Terry Attending 2013 Hal-Con


For you Canadians, Terry will be attending Hal-Con November 8-10th in Halifax, Nova Scotia! More information about signings and programming will be posted on this website closer to the convention.

While he is in the Great White North, Terry will also be doing a short Canada tour. Here are the confirmed events right now:

Tuesday, November 5 – WINNIPEG, MB
Time: TBD
McNally Robinson
1120 Grant Ave.
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Wednesday, November 6 – TORONTO, ON
Time: TBD
Bakka-Phoneix Books
84 Harbord St.
Toronto, ON, Canada

Thursday, November 7 – MONTREAL, QC
Words After Dark Series | Time: TBD
Librairie Paragraphe
2220 McGill College Ave.
Montreal, QC, Canada

To see other events Terry is signing at in 2013, click EVENTS!


11 responses to “Terry Attending 2013 Hal-Con”

  1. What? Terry is coming to the great white north? Nice. Practically going to be driving right by my house from Winnipeg to Toronto on the TransCanada. Don’t suppose I can entice the legendary author for a drop by with BBQ and cold drinks… yes, I know, wishful thinking.

    • As you can see from the dates presented, Terry’s tour in Canada is a well-orchestrated machine of timing. It never hurts to ask but during this tour him making a stop just isn’t possible. But you’d better see him at one of his bookstore stops though. It is likely to be the last time he invades Canada for a very long while!

      • Ugh – Toronto eh… not exactly my favourite city to go to, but for a chance to meet Terry, I’ll brave the streets of that crazy city and haul the book collection the 250kms.

        Couple questions Shawn – is it safe to assume Terry will be there most of the day until all the books are signed for everyone?
        Are you going to be making an appearance as well? Could be worth a few cold pints… just saying. 🙂

        • Terry will be at the event until every book is signed. If you have a lot of books, wait until the end of the line as a nicety to the other fans. You’ll be able to talk to Terry longer that way anyway. 🙂

          As for me, no, I won’t be there. But if you have a copy of The Dark Thorn, take that to the event as well. The book is dedicated to Terry and his wife Judine and they’ve signed a few copies since it came out. haha

  2. I am such a huge fan of Terry Brooks and live in Halifax cannot wait to meet him in person

  3. YAY!!!!! Coming back to Halifax!!! All those books that are unsigned…….oh boy!!!! Can’t wait to see him again.

  4. November 6th is already on my calendar! I’ve been waiting so long for this! Abd sorry but I’m not really sure what TBD means so how long will he be there? Well really I guess I’m asking what time does he arrive?

    Thanks! 🙂

  5. ohmygodohmygodohmygod….I WILL be at HalCon this year…no other event this year matters anymore…

  6. I have been waiting to meet Terry since I first read “The Sword of Shannarra” when I was 15. I cannot wait. How many books will he sign…..I have them all!

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