Spoiler Discussion: Witch Wraith

Order a Signed Copy!
Order a Signed Copy!
Witch Wraith by Terry Brooks is now published!

It concludes the Dark Legacy of Shannara series and also wraps up threads from The Elfstones of Shannara, The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara and High Druid of Shannara!

That said, due to all those threads wrapping up, we should be able to have a pretteeeee good discussion of the book.

And the series where it stands right now.

To have the discussion, this must be a spoiler post with spoiler comments and spoiler opinions. Don’t read the comments below if you don’t want to be spoiled!

And so it begins! What did you think of the book? What surprised you? What didn’t surprise you?

Do you think the tanequil split Grianne from the Ilse Witch? Or did Grianne also get put in the Forbidding?

Will Aphenglow be able to lead the decimated Druid order?

Go forth and discuss!

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  1. aaaahhhhhhh!!! I’m thinking that Aphen chose to return to paranor to become the new ard rhys???!?!?!

    • I think he hinted to that in the story when Railing said she had been visiting from paranor to try healing magic on Redden

  2. I believe grianne and the Ilse witch was divided and Grianne is still in 4 lands. I also believed that Mr Brooks lost a great opportunity not having all the elfstones saved and in later books examine issue of the double edge swords of magic and science. Who or what organizations can you trust with science power and magic power.
    Also good discussion is how the ellcry’s decides who gets sent into the forbidding. Is that the original’s bias showing? To decide on species and judge everyone in that species even if all may not be people of the void. Tesla Wart did not belong in the forbidding. Her actions deserves better. For me the Ellcry must be looked at in altogether a different light.

    • I agree, the origin of the Ellcrys was established to remove the demonkind from the four lands. Terry could have went further about how the ellcrys was first created with the forbidding love of the Darklin boy and Aleia. I was anticipating Aphen discovering how the ellcrys was first created and who gets selected as a species to be sent to the Forbidden. I believe that Weka and Telsa Dart has proven that they do not belong in the Forbidden and earned the right to be expelled. If it was only based on Species and not Character then the Isle witch would have stayed behind with other wraiths that Terry has brought into the story lines that existed with the forbidden in place.

      • I don’t think the Ellcrys expels specific species but dark magic. Weka and Telsa Dart are creatures of dark magic, so they are expelled. This Ilse Witch is a magical construct, not a human being. Her appearance is that of a dead person. So, in that way, we can argue that she falls under the Ellcrys’ purview.

        • More importantly, if the Ellcrys is able to distinguish between good and bad, Grianne would never have been trapped in Jakar Ruus in the first place. She would’ve been re-expelled back into the human world. Unless, the Ellcrys doesn’t have the ability to move things both ways. Or, the Ellcrys is a glorified magical computer program with no will of its own, and only follows the dictates of her creators. So many possibilities.

      • Tony, couldn’t agree more! It was specifically stated that the magic of the Forbidding was directed against entire species, not individuals. How then does Mr. Brooks justify damning Grianne Ohmsford to the Forbidding just because she had chosen to associate herself with those creatures. Despite her condition she was still human wasn’t she ? Also wasn’t happy (but not surprised) that Tesla Dart got sucked back in, and knew he was taking the rest of the Elfstones with him as soon as Oriantha mentioned that she had left them with him. A damn poor way to treat some characters, but what can you expect after the brutal murder of Khyber in the previous book ?

    • I disagree that “Mr Brooks lost a great opportunity not having all the elfstones saved.” Because, everyone expected that and so that would have been trite.

      Instead, Brooks masterstroke sees him continuing the story of Wil Ohmsford’s inner transformation. Wil felt something in him change on using the Seeker. The red elfstone had the same effect. So, Brooks has introduced a new family line of Ohmsfords with new powers, which I think is a far more interesting storyline – hence my calling it a “masterstroke.”

      Also, we have not seen the true power of the red elfstone. Each elfstone has distinct powers. Yet, the red elfstone is depicted with a power similar to the black elfstone. That may be due to the corruption/mixing of Wishsong with red elfstone. Allanon said the Wishsong is capable of anything. So, it may have perverted the red elfstone’s true power. And, because of that perversion, we probably did not see it’s full power being exercised as the Isle Witch is shown to have resisted its effect somewhat. As, even in the end, the Isle Witch is not vanquished by the elfstone but pulled away into the forbidding. Compare that with Bremen’s apprentice, Tay Trefenwyd, who used the black elfstone to instantly suck up the essence of 20(?) skull bearers, no mean feat considering that just one of them nearly killed Allanon. The blue elfstone, Seeker, also evinced great power with Wil killing a gigantic demon who terrorized the rovers. And, another elfstone (I forgot its name and color) shrunk Arbolon and all the elves so that they can be transported to a new home. The red elfstone’s power seems wimpy in comparison. So, I don’t think we’ve seen the red’s true power, yet.

