Buy Now: Bloodfire Quest

In Stores Now!!
In Stores Now!!
Bloodfire Quest by Terry Brooks is in fine bookstores now!

That’s right. The second book in the Dark Legacy of Shannara series is now available to all of Terry’s fans in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

I love release days. I really do. Even though I receive the books months and months in advance to continuity edit, release days are still magical to me. I can feel the energy from all of you, gearing up for a new Terry Brooks book that takes you away from friends, family, work and life for a few precious hours. Since I am sworn to secrecy, it means in a day or two when some of you have finished, I can finally talk to you about the book!

And let me tell you. When you reach the end of Bloodfire Quest, you are going to be happy you only have to wait four months for the July 2013 release of the concluding book, Witch Wraith.

But it will be a long four month wait. I guarantee it!

If you haven’t read Wards of Faerie but you are a fan of The Elfstones of Shannara, you’d better go out and buy Wards. Dark Legacy of Shannara is a perfect companion to The Elfstones of Shannara. It also grows that former tale and that of the Voyage and High Druid trilogies, creating a wonderful conclusion to a trilogy of trilogies.

And the Four Lands will never be the same again!

Here is a bit more about Bloodfire Quest:

The adventure that started in Wards of Faerie takes a thrilling new turn, in the second novel of New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks’s brand-new trilogy—The Dark Legacy of Shannara!

The quest for the long-lost Elfstones has drawn the leader of the Druid order and her followers into the hellish dimension known as the Forbidding, where the most dangerous creatures banished from the Four Lands are imprisoned. Now the hunt for the powerful talismans that can save their world has become a series of great challenges: a desperate search for kidnapped comrades, a relentless battle against unspeakable predators, and a grim race to escape the Forbidding alive. But though freedom is closer than they know, it may come at a terrifying price.

Back in the village of Arborlon, the mystical, sentient tree that maintains the barrier between the Four Lands and the Forbidding is dying. And with each passing day, as the breach between the two worlds grows larger, the threat of the evil eager to spill forth and wreak havoc grows more dire. The only hope lies with a young Druid, faced with a staggering choice: cling to the life she cherishes or combat an army of darkness by making the ultimate sacrifice.

Click HERE for Terry’s Bloodfire Quest tour dates! He launches the tour tonight at Powell’s Books in Beaverton, OR!

Let’s hope the four months until Witch Wraith passes quickly!

Because when you get to the last page of Bloodfire Quest, I am going to hear some Demon wailing the likes even the Forbidding has never heard!

Now get to reading!

14 responses to “Buy Now: Bloodfire Quest”

  1. Actually as I write this I’m on the phone with a bookstore to check if the have The Bloodfire Quest or are getting it! I’m really excited. Thank you Terry Brooks! 🙂

  2. mine is coming via amazon today, and shawn i recieved the Dark Thorn yesterday thank you very much and i look forward to seeing you thursday

  3. I will be picking this up on my way home from work today. It seems so weird for a release date to be in March! Thanks Terry! P.S. I won’t be reading this until close to Witch Wraith release. I have gotten dangerously close to an insane asylum waiting for the next Brooks Book in the past.

  4. I pre-ordered the book both on iBooks and on When I awoke this morning the ebook was on my iPad and within 5 minutes the audiobook was loaded on both my iPad and iPod. I read the first chapter during breakfast and listened to it on my was to the gym. Impression so far, the book is excellent. I plan to savor this book chapter by chapter, both by reading and listening.

  5. Just as an add on, I have been enjoying Bloodfire Quest so much that I pre-ordered the Witch Wraith on iBooks.

  6. I picked up my copy last night on my way home from work.. BTW, I live in Beaverton Oregon, so I got my book signed, being the first stop in his small tour… (inner self is dancing)

  7. I’m waiting till the book signing on the 22nd. Anyone know if he’ll sign multiple books? I have three that I’ve really wanted to have signed along with the new one. But figured at most I’m hoping I can bring one of them to be signed along with the new one ill be buying there. Anybody know for sure if that’s ok?

  8. I unfortunately have to wait to get Bloodfire Quest. I preordered from Barnes and Noble with another preorder that is released in May so I have to wait until then to get it. The suspense and patience is killing me!

  9. Wow…….what a cliff-hanger. Not sure how Terry can resolve everything in one more book. He seems to be pulling out all the stops on this trilogy. I hope and pray this isn’t our last journey into the 4 lands…..because i can’t get enough. Well done Terry. Counting the days down until “witch wraith” is in my grasp. Good day and good health.

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