Order a Signed Copy!

Order a Signed Copy!

Witch Wraith by Terry Brooks is now published!

It concludes the Dark Legacy of Shannara series and also wraps up threads from The Elfstones of Shannara, The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara and High Druid of Shannara!

That said, due to all those threads wrapping up, we should be able to have a pretteeeee good discussion of the book.

And the series where it stands right now.

To have the discussion, this must be a spoiler post with spoiler comments and spoiler opinions. Don’t read the comments below if you don’t want to be spoiled!

And so it begins! What did you think of the book? What surprised you? What didn’t surprise you?

Do you think the tanequil split Grianne from the Ilse Witch? Or did Grianne also get put in the Forbidding?

Will Aphenglow be able to lead the decimated Druid order?

Go forth and discuss!

Written by Shawn Speakman
I am the long-time friend and webmaster for Terry Brooks as well as the author of The Dark Thorn, an urban/epic fantasy hybrid novel Terry calls "a fine tale by a talented writer." Join me on Facebook and Twitter (@shawnspeakman)!