BrooksBlog Poll: Would You Buy Leather-Bound Shannara Books?

terry-brooksGreetings Readers All,

I know it seems from time to time that we don’t pay enough attention to what you would like to see happen with the Shannara books, but we listen up more than you might think. Some things we can’t manage for artistic or monetary reasons. Some I just can’t make myself do. But the latest and strongest request we are receiving is one we might be able to act on.

Many of you have asked for leather-bound editions of Sword, Elfstones and Wishsong for your collections. This would mean something on the order of the ones published long ago and far away by Easton Press. High production values with gilt-edging on the pages, a ribbon bookmark attached to the binding, gold letting on the spine and cover, raised binding on the spine. We would also consider fresh artwork of some sort.

This is a slippery slope. It is costly and time-consuming. So before we get too involved with the idea, we have decided to run a poll. Your faithful Web Druid will tally the votes. If we have enough interest, we will proceed. If not, the matter will be dropped. So vote your preference below and answer these questions please:

  1. Would you buy a high quality leather-bound edition of Sword, numbered to only 500 copies and signed by myself and the artist, for $200-$250?
  2. If you did, would you want to have Elfstones and Wishsong, as well, as a boxed set, keeping the same numbers as Sword if ordered at the same time?
  3. If the price point for the latter was somewhere around $500 for the set, would that be a problem?
  4. Rather than the above, would you prefer an unsigned leatherbound edition for around $75-100?
  5. Do you have a different idea of what would be preferable?

I know this is complicated and maybe confusing, but do the best you can to answer all questions in your response. If we get a strong enough response, we will act on it. Whatever happens, we will report back to you in about 30 days. Let’s put a deadline on this of May 15.

Hope your spring has sprung, wherever you are. Hope to see some of you on the road with Witch Wraith this summer.

All the best, Terry

180 responses to “BrooksBlog Poll: Would You Buy Leather-Bound Shannara Books?”

  1. This is too much for me. Not just the money.

    On a related issue: I do like your hardback editions, especially the American ones. I’m English, and according to market research prefer the British version. Stuff market research.

    • i is too much..but it is something i have always wanted…its my favorite…so i would have to pay whatever it cost…i just would have too

    • Not that i dislike the book, but I’ve been lugging around all of the books for years, and i’m not lugging duplicates anymore, and i won’t part with my edition (i love the 2 page colour insert in the middle). The leather is pretty cool, but too rich for my blood.

  2. I will take two box set (with the first “trilogy”), one for me and one for my best friend. Please do it, you already have 1000$ with me.
    Will you do, one day, some object from the serie ? The set of elfstone could be great with this set of books but the object i would like the more is a black staff !
    Thanks for this initiative, this time it’s not an april fool joke !

    • Awesome idea! I would totally buy a black staff and the relations. Actually, they should make all of the elfstones. The loden elfstone with an image of the ellcry inside would be so cool.

      • I would make myself broke for the loden elfstone. It would be the perfect and unbeatable gift for my sister, Amberle.

  3. I love leather-bound books and own many, including Sword. I would be willing to buy a box set. Heck, if you would do each one of your books as a leather-bound volume I would buy it (As my wallet cringes.)

    I am undecided on the signed/unsigned versions. If it were the only way to get all of the books, I would pay for them. I value Terry’s stories more than his signature. Either was I will gladly pay for a set.

  4. If the current economy were a bit kinder, and my financial situation a bit less precarious, I would say yes. Those sound like fair prices. I’m not big on signed things, no offense, but that’s just me. If I had the money for such things I would buy the ($75-100 style) of all three…. love those books!

  5. I would love to have the leather bound, signed, numbered boxed set. However I cannot see ever being able to afford it. The price of the unsigned ones are within the realm of economic possibility so I voted for those. This is an awesome idea! Thanks!

  6. I have one of Robert Jordans novels in that format. It was NOT easy to get, 100, 200, even 300 editions are not that many for the fan base. So… before I can say yea or nay I’d want to have a range of how many books there would be. To answer the poll. I’ll assume less than 250 signed and numbered, with good paper, etc. In that case…. yes.

    • 500 copies are what we are shooting for. The best paper. The best binding. A ribbon sewn into the binding. Gilt-edged pages. A full-color foldout. Stamped leather. The works.

