alexander-taelriverineWards of Faerie and Bloodfire Quest reintroduced one of Terry’s most vile villains—Tael Riverine. He is a twisted character, one of the worst Terry has written, a demon whose desire to breed with Grianne Ohmsford during her capture in the High Druid of Shannara trilogy made for chilling reading.

Tael Riverine isn’t done yet. Now that the Ellcrys is ending again, he plans on subjugating the Four Lands in his mad hunt to find Grianne and carry out his desire to have progeny. Not a pretty picture, to be sure. It ranks him as one of the worst demons Terry has written about, in my opinion.

And there is more to come in Witch Wraith when it publishes in July 2013!

In February 2013, a fan wrote into Ask Terry and posed an interesting question about Tael Riverine. Here it is:

Justin McKinney writes: My question is about everybody’s favorite Straken Lord, Tael Riverine. At the time of Elfstones, the Dagda Mor seemed to be firmly in charge of the Demons in the Forbidding. My question is, was Tael Riverine around at that time as well? Did he move in to fill the power vacuum left by the Dagda Mor’s death? Or was Tael born after that time? I’d just be curious to know what kind of dynamic may have existed between these two demons.

Terry Brooks replies: Because of the gap of time that elapsed between the two books, I had always envisioned that Tael Riverine’s rise came much later and he was not around at the time of the Dagdo Mor or the latter would have gotten rid of him as a potential threat. But that’s one of those areas I purposely leave blank so you can use your imagination. What do you think?

Let’s all use our imaginations and wonder what would have happened if the Tael Riverine seen in Bloodfire Quest had existed during the time of the Dagda Mor. And there was a confrontation. Who would win between the two of them?

I’ll let you vote, decide, and comment!

Written by Shawn Speakman
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