Witch Wraith: Todd Lockwood Interior Art


Witch Wraith, Book Three of The Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy, will be published on July 16, 2013!

To celebrate Terry’s 35th anniversary of publishing last year, Del Rey Books hired artist Todd Lockwood to paint a full-color interior foldout piece of art for Wards of Faerie. It didn’t stop there. Todd was also hired to paint the interior art for Bloodfire Quest and July’s finale, Witch Wraith.

Terry and Todd met at my home to discuss the Witch Wraith art and from that discussion grew the piece above. It is a pivotal scene from the book. That is all I will say about it. But I can say that Todd did an absolutely stunning job depicting it.

Terry and Todd are signing copies of the hardcover of Witch Wraith at The Signed Page and Todd has signed giclees (prints) of the new piece of artwork.

  • PURCHASE: Witch Wraith hardcover double-signed by Terry and Todd
  • VIEW: The Witch Wraith Tour
  • PURCHASE: Witch Wraith Signed Giclee

Witch Wraith concludes The Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy in stunning fashion!

What do you think of the artwork?

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13 responses to “Witch Wraith: Todd Lockwood Interior Art”

  1. The painting is amazing! I can’t wait to see it in the book…

    Is Todd Lockwood going to be at the Seattle signing?

  2. Just finished “Bloodfire Quest” and can’t wait for “Witch Wraith”! Love all your books, Mr. Brooks. You have gotten me through many nights with your fabulous stories. Thanks from a longtime fan!

  3. WOW!
    Just… WOW!!!
    Shannara has never looked so genuinely “fantasyesque” in the last… well, in many years!
    I’d love to know what creatures are the ones around the central figure: orcs? goblins? trolls? other?
    I haven’t read Wards of Faerie nor Bloodfire Quest (I will read the whole trilogy at once), but I’d love to know that 🙂

  4. I can barely wait for book three to be published. I am patiently awaiting its arrival so that I may begin reading the series.

  5. My vote is thats the Witch Wraith herself with a dragon ally!!?? Great motion in the painting, and an excellent tease to show it.

  6. Absolutely stunning! I will definitely come by and see Todd along with Terry at Comic-Con ! Are there plans to sell the 3 Shannara prints at the show?

  7. Think about it, Tael is spiked all over and carries weapons all about him. Grianne is over 100 years old so she would look a bit decimated! I think it’s Grianne but we’ll just have to see… The art work is phenomenal.

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