK books please?

    • There is no difference between the US and UK editions other than the cover and the US edition has a full-color foldout by Todd Lockwood that does not exist in the UK edition.

      Sorry you can’t make it to the signing. 🙁

  11. Hi Shawn,
    I was not sure if I would make it on the 3rd April due to bad health but I am on my feet again so I will be there with a suitcase full for TB to sign, I am used to waiting at the end of the queue so its no problem That does not include all the ones I have purchased already signed through your site of course. I have been waiting many years to meet Terry. Get that Witch Wraith pre-order up Mr S and put me down for one.
    Best Wishes Richard

  12. i have red the bloodfire quest ad it was amazing as usual. next i will be reading the dark thorn recomended by Terry Brooks himself. i truely trasure my signed copy of bloodfire quest. thanks Terry.

  13. Just got back from the event, was lucky enough to be near the front – an hour before the event was due to start the queue was huge, by the time it actually started it had snaked around the corner and god only knows how it all ended in time. Terry was a true gentleman, happily conversing with all his fans, taking time to laugh and pose for photos. Those of us lucky enough to be there were very privileged. Terry signed and dedicated all my books; every single pre-shannara+shannara he has published, and was a pure and simple delight.
    I hope those who missed out will get another chance to see him sometime soon.

  14. Just got home from the event, second to last in the queue with my suitcase full. Terry signed every one for me, now I have a complete set of 1st editions all signed by Terry, as the post above says a true gentleman even though the event went over time. Thanks a million once again Terry.

  15. Still absolutely buzzing from the experience today, all those beautiful fans there to meet a truly stunning author. Just to stand in the room and see the hands that write such beautiful meandering prose; to stand next to the man with a mind full of awe and to celebrate with others who have discovered such an intriguing literary genius.

    I am inspired and driven

  16. To say it was a privelage to be at this event is an understatement. And again I have to agree with the above statements that Terry is an absolute gentleman to say the least. He was such a personable guy which just made the whole event even better. He shook everyone’s hand, signed and personalized every book and took photos with every single fan who wanted one. There are few times when I can honestly say I had a magical moment in my life, but meeting Terry yesterday was definitely one of them. To say thank you Terry wouldn’t be enough but it’s all I have to give. You have a gift that has inspired many of us and I thank you for taking time out of your vacation to be with some of those fans.

  17. Absolutely devastated I missed Terry in London, only just heard about it and so would loved to of traveled down if I had known, arg. Please visit the North West of England please Terry.

    The Shannara series was the next fantasy series I read after the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe books and the Lord of the Rings when I was a child (I found the first 3 books on a bookshelf when I was about 10) and is my favourite series of all time.

  18. Sorry about the late post but I was lucky enough to get Terry to sign four of my hardbacks. I was ever so nervous but I managed to ask him if there would be an annotated version for Elfstones – he said it was something he would discuss with Shawn nearer the 35th anniversary of that book which would be 2017. He also mentioned a limited edition leather-bound (possibly signed) version of the Original Shannara trilogy which I believe has now been expanded upon with the poll. I am so pleased some of us in the UK got to see him – he should cross the pond more often and devote more time to signings (cramp permitting) as he is very, very popular. The signing started at 6pm I got to meet him at 7pm and there was probably another 60-90 minutes worth of people left to see him judging by how long it took me to see him.

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