      • I would love to haved leather bound copies of these books and I would love to have “Sword” with the original Hildebrandt illustrations (and plus some new ones would be good too). I knew Tim Hildegrandt and really liked him and his passion for fantasy illustrations. I hate seeing his work swept under the carpet in favor of the more electronic media illustrations. If you’re looking for more modern looks, why bother going with leather bound? Just put plastic covers on them with a holograph image on the cover (ugh). Always a big fan of Terry’s writing!!

  7. I personally would be very interested in the unsigned leather edition. I don’t find that price unreasonable, but I prefer to get a copy of a book and then look for a chance to have it signed and personalized.

  8. I’m not familiar with the book publishing business, so someone please enlighten me, but why is an unsigned copy $100 and a signed one $250? It’s a large difference. Is it because the unsigned copies are limited in numbers, where the signed ones are not? How does the extra $$ get distributed – publisher? author? Federation tax 🙂 ?

    • The unsigned copy will be leatherbound as well but won’t be limited to 500 copies like the Signed & Numbered one is. Rarity makes the Signed & Numbered copy more valuable. That, and we might add an extra fullcolor piece inside.

  9. now if it was a signed and numbered edition of Elfstones instead of Sword you would have a customer!

  10. Oh my goodness, yes! For the sake of keeping this a short but excited response, yes!!!! I would love to see this and I would purchase it!

  11. I would prefer to have the whole trilogy, and I’d be happy to pay the price listed here. Granted, if the trilogy were released leather bound but not signed at a lower price, I would still buy that – if only SWORD were released, either signed or not, leather bound, I’d still buy that. But to me the signed, leather-bound trilogy would be optimal.

  12. I love the series enough that I would want to get the signed box set with all the trim and finery, but realistically I would probably only be able to buy the unsigned leather-bounds one at a time.

  13. I’d love an unsigned leather bound set, but there isn’t an option for that!! I’ve got the original paperbacks and would love a “posh copy” that isn’t quite so worn out. Since there isn’t an option for that, I chose the “I would like to buy only the unsigned edition ($75-100).” I’ve already got a copy of Annotated sword signed and money’s at a bit of a premium at the moment of me. In the future though, I might consider collecting more signed editions.

  14. I would def buy the leather bound trilogy signed no questions asked. And I agree with Anthony’s post that even if it was just the Sword signed or not I would be in.

  15. I WOULD like them, but would have to receive them as a gift. As a graduate student, I voted no just because I know I could not afford them.

  16. The Leather Bound Box Set of Sword, Elfstone, and Wishsong is a must buy … for any collector. But $500 is a little steep for the budget. But being signed by Terry himself, is an added bonus.

  17. I would love leather bound editions of the books. Have you considered doing a leatherbound edition of the entire trilogy in a single booK? Like the 25th anniversary edition of the trilogy?

      • If they were all in the same book, they’d be so heavy! I’d definitely not be able to read that!

        Word + void is still waiting on my shelf because my dad gave me it as one edition, and I can’t carry the thing!

  18. I am an avid fan and have been for as long as I can remember. I have dog-eared paperbacks from reading them so many times. But a leatherbound set of books could never fit into my budget, much as I might love to have them.

  19. I believe books are made to be read and then passed on to someone else for them to read. Personally, I would never spend the money on something like that, no matter how much I love the books 🙂

  20. If I could afford the more expensive I would but at the time I could only afford the unsigned leather bound

  21. I put my answer as if money were not an issue. As it stands, I wouldn’t be able to afford any of those options, not even the unsigned leatherbound one. I have my wonderful collection which has almost every book in it. I try to buy hardback when I can. Maybe, someday, money won’t matter or be quite as much of an issue and I can buy whatever type of book I would like, including a signed leatherbound copy of books I already own. 😀

  22. Your poll questions are worded wrong. I would “like” to buy the signed and numbered editions, but I won’t be able to afford them in the near future… I would most likely buy the unsigned leather ones.

  23. No, those prices are far beyond anything I can afford. And I’ll freely admit that I don’t understand the appeal of expensive leather-bound books. Is it a status symbol to impress people who visit your home and look at your bookshelf? Or do people view these as collectibles that will increase in value?

    I buy books in order to read them, so my interest is primarily in the words, not the packaging. For that reason, I’ve mostly switched to Kindle editions (when available), although I still buy the Shannara books in hardcover because they usually have maps, which don’t translate very well to an e-book edition. And I order the Shannara books from the Science Fiction Book Club, because the book club editions save me money and take up less space.

