Video: Terry Reads From Witch Wraith

In Stores Now!!
In Stores Now!!
Bloodfire Quest by Terry Brooks is now published!

It is the second book in the Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy, one that promises to be one of the strongest stories Terry has told. Having already read the last book in the series, I can tell you Dark Legacy is indeed a strong story.

Terry is currently on tour, visiting several West Coast-ish bookstores in support of the new book. He began his tour at Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon, drawing a large crowd eager to hear him speak and answer questions on a variety of topics. He signed well into the night. There were a number of fans who brought suitcases full of books.

He also put me on the hot seat. Powell’s Books and the University Bookstore are carrying my book, The Dark Thorn, and, since Terry has read it, he highlighted it during both of his talks. Powell’s soon sold out of their copies and I had a line of my own. So did University Bookstore. It was great fun at both locations. I’ll post more on that later.

In the meantime, I videotaped the Seattle event. I’m happy I did. I now have video evidence of Terry saying good things about my own book, The Dark Thorn, and he talks about artist Todd Lockwood, who contributed the full-color interior art for Bloodfire Quest.

Here is the University Bookstore video:

Bloodfire Quest by Terry Brooks is in fine bookstores now!

The Four Lands will never be the same!

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  1. Another great epic adventure. Wonderfully written with plenty of intrigue. Hope Mr brooks never stops with the Shannara series.
    Thank you for the many years of great reading

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