  3. I want to know how the forbidding magic can recognize somebody becoming truly evil and then transporting them to the forbidding, but not be able to recognize a demon turning good and leaving it in the four lands.

    • Here’s the exact PM I sent you several months back.

      My only complaint is that if the Ellcrys can recognize her switch to the demon kind, why couldn’t it recognize the Ulk Bog’s want to be good and leave her in the Four Lands? I really felt bad for her. As soon as Marai said she left the elfstones box with the Ulk Bog, I knew the box and remaining stones were going back, even though I was willing it not to happen. I figure part of that decision is that it’s easier to come up with a power for one new set of stones than it is four new sets.

      • I was under the impression that the Ilse Witch was pulled into the Forbidding due to her taking the scepter and role of the new king rather than because she was evil. If I recall Redden even mused about the unfairness of the Forbidding earlier in the book.

      • Maybe Weka really had ulterior motives for staying in the four lands, ( like still trying to kill Grianne she thinks will stay there)!

        • Just realized I was typing Weka instead of Tesla. Just finished rereading Straken 2 weeks ago. Oops.

      • To be fair, we don’ t know the inner workings of the Ulk Bog’ s character. She wanted to escape to the four lands and harbored a serious hatred of Grianne. Who knows what would have happened had the Ulk Bog remained.

    • I agree! I was disappointed that Weka went back. I guess that’s what he wanted though. Plus it would put all the bad guys in the forbidding which would make another book hard to write unless its way in the future.

  4. I like the ending. But it left me wanting more.. I think the Elf stones going back into the forbidden will turn out differently this time. Tesla knows their importance and will most likely keep them with her family. Hoping one day they will come back for her and them. One day they will be needed again. I just hope I get to read that story when the time comes. Plus Railing stills has a couple strands left on that ring of his. Maybe one to get into the Forbidden and one to get out.

    • I read and re-read the book with great enjoyment. The one question I had was did Redden still have the red elfstones when the others were carried back into the forbidding by Tesla? I could not find anything, unless I am completely overlooking it, that tells me they were put back into the box after he held off the Isle Witch.

      As I understand it, from the previous books, and I have read them all several times, the Olmfords magic comes from possession and use of the blue stones by their ancestors. Are we looking at a whole new kind of magic for this family in the generations to come?

      Unless I missed the stones being put back in the box, it seems that Terry Brooks has set the stage for a whole new set of books which makes me very happy.

  5. whats scary is that the isle witch is part elf and may be able to use the elf stones if she gets her hands on tesla

    • I don’t understand this. By right, the elfstone is useless unless it is granted to the user (and the user must at least be part elf?) Mallenroh couldn’t take the Seeker from Wil because of that.

      The elfstones in the forbidding were stolen. So, how can it be used? Is there an expiration date to the elfstone’s forbid-to-use, so that it resets itself to its default state after a certain time of disuse has passed?

    • I have been thinking along those same lines Kevin. And Grianne was always human just very misguided in her early years…if you look at the human to demon transformations in the Word and Void trilogy and also in the Genesis trilogy you can see the path Grianne was on and how she came to be the leader of the Jaarka Ruus. When she was forced away from the tanequil by Railing demanding her help, all the hate and anger she had let go of came rushing back to the fore. I believe that is why she came back as the Ilse witch. The tree had nothing to do w/ that transformation back to her old self.

  6. I hope that the next story of the Omhsford goes with Redden.s line. Curious what changes that the use of the stones with wishsong has on future Ohmsfords. Redden felt the changes. But most likely Mr Brooks will follow the Railing line.

  7. I suspected from the point Allanon said that only one would return in Wards of Faerie that he was almost certainly referring to the sets of Elfstones and not the expedition’s members. The second the note and red Elfstones got removed from the box, my suspicions were confirmed.