    If you can afford to pay $500 for a signed and numbered box set, I’m happy for you. But my book budget is limited, and for the price of that box set, I could buy about 50 Kindle books, or about 33 book club edition hardcovers. So I will have to pass on this idea.

    • People who want to impress people don’t generally fill their bookshelves with high fantasy, but with hume and jung. While the concept of a collectable is always a big draw for some, and signed copies of LOTR in hardback going for $16k support this notion. I think most people who want this is because they love the story, they have read the story half a dozen times or more and they want a hardy copy that they can read and pass down in hopes that it will be treasured as much by someone in the future. I have an old hardback copy of elfstones and while it was seriously damaged in some water, it still held up well enough to still use and I treasure it because it was my first copy of the story.

      • Well, like I said, that’s great if you have the money for it. My feeling is that ordinary hardcovers will last longer than I will if cared for properly, and that’s good enough. Will spending 33 times as much make the book last 33 times as long? I really don’t think so, and I won’t live long enough to find out, anyway. As for passing down my books to others . . . I’ve spent enough time in used bookstores to know that many of the books are from estate sales. The fact that I treasure a particular book does not ensure that my descendants will. So I don’t worry very much about that.

  24. As much as I would like to buy a signed box set I would be unlikely to be able to afford it. Though I would seriously consider an unsigned box set if one were available.

  25. I voted no. If it was the Heritage books I would jump at the chance, but I’m just not attached enough to the original trilogy to go for premium editions.

  26. I would definitely buy the signed box set because quality leather-bound books can last a very long time. I would be proud to pass this down for generations to come. I still have the Sword trilogy in paperback that got me started with Terry over 20 years ago, but they have seen better days and don’t look as good on my shelf as my leather bound classics. This set deserves to be among them.

  27. I love the Original Shannara and would most likely get the leather bound copies. Hopefully not all at the same time (would be too pricy), but if one was released every quarter, I’d pick them all up. The artwork and signatures is a great idea. These two things is something that I would very much look forward to.
    I would like to say one thing though; my personal favor from the Shannara series is the Heritage of Shannara tetralogy. Since the Original was already done by Easton – would it be possible to have the Heritage done in leather? I might be on a minority here, but hey, it’s just an idea.

  28. If our economy wasn’t in the toilet, and bound to stay there for at least the next four years, I’d go for the signed editions. But being that things are the way they are, I’d have to be reasonable, and go for the unsigned books. This would have to be a Christmas gift as well, because I couldn’t justify spending that much just to get myself the leather bound edition…but I would absolutely see to it that I did get the cheaper version. lol (I already have 2 hardback copies of each–one for reading, one to display in pristine condition…so sadly, I really do have to be reasonable with the expense)

  29. Shawn,
    To clarify, will you (theoretically) be offering the option to purchase the slip-case for those that buy the unsigned versions?

  30. I would do my best to buy the leatherbound, unsigned books. My father owned what I believe was the original hardcopy of Sword, with the two page color center art from the Brothers Hildebrant. It has since fallen to pieces and my mother told me she tossed it recently. I honestly cried. I am broke as can be right now, but if released in a year or two I would get the leatherbound set and “stalk” Terry at book signing events for my signature. That signature what mean more than a generic one anyways. I treasure my signed copy of Armegeddon’s Children.

  31. Sorry, Those prices are just too high for me. It would get even worse once exchange rates and freight were applied (New Zeaand) they would just blow the pricing out too much. If they were about $100 New Zealand I would consider them.

  32. I have the first Trilogy in the first edition Trade paperback all signed by Terry and just about all the rest of the Shanarra novels in Hardbound. (First King is also signed). Leatherbound would be the ultimate collectors piece, something I could hand down to my children or grandchildren.

  33. I hate to say I wouldn’t buy either edition. While I’m incredibly excited this has come up, I simply can’t afford to pay $200-$250 for a single book. Perhaps if you went the route of Subterranean Press in their presentation and had a signed/numbered for $125, I would absolutely jump at the chance. Heck, I’d jump at the entire series! But, while I can’t afford $200, I also can’t justify $75 for an unsigned book. Either way, I’m looking forward to see what happens!

  34. As for me, I love the idea of owning all three leather-bound books. Signed and numbered would be great, but I couldn’t afford to pay $500. Take $100 off that price and I would have to do it.

