Video: Goodreads Interviews Terry Brooks

For the last few weeks, fans of Terry Brooks have been sending questions in to Goodreads for a special video interview.

Today, that interview was conducted! Terry sat down with Patrick Brown via Skype to discuss his early career, his career now, how his writing has changed over time, and very specific questions from readers all over the world.

I was in the room listening. Terry and I had plans for lunch and I never pass up lunch. During the interview, Terry shows why he is a class act—always charming and self-deprecating, treating every question as if it is the first time he has heard it. And he even recommended two books, one of which you might have heard of before…

The video interview lasts about 30 minutes, so a nice short visit with one of the genre’s bestselling authors!


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  1. This is the second time I’ve heard an interview where the interviewer mistitles the series as “The Legends of Shannara”, which a subseries, not the series as a whole. The first time, I could understand, but this guy? Come on.

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