    I think this may be the first time that a Shannara series has concluded with one of the King of the Silver River’s gifts still bearing its functionality and having never had its “ultimate” function called upon. I strongly suspect that will come into play in whatever comes after this series.

    • The whole trip to the forbidding was a fiasco that served no purpose. The druids who died there could’ve easily opposed the straken lord, Tael Riverine. Allanon, by himself, was able to put some fear into the demons attacking Arbolon under command of the powerful Dagda Mor.

      Yet, Allanon said the trip was important. The only important thing that came out of the trip was the crimson elfstone transforming the inner being of the Ohmsford who used it. Maybe, that is it?

  8. My hope and wish is that Grianne and the Isle Witch were seperated, however when she is speaking to Railing she speaks of how she hates him for taking her away from Mother Tanequil and her sister aeryads and of how with each passing moment she could feel her memories of that life sifting away, so I dont think my wish has been granted. I too would be interested to see the changes in the Ohmsford line after Redden used the crimson elfstones. Also what is their exact function?I know he used them as a weapon, but then, the seeking stones were also used as a weapon even though that wasn’t their sole purpose. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of the Forbidding down the line and perhaps some answers about the Ellcrys and how she decides who goes into the Forbidding may get answered. Once again another epic installment to a fantastic series.

    • I agree that Reddens line will be exciing to see, as he felt a change, as did will to create the magic of the wishsong. maybe the osmonds will have two types f magic and perhaps a druid could appear?
      I thought the overall book was as usual great and i couldn’t put it down from the time it arrived to i had finished it, but I kind of miss the sword series because a whole story was completed at the end of a book and waiting for next one was not so painfull!!!!!

      Does anyone know why TB changed his format?

      And to anyone who slammed this book, YOU STINK!!
      TB RULES!!

  9. I just finished the trilogy minutes ago.

    As a whole, I think it was a riveting affair. I know I very much enjoyed the first two books of Dark Legacy. But the last one…

    Sorry. In hindsight, I’ll probably think of it as a great book. But after following characters I learned to identify to through 3 books, the feeling the most evoked from the third book’s final chapters was sadness. It sort of feels like the protagonists mostly survived tragedy more than anything else.

    I liked them. I have a hard time shaking off the feeling that they deserved better. It seems like part of the story being told in the trilogy is one of enduring hardship and sacrifice. It was beautiful in its own way too. It was Terry Brook’s right to convey it. There were lessons in it too; maybe even good ones.

    My problem, though, lies on the thought that I thought I had already been aware of that theme. Dark Legacy is a great swan song to several other books in the past, and it illuminated a great many things… but my impression is that opportunities for resolution where not taken advantage of, and this gives me a vague unfulfilled impression.

    I already knew of the sacrifice required for saving the Four Lands in transforming into the Ellcrys from “Elfstones”. I was hoping that instead of that cycle of that process perhaps be made as unneccessary; that the Forbidding problem could’ve been resolved without requiring Arling’s life.

    I already knew of the inherent tragedy in Grianne Ohmsford’s life from “Jerle Shannara” and “High Druid”. I was hoping that if Grianne – the one whom had moved on from being the Isle Witch – was found again and came back into the world that she would not have aged, and might have proven pivotal in resolving the crisis. Perhaps the passage of time and that deed might have finally allowed her to move on in a positive note from her black-stained past, rather than run from it to be an aeriad.

    Writing the above helped me sort my thoughts on Dark Legacy: I loved the two books because the protagonists dared to be ambitious and follow dreams which had been impossibilities before. The resolution of the third book, though, was pretty much tantamount of crushing them. Which made me mostly sad for those people, rather than feel the conclusion was a satisfying one.

    Redden and Railing were not especially memorable Ohmsfords to me in this story. I was okay to read about them, but they were weaker characters than Bek/Grianne and Par/Col. Mirai was okay, though I felt her relationship with Redden had this too-good-to-be-true vibe to it.

    The character I felt stole the show, for me, was Aphenglow. I was very fond of her, identified a lot with her plights, and sometimes even got mildly annoyed at the focus shifting away from what she was doing (which included Arling and Cimrian). I had a much better impression of Arling than I did Amberle, no small thanks to Arling being in 3 books, and only being selected as seed bearer in the second – the attachment to Arling was stronger. I also enjoyed Cimrian, though I quickly recognized how his self-destructive dedication was a deathflag (though I hoped to be proven wrong).

