Audiobook Excerpt: Bloodfire Quest

Bloodfire Quest is in bookstores now!

The hardcover. The ebook. And the audiobook!

Here is an excerpt from the Bloodfire Quest audiobook, read by Rosalyn Landor!

I know some of you enjoy audiobooks just as much as reading the actual book. Ms. Landor does an excellent job reading, one that Terry is more than satisfied. The audiobook is available now too and might be something you are interested in!

What I love about this excerpt is this: It is a reminder of what Amberle Elessedil likely heard from the Ellcrys before The Elfstones of Shannara opens. The Ellcrys contacted Amberle similarly to how she contacts Arlingfant—until fear of what was being asked forced Amberle to flee. I love the connections in this series with Terry’s former work.

And when Witch Wraith publishes in four months, I look forward to talking to you all about Terry was able to wrap up so much history in one novel!

Happy listening!

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