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For many years the only chance a fan had of speaking to Terry was to meet him at tour events or conventions. Now with the establishment of this website, Terry will accept two questions from each fan per month. On the last day of the month, five questions will be randomly drawn. Terry will answer these five questions and they will be posted monthly for your enjoyment.

Below are the questions selected last month and Terry’s answers! Enjoy!

Note: This section may contain spoilers!

Greetings Readers,

Getting caught up here with Ask Terry, slowly but surely. Should be back on track by the first of the month. We have all been really busy with projects of one sort or another, and I hope to have big movie news ready for you in about 30 days. But for now, the ANSWERS:

Tou Pheng Xiong writes: Have you already brainstormed/character developed what kind of a person pre-subversion Brona will be?

Terry Brooks replies: Have done some work on this way back in the day when writing about how Brona became the Warlock Lord. We know he was a strong-minded individual, able to persuade others to his side of thinking on the point of the Druids and the uses of power. More particulars will have to emerge if I get to a point where I will write the book that talks about how he was subverted.

Phillip Mcnemar writes: Do you ever think you will write another book after the First King that will help bring more of Allanon’s past into light?

Terry Brooks replies: I think there is a chance I will do this, but I have some other books I have to write first. Maybe I will do something more immediately in the form of another Allanon short story, since I seem to be on a short story kick these days.

Anonymous writes: Is it true the Shannara series will become a TV series? Why not movies like the Lord of the Rings? I just knew I would see the Shannara series after The Hobbit. It’s too good for TV.

Terry Brooks replies: It is true. Many attempts at getting Shannara made into a movie have failed, not the least of which have to do with scope and commitment. Really, the TV approach seems better to me, given the success of Game of Thrones. A season based on Elfstones will be the first attempt at getting Shannara done as a video adaptation. If that works, we would go with other books for later seasons. But this is a big undertaking, and we are just now getting to the point where we expect to sign on our writers for the series. More on this once we have that job done.

Jacquie Heimann writes: I have found maps of Shannara but was wondering if you have a “family tree” for the Shannara series?

Terry Brooks replies: Various attempts have been made by fans, but it isn’t entirely clear from the books themselves who is descended from who. Entire generations at left unexplained. The best Family Tree, at least for the Ohmsfords, can be found on page 89 of The World of Shannara, although it is not complete, ending with Grianne Ohmsford. Anyone out there care to take a crack at putting together a family tree? I’m too lazy, of course, but if someone can do a good job of it we will consider putting it up for everyone to have a look and giving credit for the effort!

Dustin Moser writes: Considering that the majority of your books take place in a relatively small area compared to how much area there actually is, are you considering branching out to tell a story that happens on the other side of the planet, or are we to assume that the rest of the planet has become so inhospitable to human life that the current settlements could potentially be the only ones left?

Terry Brooks replies: I have decided that readers can pretty much assume what they like about this aspect of the series. I am branching out in the current books to some country east of what’s currently mapped, running all the way out to the shores of the Tiderace, east of Sterne. I might think about something more on this as I go. But I don’t think I will take it as far as you are asking, Dustin. Whoever writes about Shannara in the future can handle that chore.

See you all next month with a new Ask Terry. Be well until then.

Summer is coming,

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