    To be honest, I even hoped to read of more adventures with Aphenglow, but after seeing what happened to Khyber (I liked Khyber, and look how she ended up!) and all the bad things that happened in this trilogy… maybe she ought to just be left alone until the next set of books (if any) covers a few generations later.

    Sorry. I’m ending up channeling a bit of bitterness.

    In conclusion… thank you, Terry Brooks, for allowing us to enjoy another journey in the Four Lands (and beyond!). I liked it. I just wish I had liked it more.

    • Aphenglow was a favorite character for me, as well. I have to wonder whether the greater bitterness by the Elves over her choice to join the Druid Order because she was a member of the royal family had to do with the possibility that Aphenglow was considered a better choice than her uncle Phaedon as the heir to the throne. And, given that her choice was left somewhat ambiguous at the conclusion of Witch Wraith, it’s still possible that she might succeed her great uncle Ellich. I mean, who else is there? Her uncle Phaedon’s mentally damaged, her mother Afrengill’s too emotionally unstable, and her sister Arlingfant’s the Ellcrys. If Aphenglow remains a Druid, though, it’s likely the end of the Elessedil family’s reign over the Elves, not to mention the family itself, unless Aphenglow happens to be pregnant with Cymrian’s child.

      The end of the Elessedil family might also mean that Arling’s the last Ellcrys, and the Forbidding will end after her death, if a blood connection to Aleia Omarosian is required for the transformation. Then again, a female Ohmsford could become the Ellcrys, since the Elessedils and Ohmsfords intermarried generations back. That might make an interesting plot twist as to how an Ohmsford might save the Four Lands, assuming that the Ellcrys transformation doesn’t require a full-blood Elf. If there can be a part-blood Ellcrys, the nature of the Forbidding itself might change somehow, too – maybe to allow the passage of time so that its inhabitants can evolve and die? I still don’t see how the Darkling boy Charis presumably died of old age in the timelessness of the Forbidding – the great magic that imprisoned him and his people would have happened at the time of the Ellcrys’ creation, and that occurred when Aleia Omarosian was eighteen, which was likely about his age as well.

  10. The Ulk Bog was sent back to the Forbidding not because he was a demon, but because he was a good demon. If you have an infection, you fight the infection. The Ellcrys understands the nothing lasts forever, so sent a good demon back equipped with magical weapons to, if not obliterate, at least temper the demon horde. It takes only one to start a movement, inspire others, and eventually become the equivalent of the First King of Shannara in the demon world.

    Also, imagine living in the Forbidding. If everyone were evil, then there is no variety and it would be a pretty boring place. Adding variety would make it more interesting and the struggle in the Forbidding with the Isle Witch would become more worthy of its own series.

  11. I was also dissapointed with Ulk Bog being sent back, alongside the remaining elfstones, Grainne now the ilse witch could use them if found which I assume they would be.
    The downside is how the Ellcrys cannot seem to see the good but descriminates due to race and or creed, I feel that the series has lost its way somewhat and will face the forbidding and the federation, internal strife within the Elfs.
    Maybe a bit too much of the same?

  12. My heart broke when everything went haywire and Telsa was also sent away from the Four Lands. I read this book in a matter of 4 days and I was really impressed with and enjoyed it, but I felt there was way too much loss and heartbreak for many of the star characters. I expected the Ellcry’s to touch Aphen with her branches for one, to somehow conclude the severe pain and feeling of loss Aphen went through, and more on both Redding and Railing other than the way it ended. knowing how the previous sets of book brings out new characters from these lines, we may never know and any future books will just jump to new characters. The way it ended with grianne was most disappointing. I was really expecting a small paragraph at least of what her feelings were of being wisped away into the Forbidding like that.

  13. If we’re going with Redden’s line, then I think Orinantha would make a perfect mate for Redden to spice the line up even more

  14. After finishing Witch Wraith, I felt drained and slightly irritated. I am afraid that I do enjoy a happy ending, or somewhat happy. I always try to go into these books recognizing that a favorite character may not make it. (I cried for an hour after the Elfstones of Shannara.) I was so saddened by Cymrian’ s death, and irritated that I hadn’t prepared myself for it. I do wonder if their last words together will have future implications in the books, or if it was just ‘foolish words’ on her part as she said. Could she go looking for him with Druid magic? Will she search for a way to bring him back? Is it even possible, and if it is, what cost would it carry? After all, there is always a cost to using magic… (I just hope it wouldn’t be a sad one!)