    I would also purchase the set of three leather-bound books unsigned for $225. In fact, that would probably be my preference. But either way, $400 for the three signed, or $225 for the three unsigned and I would definitely be in.

    I would have no interest in just purchasing one. All or nothing for me.

    Also, I would prefer the annotated Sword over the original as I already have the original. I’d be willing to bet that I’m not alone with that thought. (Of course, I’d still be fine with the original version.)

    Thanks and I hope that you can make this happen!


  35. P.S. I’m with Brian (above) in that I too would so love a leatherbound edition of the entire trilogy in a single book. That would be incredible!

    Also, I can’t seem to find a polling choice that represents my preference (see my previous post). The option to purchase the “unsigned SWORD edition” is close but I wouldn’t purchase it unless I could purchase the other two books as well.

  36. Yep, I’m on board for the signed and numbered trilogy!

    Any chance those of us commenting here will have the first chance to buy? 🙂

  37. love the books but to cover them in the skin of a sentient being is very sad and disturbing. i do not want something made from the skin of a young cow any more than the skin of a puppy or a human boy. people should look into the process of how cows are killed and often skinned alive before they decide if they want to contribute to such extreme suffering for a very trival reason.

  38. The prce is off for me a little i have the anniversary edition of the lord of the rings with art work by alan lee, that to me was worth the 85 dollars i paid. I would have to see the art work in color and maybe then i will be into this.

  39. You get what you pay for. I definitely will want the box set signed. Some things are worth splurging on. I will probably read them over and over for the rest of my life.

  40. I am assuming its the same publishing company that has done Jim Butchers books which I just found. I am getting a copy of Furies and would have paid that much easily to have the numbered Fool Moon. I am looking forward to this going through. Thanks for thinking of some of us who only ever had the paper backs and can’t afford eBay prices for the original hard covers.

  41. In a heartbeat. All three, leather bound, signed and numbered. If at
    Some point the same was done with every book in the series
    I would buy those too. I currently have them all in paperback
    To read and hardback to collect

  42. If I had good, child-safe bookcases to display them, I would consider it. At this point, it just isn’t possible. I have a 4 1/2 year old, a 3 year old, a 1 1/2 year old and a baby on the way. If I shelled out this kind of money and they were ruined, I would be heartbroken. Also, having 4 kids means I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on books.

  43. dude, i would buy each and every one of you books related to the Shanara epox in that version. money is not an issue when you buy art like this

  44. I reluctantly voted “won’t buy either”. SWORD in particular is very special to me, so the money wouldn’t be a problem. It’s really the leather-binding itself. I eschew leather whenever possible and so can’t really justify buying it as a luxury. If you were to put out very high quality book with a similar price point that used some other material, I’d be on it in a heartbeat.

  45. I voted no to both options. My only reason for this, is that I simply couldn’t afford it and it would be more expensive between exchange rates, shipping etc. to Ireland. I do think its a wonderful idea and well done for trying to satisfy all your fans, and I have no doubt that these editions would be beautiful. Maybe I’ll come into a small fortune and change my vote 🙂

  46. Although I would *love* to be able to buy the signed box set – I just can’t afford it. I would absolutely get all three (unsigned) leather bound, and would be thrilled if they were offered as a box set.

  47. I will definitely buy a signed and unsigned set of the trio. Not the annotated version though. Leather is always the way to go as far as I am concerned. I not only read the stories I am crazy about collecting the books, so leather is my most favorite way to get them. Yes, yes, yes!

  48. I am glad to see so many posts on this. I voted all 3 leather-bound signed. I’d have to twist my wife’s arm on letting me spend the money though.

  49. i would consider either a worthwhile investment and am looking forward to this becoming reality. although, shanara fans generally prefer fantasy to reality.

  50. A leather bound Sword edition is a no-brainer must-buy for me, but the box set cost is a pretty significant investment… Being such a longtime fan of Terry though, my bank account will likely be $500 lighter if the set gets produced. 😀

  51. Several have said it here, in part, but I’d be interested in unsigned individual volumes. I prefer to get my signatures in person. Also, the price-point is a little high, though I understand the idea is to do a limited release. Ultimately, I probably would not take part in this at this time. Perhaps, if you could convince Del Rey to release a full print run of leather-bound editions with the original artwork at $75 per volume, those of us on tight budgets could take part. That said, thank you for considering this kind of thing for long-time fans.

