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brooks-blackirixThe new tale featuring Panamon Creel!

The Black Irix by Terry Brooks will be e-published on June 3, 2013!

It is the third of three e-short stories in the Paladins of Shannara e-series. The first was Allanon’s Quest, featuring the Druid Allanon and his efforts in locating the last heir of Shannara. The second was The Weapons Master’s Choice, where Terry returned to one of his best characters ever—Garet Jax!

In The Black Irix, Terry once again returns to the generation featured in The Sword of Shannara. Here is a bit more about what you can expect in The Black Irix:

An old friend urges Shea Ohmsford to take a dangerous risk in the concluding story of this gripping Shannara eBook series by New York Times bestselling fantasy master Terry Brooks.

Shea Ohmsford has had quite enough of quests. A year after surviving a harrowing odyssey, he is still plagued by troubling memories and dreams. A mysterious trafficker in spells and potions provides a restorative nostrum for the stricken Shea . . . along with a warning: Shea will break his vow to never again leave Shady Vale. And then the potion-maker’s prophecy comes to pass.

A thief, adventurer, and notoriously charismatic rogue, Panamon Creel unexpectedly appears in the Vale with a request for his longtime friend, Shea—journey into the untamed northland, infiltrate the stronghold of a sinister dealer in stolen goods, and capture a precious artifact: the sacred Black Irix. Creel wishes to return this treasure to its rightful owners. Shea cannot refuse such a just cause. But what lies behind the black castle walls they must breach? And will this quest truly be their last?

Includes a preview of the final novel in Terry Brooks’s Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy, WITCH WRAITH!

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DON’T HAVE AN EREADER? WANT IT IN PAPER?: If you don’t have an ereader like the Kindle or Nook, don’t fret! While the story won’t be collected in a hardcover until Terry writes at least five more short stories, fans who lack an ereader can download applications for the Kindle (PC | Mac) and Nook (PC | Mac) and read the story on their computer! Just click which link applies in the previous sentence, buy the short story, and enjoy a fantastic read!

The Black Irix by Terry Brooks will be available June 3, 2013!

Let thieves win!

8 responses to “Pre-Order: The Black Irix”

  1. Awesome. Good choice, a very interesting character! I’m glad to hear of the potential hardcover version after (at least) five more short stories. Can’t wait! Horner Dees/ Pe Ell, please!!!!

  2. Yes, Pe Ell would be a great choice for a future short story! How did he come to possess the magic dagger (can’t remember name…)?

  3. The Black Irix sounds very familiar. Didn’t it feature in another story…? What did it do exactly?

    • The Black Irix is the symbol of absolute honor in the Troll nation. Keltset was in possession of it in The Sword of Shannara and it likely saved Shea and Panamon from certain death when they are captured.

  4. I like to have real books. I have all the other books you have written Why can’t you make them paper bound as well. I hate that I can’t have them with the collection of your other books.some people would still rather have eBook while others prefer paper bound.

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