    There are still strands left on Railings’ ring. Is there a way that Aphen could use them? If not, will we see this ring and it’s remaining strands/gem in a future book?

    I am intrigued if Grianne was split. Would there still be a body for Grianne to go into now, or would she be spirit only? I am thinking like the other post, that the Witch Wraith is the only Grianne we will see, but then, perhaps the fading memories were those of the Isle Witch and her time with the aeriads. After all, the part of Grianne that was the Isle Witch was an aeriad as well and would perhaps carry some of those memories with her.

    Do you remember Tesla’ s plan for Grianne? What happened when they returned to the Forbidding? Did she try to carry it out? The Isle Witch would also know what the Elfstones are, would she try to find a way to use them? I can’t remember if Grianne had much Elf Blood or not, so I don’t know if they would work at all.

    If the Forbidding locks up all the demons,what makes the furies demons and the werebeasts not demons? Would all the creatures on the island (from Elf Queen of Shannara) that the elves created be locked away as well? Or perhaps it is as another said, that it only recognizes creatures from the time of Faerie. The Isle Witch could have been taken because she had made herself Straken Queen, and there was probably a Straken Queen/King or ruler of some type in Faerie. As such, she would be taken.

    Redden promised to keep Tesla with them, but failed. Will he see a need to try to fulfill his promise? If he doesn’t and there is a future trip into the Forbidding, what will this break of promise mean to any decsendants of Tesla?

    One last plug, I for one, would be happy if there was a way to reunite Aphen and Cymrian. ;-D

    • Well, as a Druid, Aphenglow would know that the spirits of the dead exist in the Hadeshorn and can be summoned. So maybe she will find her way to Cymrian at some point after she’s fulfilled her purpose in life. She’s got the rebuilding of the Druid order ahead of her, not to mention figuring out why the old magic in Paranor speaks to her and the nature of the crimson Elfstones, and maybe even becoming the Elven sovereign.

      I have my doubts that Grianne could use the remaining Elfstones – she was transformed into a demon in order to battle Tael Rivertine. What Elf blood she might have originally had would be far too diluted – that’s why the Ohmsfords returned the blue Elfstones to the Elves generations back before Wren Elessedil’s time. Who knows what damage to her might result if she managed to use them? Look at what happened to Redden, and he’s at least half-Elven, if not more so. There are other magical things left in the Forbidding than the Elfstones that she might be able to use, though.

  15. I believe that the Ellcrys did not separate Grianne from the Ilse Witch. It was stated plainly on the voyage from Stridegate that she was robbed of the destiny she chose.

    As for the play on the Ulk Bog….shame on you. It saddens me that once again another promise is broken by the bearers of the Wishsong.

    As for the remaining Elf Stones I pray that we will have another venture into what the real purpose of the Red stones.

    I am a die hard Terry Brooks Fan and have read and listened to all of his books too many times to recount but for some reason this one, while well written, left me hanging with the ending. I say this because there should be two bands left on the ring from the King of the Silver River and what does the Gem on it do?

    So many questions.

  16. First of all I just knew the elfstones were going back. I didn’t know how, but I know TB wouldn’t just give us all of the stones at once! That’s to easy, and besides that is at least a few more books before we get them back (I can’t wait!). When they said they left them with Tesla all I said was there you go.

    As far as Grianne, I hope the tree (or was it just the roots) kept the good part of her. I knew she was going to turn the moment I saw the picture posted online. But, even knowing that I was slack jawed and amazed when she slapped that conjure collar on him and killed him. That was epic!

    I too would love to see what new abilities emerge from the use of the elfstones. My hope is that the family splits and that they will now have to keep working together. In the end there will be one version of the family for each set of the stones. Then they go to war with each other, and Grianne emerges from the Tanequil to bring them back together in order to fight the other version of herself from the other side. That’s is just an idea I came up with in the end.

    Regardless of happens, or doesn’t happen, it doesn’t change the fact that I will always get Mr. Brooks works and read them as soon as I can open the package from Amazon, or from who ever else I get it from. Please continue the good work, and I can’t wait for more.

    By the way: where is the petition I can sign to force the movie of Magic Kingdom to be made? I want the next book in that series also, and I know you have said that will not happen until the movie is made.

