Poll: What Is Your Favorite Landover Book?


The magical kingdom of Landover. Where nothing is quite what it seems!

Ben Holiday found that out. Once a lawyer, he buys Landover and becomes its king. The story is very much an allegorical retelling of Terry’s life, who made the transition from lawyer to writer. The story is about finding yourself. And that’s just what Terry did when he began writing full time.

As many of you know, Steve Carell is attached to play Ben Holiday in a live-action film based on Magic Kingdom For Sale—Sold!. Terry can’t be more pleased with the choice. I agree. Carell is largely known for his comedic work but it is his past dramatic roles that make him perfect for Ben Holiday, a man who has lost everything and is willing to take the largest of chances. Writing continues on the screenplay and hopefully Warner Bros. will greenlight the movie into production sometime this year. I have my fingers crossed.

It begs the question though:

What is your favorite Landover book?

For me, it’s a tough question. I loved the first book. It is the book we are introduced to Ben, Willow, and the rest of the cast. From a writing point of view, I love Tangle Box. Some of Terry’s best writing, in my opinion. And of course, I have a soft spot in my heart for A Princess of Landover because Terry dedicated the book to me.

But what do you think? What’s your favorite and why? And if you haven’t read Landover yet… why not? Go buy yourself some Terry Brooks and enjoy a fun weekend in Landover!

Hope to hear from you guys!

28 responses to “Poll: What Is Your Favorite Landover Book?”

  1. I enjoyed the entire serious but if I would have to rate them I would say Black unicorn first, Witch’s brew second and Tangle box third

  2. Guess I am one of the few that haven’t read them. Guess that’s my next series of books to read

  3. Will have to re-read them to figure that out – its been a while and they are blurring together along with some of the Shannara novels – but I have to say I love the Prism Cat and the Kobolds!

  4. After the “Sword of Shannara,” I couldn’t get enough. But for some reason, “Magic Kingdom For Sale–Sold!” is a favorite of all titles.

  5. The Black Unicorn is my favorite because it was my first Brooks novel and got me started on 25 years of reading bliss. Thank God it had a unicorn on the cover.

  6. I enjoyed all the books but I enjoyed Magic Kingdom For Sale–Sold the most. It opened a whole new world that captured my imagination more than any other book. I must confess that I didn’t enjoy A Princess of Landover as much as the other books in the series.

  7. From the time I read ” Magic Kingdom for Sale….Sold ! ” in 1989….I’ve been hoping it would be made into a movie!!! I’ve heard rumors for years… that it would….hope all goes well this time.

  8. I am one of the few it seems who have not read them, yet. Really enjoyed the Shannara series so looking forward to beginning The Landover stories.

  9. I think that Witch’s Brew is by far the most exciting. I only wish that we were able to see all seven challenges.

  10. Honestly I love them all. The Black Unicorn was given to me by my mom because she found it at a tag sale and thought I would like it. It was the first Terry Brooks novel I read a I was like 11! Magic Kingdom is the one I read the most, Tangle Box is the one of the only books I read in a day and Princess was like seeing old friends again. Wizard at large is the one I tell more people to read witch’s brew is just awesome! So I have to say they are all my favorite and now that there is one more I am beyond excited!

  11. The Black Unicorn was the very first Terry Brooks book I read. I fell head over heels in love with his writing and his capacity for creating a beautiful world. He was instantly my new favorite author. That was 19 years ago and he’s still my favorite. Maybe the other Landover books are better but nothing can beat that first magical moment of experiencing something totally new and wonderful. Love ’em all but The Black Unicorn will always be my favorite!

  12. That’s a Unicorn? All this time I thought it was a Donkey with a magic wand stuck in its forehead! Seriously though Magic Kindom and Tangle Box are my favs in the series, but I love them all.

  13. Magic Kingdom For Sale—Sold! is my favorite only because it took me into another great series. I like when the first book of a series could be an only book but leaves you wondering if there is more to come. Still waiting for the next one.

  14. I like all of Terrys books. The Landover books are good and I am glad there is another one to come. I can’t seem to choose one that I like the best. But i do have to say I like all the Shannara books the best of all, next the Word and Void, and then the Landover books. I can never get enough of Shannara, the land, the magic, the people, their lives and history. Terry is the Best! Now I am waiting for Witch Wraith a signed copy to come in my mail. Thanks Terry for the many wonderful hours I spend reading your books. Keep writing those magical pages that keep me spell bound to every word.

  15. tangled box 100% nightshade and ben greatest ever I was shocked at what happed a sat there just stunned

  16. I just recently found this series and am reading them in order. I’m about half way through Wizard at Large. So, so far I can’t say which one is my favorite because I’m not done reading the whole series, I just hope Terry continues with the series because I’ve fallen in love with all the characters, even Fillip and Sot!!

  17. This was the set of books i read .I love them all but Kingdom up for Sale – Sold was the best because after that I could not wait to read the next one.So i have just finished reading Mr.Brooks latest book”The Witch Wraith.” which i finished in 4 days.You write the I can’t stop reading because i want to know what happens next just like all your books. A huge fan and admirer thx for the books i own all 30 of them.

  18. I had to vote All of them. I love the entire series they all come together in my mind as one epic tale. Have read the series twice now And trying to get my Kids to read them. Got my brother into it long ago and we both cant wait for the “untitled work in progress”. Magic Kingdom For Sale. Sold! was not the first fantasy I read, however it is my favorite and has inspired me for years. I can only hope that someday I am able to take my own visions of fantasy and put them down in words half as well as Terry does.

  19. Who hasn’t dreamed of owning a Magical Kingdom? They are all good but I was a little disappointed with Princess, was probably Terry’s worst work that I have read.

  20. please continue the landover books I don’t know how these books are not movies yeet they are great. your books are great please make more with the druids too those are my favorit

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