  52. I consider leather-bound books primarily for show, like bookcases full of leather-bound law books that lawyers use for photo backgrounds. The words on the page matter more than the gilt edges of those pages or a scholarly-looking cover around them. So while I might buy more of the omnibus editions–I have the Sword of Shannara trilogy already–I don’t think I’ll buy them again bound in leather.

  53. I voted no. It’s not the money. 1) I would happily pay for a signed, special-edition if I could get the signature in person. Without the meeting and handshake, it’s an impersonal autograph. Mr. Brooks would never remember the encounter, but I surely would. 🙂 2) It’s the leather. I’m not a vegan but I avoid purchasing leather products because it’s unnecessary, and there are so many alternatives.

  54. Pretty sure you already know this Shawn, but sign me up!!! Yu produce them, and I’ll find a way to get the wallet pried out of my wife’s hands 🙂

  55. I travel a lot, so e-books are my go, they are cheap, easy accessible and the iPad does not weigh anymore with 155 books on it 😉

  56. I have previously bought the leather bound versions of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, which are superb and great value.

    I would very much welcome the opportunity to buy similer versions of Shannara.

    All the best.


  57. Hmm. I voted last week for the unsigned version but if the signed and numbered trilogy was really available I’d have a hard time passing it up. Not sure if that would officially change my vote.

  58. I understand Mr. Brooks time is worth something in signing books. But it’s hard to me to justify spending $200+ for a signed edition. Even if it is limited. That is why I voted for the Unsigned Edition.

  59. I honestly think those prices are unreasonable. I would be interested in a copy of Sword for around $50 but any more than that and ill happily stick with the paperback copy ive got already. Sure a signature would be nice but the price is too high.

  60. I voted for the unsigned leather one because that’s all I could afford, but a signed one would of course be my first choice. Autographs don’t typically mean much to me, however Terry’s novels have always been special, and as such, a signed copy would be priceless. Unfortunately, in the grim real world, I do think those list prices are too high. As Sword of Shannara was my personal gateway into my love affair with the Fantasy genre, I would do whatever I could in order to make owning such a beautiful copy possible. Realistically I would probably wait until one turned up on Amazon for just a little bit less. That is if I could wait that long.

  61. You have my money for a leatherbound edition regardless of price, but I think the price is a little high. I know Barnes & Noble sells leatherbound editions of books between $10 and $20 and they’re very nice. Anyway, you have me for a leatherbound edition of some sort.

  62. Only if they were cheaper (around 45-50 bucks) and had all the books in one trilogy or whatever in one leatherbound book. (sword/elfstones/wishsong, jarka ruus/tanequil/straken, AC/Cintra/Gypsy Morph etc.)

  63. I would LOVE leatherbound hardbacks of the whole trilogy… But it might be a bit of a stretch for me to even buy a $75-$100 unsigned leatherbound copy of Sword. 🙁

  64. I would like a copy of Elfstones only. It was the book that really turned me on to the whole fantasy track. A nice hardcover of this would really mean something to me. $75 would seem reasonable as I have read the book many times. It got me hooked on everything else you have written plus led me to a few other authors in this genre. Thanks!

  65. There’s always Kickstarter now. You can judge just how much interest there is by reaching funding goals. And If you don’t, nobody loses anything.

    Count me in for an unsigned edition. I’d love the signed ones, but I just do not have that kind of coin. (So that’s what I voted for)

  66. I would absolutely purchase the trilogy for $500. I don’t own the Sword series in hardback, leather or otherwise, but everything after is in hardback. So having the first series in leather would be a nice addition to the collection. The pièce de résistance, if you will.

    1. I’m assuming the sale of these would be site only?
    2. There would be subtle differences between S&N and store bought?
    3. Anything to prevent stores from making the purchase and selling? In other words, is this fan/customer driven only? Or would that be too hard to regulate? I’d hate to see stores selling it. I like the idea of something “private” for the fans.
    4. First come first serve? Lottery selection? (poll numbers are at 208 so far for this option)
    5. Email notifications of when purchasing would start?

    I only ask these questions because of the cost. Five-hundred dollars is an investment, at least for me anyways, and I just want to get some questions out there. I did vote for the $500 option.

    Is it ok to say I’m giddy with excitement over this idea? Hope so. Just did.