  17. Loved it. Was excellent. Very curious about the power of the recovered stones and changes to the Wishsong for future generations.

    Can’t wait for the next series. Maybe the last Black Staff will show up and help recover the next set of stones?

  18. Overall I enjoyed the series but not as much as the other stories. To me, many of the main heroes (Khyber, Aphen, Railing, etc.) just seemed foolish and pig-headed at times. In some small way it made it much harder to root for them. Terry seems to take the flawed hero theme to a new level in this series.

    I agree with Charles as well. There wasn’t much about this series that was surprising. Many things felt a bit obvious.

  19. I was pretty disappointed that after 3 books, only one new set of Elfstones wound up back in the Four Lands and that we never even got to find out what those stones do (not counting the defensive use that all Elfstones have). I think that if you’re going to write a series over 3 books (at over $50 cost to readers like me) you owe it to the reader to have the whole point of the original quest be resolved completely, not a 3-book teaser for the next 3-book series.

    I don’t remember how much, if any, elf blood Grianne has in her, but I suppose it’s interesting that she’s locked away with all of the other sets of Elfstones, but I thought it was kind of hokey that a witch got locked away with the demons while good demons like the Ulk Bog didn’t remain in the Four Lands.

    I love Terry Brooks. I’ll always read his books, but this series was pretty disappointing to me.

  20. Its Interesting in all the video I watched of Terry discussing the Dark Legacy series. Whenever someone asked him what it was about he would say “It’s a quest to find the missing elfstones from faerie. There was never anything mentioned about returning the elfstones to the four lands. If so it was very vague and obscured.

  21. I am going to reread the book this week. I feel like Terry left some details in there that I am overlooking that have foreshadowed future events.

  22. Some parts predictable and some plot lines re-hashed like a changeling spy in Arborlon but overall I enjoyed it. I like the fact that the Isle Witch was brought back and how such a badass she became. Also like the setup for the next storyline – life inside the Forbidding!! I’m still shocked about Khyber – how swift and sudden it was. Keep em colon!!

  23. Tesla wanted to kill Grianne for not coming back for Weka… I can only imagine her hate for Redden. Redden will try to right the wrong. Grianne is an Ohmsford and therefore part elf….perhaps the stones can be used by someone in the forbidding now? Did I miss it or did we ever find out what the magic incasing the cage was for? Where was Redden while he was “sleeping” perhaps there is a story there even if it may be a short story.

  24. I enjoyed reading this new series, but I have to say I was disappointed on two fronts. Getting the Elfstones back from the Forbidding was something we all were extremely excited about and I’m sure we each wanted to know what each set could do. Even though I saw it coming when Tesla Dart had the box and she was sent back in to the Forbidding, I wasn’t very happy.

    The other thing I was disappointed in was the battle between Tael Riverine and the Witch Wraith. Very little magic was involved. It was pretty much the Isle Witch dodging his attacks and then crawling up to Tael and slapping the collar on him. After all of the hype I expected some really big showdown where magic was flying all over the place, but it wasn’t that at all. In my opinion, Railing’s mission was a complete bust. Sure he went to find Grianne and that was really good reading, but whether he brought her back or not Arling still became the new Ellcrys and sent the demons packing. Tael would be back in the Forbidding, so it really doesn’t make much difference. In the future if another expedition happened where they went back in and the Witch Wraith played a part I will take back this argument. For the moment, to me it seemed like it really didn’t matter what Railing did. In the end, I did like the series, but I was pretty disappointed in the way it turned out.

    • I did expect a much more epic battle between the two, or atleast a slow and painful example made. Grainne did show just how much Tael was outmatched by his quick and effortless death.

  25. I think that the mission was not a bust but, usually in most of the books the groups always take the only mission available and win out, this time the king of the silver river told him not to get Grianne, that it would not turn out as he thought, he could have went and helped the girls with the seed, but he decided to do the other, so now we have the whitch wraith ( which will definatlely become a issues later) in this one they really got lucky in the end that it worked the way it did, we will see later what will happen but i think the witch wrath is much more dangerous than that tael and the fight was short because he was completely over matched, if it would have been Grianne she would have lost as the witch wrath she had absolutly no humanity left so she went for the jugular right away.

  26. Dont forget about the other magical items, talismans, and books in Kroat Abyss. It looks like the demons systematically stole these items from the elves and other faerie creatures before Aleia became the first Ellcrys. Future Shannara series can go many directions. A full show down of magic and science in the future.

