Poll: Which Character Are You Excited To See Again?

Bloodfire Quest — Art by Todd Lockwood
Bloodfire Quest — Art by Todd Lockwood

Bloodfire Quest, Book Two in the Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy, publishes this coming Tuesday, March 12th!

The characters are divided in earth-shattering ways by the end of Wards of Faerie. It doesn’t get much better for them through its sequel. Terry has always been great at putting his characters in danger and he does so here. If you can believe it, it gets even worse in Witch Wraith. We’ll talk about that in a few weeks after you’ve read Bloodfire.

But if you are like me, you will be rooting for at least one or two characters to make it through the grimmest of circumstances. There is one character you can’t wait to read about again. And Bloodfire Quest has more than its share of characters to root for!

So, who are you excited to see again?

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30 responses to “Poll: Which Character Are You Excited To See Again?”

  1. The title of this is a little misleading. When I saw it show up on my FB feed I immediately thought: “Truhls Rohk!” Then I went to the page and it was only those in Bloodfire Quest. Still excited for the book though. I love it that we get so many books from Terry in such a short period of time!

  2. I voted for Cymrian. I love the fact that he protects my other favourite character Aphenglow. I have to do a DVD cover for this at school and must include cast of main characters. I think I’ll cast him as Orlando Bloom. What do you think the cast would be for this book? lol new question!

    • I agree. I thought of Orlando Bloom for Cymrian on this character becuase of the elf he played on Lord of the Rings. I love Cymrian and his quiet yet deadly demenor. He’s amazing to read about.

  3. I’m surprised so few people chose Arlingfant. Not much happened in the first book to develop her character/personal story, but by the end (with the Ellcrys speaking to her) it was clear that she holds an important role in this tale. It’ll be exciting to see exactly what’s in store for her.

    • you are not the only one. I have been wondering about that too!! what happened to that sword? may be we will know more in the last book?

  4. Out of everyone in Shannara, I hope we get to see the Ilse Witch in the third book, at least, I hope that’s what it’s leading up to. But I can’t wait to get this book and see what all Khyber goes through in the forbidding.

  5. I keep trying to….but it’s hard to get behind “Mop-and-Glow” Elessedil. I know Terry has taken some interesting names into the characters but you would think that for the major ones at least, he would have learned at Cinnimonson. I swear, if the next Druid is “Paprika” or “Thyme”, I’m going back to Tolkien.

    • You read my mind, although I don’t feel as strongly as you. Arlingfant has me imagining her with a trunk and big floppy ears. Stoon is like a cross between “Stool” and “Spoon”…

      • funny thing is, most of his ‘off the wall’ names are actual names from other cultures or dead societies….Personally, I loved cinnimonson and I think Aphenglow has a nice ring to it, just pointing out that fans don’t all think alike, as I’m sure Mr. Brooks knows.

  6. I would prefer that Walker return…His was the most traumatic and saddest death out of all the books, as my son is named for him… Time for Walker to be the Druid at the Hadeshorn at least!!! What a waste of a GREAT CHARACTER!!! Time for another STRONG DRUID!!!

  7. I have not read it yet. Waiting until the series is completely out. If your poll is still up after I receive “The Witch Wraith”, then I can answer.

  8. Have to say as a big fan of all the Shannara cosmology offshoots ESP Word and Void that the new book Bloodfire Quest was the least interesting of the entire series so far! The characters are cookie cuttered,the plot devices boring, predictable and very repetitive and the sense of impending doom from the fall of the forbidding minimal and also kind of ho hum. Sorry Terry but this getting quite stale

  9. Just shocked at the death of so many protagonist ! So negative -I so hope the “word” finally overcomes with great force and finality!

  10. This is not a Dark Legacy of Shannara character, though the book was good and i’m excited for Witch Wrath. But whatever happened to Risca, the warrior druid from the first king of shannara? Didn’t he live through the warlock lord to the end of the book? Will he ever be mentioned again? he was awesome!

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