  67. Man, I voted for the box set because what a great collector edition that would be but I’ll be honest in saying if you came out with the box set at a time I didn’t have the money I would have to pass and watch endless copies being sold on ebay for $1500.

    My fav Terry book is still Running with the Demon. Any chance there is a going to be a special edition of that anytime soon? I could have sworn I overheard terry talking to a fan about that at a book signing but by the time it was my turn I forgot to ask him about it.

  68. If I can’t afford the set when it’s released, I will do what I can to find someone to buy it for me for Christmas or my birthday or something like that!!

  69. Great idea! Please keep the original artwork of the Hildebrandt brothers. I always associate their images with your characters. And it’s beautiful!

  70. I would buy an unsigned box set only because my funds are very limited. Otherwise I would love a signed box set.

  71. I already voted that I am interested in the $500 for all three option.

    Also count me as someone else interested in the same for the Heritage series within the same general price range. I don’t think I would be for any others beyond those, though.

  72. I already have a nice one-volume edition of the Sword of Shannara trilogy, so I wouldn’t want all three of them again leather-bound. I would consider purchasing a signed leather-bound edition of Elfstones though, that book is my favorite of yours.

  73. Years ago, I was able to get my Talismans of Shannara book signed. I value this book more than almost any other book I have.

    Terry is one of the few authors whose books I still buy in paper book form – always hardback.

    As such, I would greatly enjoy purchasing high quality, leather bound, archival paper, signed versions of the entire first trilogy and thereafter, each series as a set.

    Ideally with fold out maps and great color art work.

    Looking forward to it!

  74. I would buy the signed Trilogy for $500.00 That would be awesome to own, my copies were already second or third hand when I got them all those years ago. I’ll keep an eye on the outcome 🙂

  75. I would consider buying a signed copy only if a generous portion of the proceeds were donated to a literary award or scholarship. I voted for the unsigned trilogy. I can definitely see myself hunched over my desk turning the yellowed pages of the leather bound editions by candle light… 🙂

  76. I would love to have the ‘unsigned’ trilogy leatherbound box set. Even obtaining each book one at a time would be great. It would be more cost effective and one would have an extra good excuse to see Terry to have signed. I have a leatherbound limited edition of Sword on my display. The others would make a great addition.

  77. I would love to have a Sword, Elfstone, and Wishsong in a Leather Bound Edition. But manybe as one book like the 25th Edition. As long as it includes all the original artwork and interior BnW prints that the original had. And I would like a collection of Heritage as well… the orginial books mean the most to me! As for the newer books… that don’t capture that same feeling of emotional attachment to warrant a leather edition.

  78. If not for bills and the economy I would gladly buy the boxed set Terry. I began reading your books in 1995 when I was in junior high and I can proudly admit to reading multiple times ever single “Shanna” novel, “The Word and the Void”, “Hook”, “Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace”, “Magic Kingdom of Landover” and “Sometimes the Magic Works.”

  79. I have adored the books since I was young and would love a beautifully leather bound editions of the first three books. What I would wonder is would you include full color illustrations from the Brothers Hildebrandt? Also voted for the unsigned because that most likely would be what I could jump for but I’m horribly tempted by box set signed.

  80. I think it’s a beautiful idea. How incredible would a signed, leather bound box set look in a library! What a wonderful trilogy to do it with!!
    I may have to hit the hubby up and make a Christmas gift – but I’d definitely add that to my collection

  81. It is a great idea for new customers, but I love the worn paperbacks of the first few novels. Plus it is too rich for my blood 😉

  82. I think it is a fantastic idea and would love to have a signed and numbered edition of the Shannara trilogy, BUT realistically I could not afford it. Even the unsigned ones would be hard to currently justify. So I had to voted no.

  83. I indicated that I would be interested in the signed and numbered leather bound set of all three. The truth is, I would need to have a better sense of what I was buying before I shelled out so much money. I have purchased leather bound books in the past. The cost for those books was much lower and I would want to know that the quality of these was much higher. $500 is a lot of money until (ideally) I’ve held the book in my hand.

  84. I’ll keep it simple: I would love to buy the leather-bound copies of Elfstones and Wishsong (both I like better than Sword).

    I would like to buy them as reasonably priced as possible. If that means no signature then that’s unfortunate but no signed copies doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be willing to pay a decent price for leather-bound.

  85. I would love, and prefer, just to have the regular hardback copies of the 1st three books. Even at the lower price for the unsigned leather bound copies, I can’t justify spending that much money on a book anymore, even though I would love to have them.