  27. OK, confession time here, I am a Brit and hate American English spelling, my father was a school Head Master in Wales and instilled in me the benefit of proper grammar and spelling. However, Terry is absolutely forgiven, for producing the best fantasy fiction I have ever read. Forget Tolkein, J K Rowling or whoever, Terry, you are the best fantasy writer of our generation. and your latest trilogy was, in my opinion, the best you have written so far.

    Please, please keep up the good work.

    I suggest you confine any detractors to Jarka Ruus, with the Isle Witch, and see how the cope.

    Will post a positive review on Amazon UK in the next couple of days.

    All the best.


  28. So, as I understand it, the Red and Blue Elfstones are now in Shannara, while the other three sets (whose colors I forget) are with the demons.

    As for the Ellcrys, it was made clear how the Forbidding worked. If you’re a demon, good, evil, what-have-you, you get sucked into it. The Ilse Witch got sucked in because she transformed herself into a demon in order to take Tael’s power and status. So, she got sucked in at the end.

    One thing occurs to me is that there are at least two elven corpses within the Forbidding, of which is still at Tael’s castle. The Ilse Witch is knowledgeable and powerful. Perhaps she can use some kind of necromancy to raise those corpses and gain the use of the other elfstones (along with the other elvish artifacts) in that way.

  29. I just finished the book, and I — of course — loved your work. A couple of questions:
    1. Will you be examining, or explaining, the motivations behind the work of Edinja? If that was her plan, to become a more unifying (read: controlling) force in the Four Lands, then that was the worst plan you could possibly imagine, and I find it hard to believe that such a smart person would try to implement a plan so stupid without any backup support. I kept anticipating that she was a Changeling herself, although you have already used that plot twist.
    2. Did the ring return Redden to his senses, or was that another agent of change?

    I do appreciate more and more the blend of magic and science that is colliding in the Four Lands at the moment, it almost seems like the remnants of the Old World coming back to the forefront.

    I really enjoy your work!

  30. Just finished within the past hour, and sadly I can’t shake the feeling of sadness and regret I have! I sincerely hope another series follows where this left off, because I feel I have plenty of unanswered questions… I was SO disappointed to see Telsa returned 🙁 That is my biggest source of sadness! I can only hope we revisit this in the future and hope that her fate isn’t the same as her uncle’s, and that she isn’t completely bitter from being swept away and having promises made to her broken. I also want to find out what choice Aphen decides to go with. And the ELFSTONES!! What exactly is it that the crimson ones do?? How is Redden forever changed? Will a quest be mounted to retrieve the rest? And Grianne! Or the Ilse Witch… LOTS to ponder there…. I think I shall have to re-read since I flew through it so quickly, but I hope another set of books picks up where this left off! Thanks again Terry, I still love the stories you weave!

  31. Overall I loved this series, but was disappointed that we didn’t get to see much use of the new sets of elfstones and we really have no idea what the true purpose of crimson elfstones are. I guess I can see why Brooks didn’t bring all the stones back, perhaps he felt he would have had to explore them all in the next book and since that’s just too much to do in one book he only brought one set back.

    I can see this series as setting up a lot of possible future plot lines such as a book based on the crimson stones and there is noway Brooks can leave Grianne as the Straken Lord and not resolve that at some point. Plus at some the rest of the stones must be retrieved as well. My hope for that plot line would be the good Grianne is retrieved from Tanequil and then she must battle herself in order to finally once and for all overcome her guilt at being the Isle Witch. I also thought the Sword of Shannara might come into play at the end, but alas it didn’t.

    Other new developments include the future of the Federation, after yet another Prime Minister was killed and the capital city destroyed, the fifth order of the druids, and how the crimson elfstones will affect the wishsong.

  32. Just finished the final Dark Legacy book in less than two days… WOW! Loved it. I, for one, loved the showdown between the Ilse Witch and Tael Riverine. I was disappointed with the High Druid series because it lacked that, but I reread their battle three times before moving on. That was up there with Allanon vs the Dagda Mor. Loved it.

