Todd Lockwood Battles Terry Brooks

What happens when an artist and an author get together to sign books?

They get so fed up with one another that they resort to battle royale!

Author Terry Brooks and artist Todd Lockwood visited my headquarters to sign copies of Unfettered, the newly released anthology featuring some of the best talent in the genre. After four hours of signing and making plans to take over the world, the two friends had had enough of one another and resorted to the sort of violence only seen in Braveheart.

Who won? I’ll let you be the judge!

Todd Lockwood takes a copy of UNFETTERED and swings!
Todd Lockwood takes a copy of UNFETTERED and swings!
Still alive, Terry Brooks retorts!
Still alive, Terry Brooks retorts!

In less than three weeks, Witch Wraith will publish on July 16th. Terry wrote it and Todd painted the interior art. It is the conclusion to the Dark Legacy of Shannara series which began with Wards of Faerie and Bloodfire Quest!

Terry will be touring for the book. You can find tour details HERE. Terry and Todd both will be attending the San Diego Comic Con next month too, so if you are going be sure to track them down!

Don’t let writers and artists say they work, work, work all the time!

Sometimes, they kick the crap out of one another!


8 responses to “Todd Lockwood Battles Terry Brooks”

  1. Wow, I didn’t imagine Unfettered to be such a phat doorstopper!
    Looks like the guys had a lot of fun! 🙂

  2. It’s good to see friends have fun. A bit off topic but I have been reading your books since 1979 and am excited to get to meet you when you come to Denver in July.

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