  86. I will buy the $500.00 box set!

    Also, please make an official life-sized replica of the Sword. I would pay up to $1000.00 for a high quality sword to go on my wall.

    Or, as an alternative to the sword I would also buy a life-sized replica of John Ross’ staff (as long as you promise I do not get a visit from the lady!).

    Thank you Terry for all that you have contributed over the years to my education and entertainment!

  87. I would prefer being able to buy the first trilogy as an unsigned leatherbound set, the numbering and signing I’m not too interested in, as it significantly ups the cost and I’d rather find Terry when he’s on tour and have him sign them in person.

    Honestly, if you were to publish plain individual hardcovers of Sword, Elfstones, and Wishsong rather than the omnibus edition, I’d pick it up, my softcovers are falling apart!
    But leather is sooo nice… ^_^

  88. First your comment box should be
    At the top so people wouldn’t have to go to
    The bottom of the page to post. (The web
    Designer in me.)

    Also how many images and what artist in
    What style. I went to a signing 20years ago
    And saw artwork for Terry’s books and my
    Imagination was greater by far than the artist.

    Considering your selling both autographs this
    Would play a big part at that price. I love Terry’s
    Books like no other, all of them actually. I am
    Very interested just not enough information
    At that price. Should have rendering contest
    Judged by fans.

    I own hardbacks of all Terry’s books and
    Would love the idea of having them in quality

    Also would terry sign the unsigned versions
    At a signing?

    • I don’t see why he wouldn’t sign them– with regards to the signed and numbered edition I’d argue you’re paying for the limited nature rather than just the signature. I personally would be going for the unsigned copy, myself.

      P.S. I have to disagree with the comment box thing. I feel having it at the bottom encourages people to read the whole thread prior to asking/posting something that’s already been covered.

  89. I would buy the Signed & Numbered box set of the Shannara Trilogy but only if it’s available after Q2 2014. I would go even further and buy the additional series for around the same price range if they were released with a year or two between series (The Heritage of Shannara, The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara and High Druid of Shannara).

  90. This was my first experience in Science Fiction and has a special place in my heart, I have kept my original copies from the late 70’s and tell everyone this is a must read. I love the Shannara Series from beginning to the end. I would purchase the leather bound trilogy in a heartbeat as long as it is a quality product. $500 is a lot of money if the quality is not there. Assuming you have a quality product that will last, where and when do I sign up?

  91. Put me down for all 3 leatherbound,signed and numbered. Yes it’s a bit exspensive but then most things worth having are.

  92. This is really hard to judge. Most people have no way to understand what the finished product would be like as leather bound books are so rare and variable in quality, I see lots of cheap things at book stores that “look” nice. Could you post a link to a picture of something of what we should expect?

  93. I would love to be able to afford to buy more than one copy my dad has first editions of nearly every book written by Terry. My sister was named Amberle, no joke, after my parents read Elfstones. Terry’s books are the reason my shelves are mostly high fantasy. I have memories of long car trips listening to my mom read Sword out loud. I will definitely beg borrow and steal to buy least one copy.

  94. I am so in on this, leather bound trilogy to have and to hold aha count me in on this nugget of gold!

  95. I would buy the $500 set funds permitting. Maybe a payment plan could be devised? Also I would like the books to look as if they have been in the Druid vaults for a century or two.

  96. I would love to buy them, I’ve been a fan of the books since I started reading Sword at 11 (it was the Shannara books that inspired me to start writing) but unfortunately current employment situations and income issues mean that I’d never be able to afford them.
    I doubt anyone would buy them for me as gifts either.

    I’m really hoping that the possibility comes up again in the future though when I’m (hopefully) more able to afford them.

  97. I touched the wrong choice , 🙁 I would buy the leather bound box numbered signed set @ 500.00 depending on when it was published. But yes

  98. I am already saving the money for this set ($200.00 set aside so far) and I will purchase a complete trilogy. Do you think you would release the trilogy all at once or one book at a time? In a nice box or possibly a nice box that comes with the third book. I was told little while back that this was a possibility so I started saving at that time.

    And since Terry comes to Utah once in a while, I can always take my books and have him personalize them at one of his visits! Those books are already going to be special! This would make them priceless!

  99. I love Terry Brooks and I would spend the money for sure and I would give anything to meet him. I have a lot, want more!

  100. I have a lot of his books, started in the very beginning.I would give anything to meet him

  101. While $500 is out of my current price range, I would definitely scrounge up money for unsigned copies.

    If you’re worried about demand, though, why not produce these alongside the upcoming TV show, assuming that’s still happening? I’m not an economist, but I would imagine that putting them out simultaneously would substantially increase demand.

  102. As much as I love these books and the entire series, I cannot keep spending more and more money on accumulating ‘stuff’. I have versions of the whole Shannara series in either paperback or hardcover, I do not need to spend more money to get duplicates of the same things, despite the fact that they are signed and in a more ‘elegant wrapper’.

  103. I would certainly buy the numbered/autographed Sword. Probably the box set, but would like to see what it looks like first.

  104. I would have to lean toward buying the unsigned trilogy, a signature means nothing to me if I didn’t meet the person the signature is from in person.

  105. Economics being what they are I voted no. I simply can not afford them. As for getting a signed copy. I would like to have one signed in person. That would give it much more meaning to me at least.

  106. I would buy the boxed signed set as the shannara series has been such a favourite that they are beginning to wear out and some great properly bound leather signed books would be fantastic

  107. I hope this goes through. I’ve always wanted a leather bound book and to have Terry’s be one of my first would be amazing. Although if my children do anything to ruin the books before they’re of age to handle them, they might end up grounded for all eternity. Maybe scare them into thinking their room is the forbidding and Tael Riverine will come to get them. lol. JK.

  108. I would buy a leatherbound omnibus of the ‘Heritage’ series, which is by far my favorite. Walker Boh!

  109. I think you got your answer, when are we going to see the leatherbound signed editions??? 🙂

  110. YES, I would buy the signed three book set!! Please consider me sold! I would be ecstatic to get my hands on them!!!!

  111. I would love to have these books. I have the whole set, like most of these people. I have already told my grandson they will belong to him one day. So yes to the signed and bound set.

  112. Mr. Brooks,

    These books were my escape as a kid growing up and they are now my escape during my studies in law school as a non-traditional student. Be sure to contact me if and when a positive decision is made to develop these. You can count me for a trilogy signed purchase.


    Tom Fernandez

  113. I know these comments are late in the conversation.

    Here’s my pipe dream:

    I would be reluctant to spend $70 or more on just the 3 book series, and don’t think I would shell out the kind of money you’re talking about for signed versions, not that I wouldn’t want them, but just couldn’t afford them.

    I would absolutely love to get my hands on leather bound copies of ALL Shannara and Landover books if I could get them under $50 each. I’d sign up for a book of the month-style club if it allowed some flexibility regarding how often I received a book.

    I wonder if popularity of such an idea would still allow the possibility of new artwork or personally signed copies at a cheaper price?

    Like I said, it might just have to remain my pipe dream.
    Sign me up if it’s not though.

      • Phew! That’s good. I really thought that I had missed my chance! Do you know how it will be announced when the time comes? I definitely can’t miss an opportunity like this. I started reading and writing because of these books. I mean this is my favorite author! lol

  114. I’m sorry for the multiple posts. My computer is freezing and it looks like they are deleting themselves from my end. I’m not trying to spam you. lol

  115. Shawn,

    I would be interested in a signed set when available. Any idea when next year, would be willing to do a pre purchase if you have a date.


  116. I look forward to the news and notification. I like many others will gladly scrape whatever pennies needed together to get the signed set. I think its a great Idea to leather bind all of the books made by Mr. Brooks. And for the select few, I would add a nice thing like the stones or staff. and I would hope the paged are of a very high caliber say somewhere in the ballpark of similarity to the golden edged bible pages, and maybe include locking mechanisms for each book as well. something that will hold to age and time so that our great grand children will be able to enjoy that which we already hold dear.

    ps shawn email me i have a few questions.
    and thank you for your time.

  117. I would buy them in a heart beat if I could but 2 years ago I lost my tongue to cancer and lost my job and credit. I am a big fan a just wanted to say I love your Shannara books so much. Sword of Shannara was the first book I read on my own and it open my mind to new levels of learning. I remember when I was in the Army I would use my red light flash light at night to cram in a few chapters before I knocked out for the night. I think you should sell them like this because I am sure there are many others whom feel the same way as I do about this master piece. I plan on trying to write my self since I can not work in the career I studied for due to cancer.

    Thank you,

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