    As for all the tragedy and heartbreak going on in this story, I think that’s realistic. Think about it… If a demon horde a million strong arrived on Earth and there was no way to stop it outside of a teenage girl needing to go on a quest that would end with ber becoming a tree that returned said demon horde back to the Forbidding, a lot of people would try a lot of irrational things to stop it themselves. In the end, Railing’s decision was obviously not the best one, but he didn’t want to wait around and do nothing, which I understand. Also, no one anticipated Grianne would return as a bitter, old version of her teenage self. Life as an aeriad must have been pretty sweet to piss her off that much to want to kill everyone and everything in her path.

    My one disappointment with this book was Cymrian’s death… fantastic character! He was every bit the badass Garet Jax or Stee Jans was… The way he took down those mutants at the end of the 2nd book and how he killed a moor cat and a powerful sorcerer in Edinja was as epic as Grianne’s and Riverine’s showdown, IMO.

    No we didn’t get all the Elfstones, but we did get the crimson ones, to add to the blue, black, and Loden. I think some of the open story lines left open regarding the Ilse Witch being the new Straken Lord, the missing Elfstones back in the Forbidding, Tesla Dart or her scions wanting to kill Grianne, the stolen elven artifacts in the Kroat Abyss, Redden and Railing’s future lines, and the remaining strands in the King of the Silver River’s ring will make for some interesting plot lines, for sure. Maybe something along the lines of Railing needing to be along on some quest to return to the Forbidding and he and the Ilse Witch meet again…

    I disagree with the displeasure a lot of the above commentors have about who goes into the Forbidding and who doesn’t. I think Redden’s musings about that earlier in the story and the final note from Charis explain enough without that needing to be elaborated on in the future.

    Overall, I loved the ending to this trilogy. This final book was impossible to put down. Keep ’em coming Terry!

    • I, too, was disappointed by Cymrian’s death, not the least because he seemed to be unfinished as a character – an impression underscored by his lack of a family name. This would be true of other characters who don’t have last names, such as Woostra or Seersha, but they don’t have any known living relatives either, as Cymrian does. I’d have thought his family name would have been mentioned while Edinja was questioning Arlingfant, but no. Arlingfant should have known, of all people, since she’d worked closely with Cymrian’s sister as a fellow Chosen. Beyond that he’s two years older than Aphenglow and was once associated with the Home Guard, nothing else is known about Cymrian. It’s not clear what his status was with the Home Guard: in Wards of Faerie, Arlingfant says he was a trainee, but Cymrian said he had spied for the Home Guard, and Edinja calls him a disgraced member of the Home Guard in Witch Wraith. A trainee suggests inexperience, so what would one be doing on spy missions?

      Apart from his lack of background, Cymrian also doesn’t volunteer any personal opinions on anything, so his love for Aphenglow isn’t that obvious. Until Arlingfant came right out and said so, I thought there was a romance developing between him and Arling instead, given that she knew him well enough to choose him as her sister’s protector, they were fast friends, he was ready to ditch being Aphenglow’s protector without even asking Aphen about it after Arling ran away from the Ellcrys, and Arling thought she might eventually fall in love with someone like him. Besides that, Cymrian might have shared the general view of Aphenglow as being a traitor to the Elves in becoming a Druid, but put it aside for Arling’s sake.

      I could wish that there would be a short story written about Cymrian, because, as Aphenglow pointed out, we hardly know anything about him, and he plays a fairly significant role in the trilogy. Arlingfant might know what he went through prior to his “sacrifice” in becoming Aphenglow’s protector, but we sure don’t. Why did he fall in love with Aphenglow at such an early age? Why didn’t he try to stay in touch with her after their initial training together? How did he expect things to change between the two of them if he wasn’t able to speak of his feelings to Aphen? How did he view the Druids and what was his reaction to Aphen’s joining the Druids? Did he know about Bombax prior to becoming Aphenglow’s bodyguard? How did others view him after he lost his role with the Home Guard and took on the job of a despised Druid’s protector?

  33. I am really pissed (Americanism) that anyone would or could claim, or even suggest, that Terry is involved in plagiarism.

    Terry’s writing is unique and very valued by all of us.

    To any detractors, go get a life and read dime novels for the rest of your life, you deserve it.

    Terry, you have our absolute support. In the words of my late father, nils illigitimum carborundum (don’t let the bastards grind you down).

    Keep doing what you are doing, We love you for it.

    All the best.


  34. A few things in response to the discussion.

    One, I think the Ellcrys doesn’t decide anything or sit in judgment. The Forbidding is a blanket banishment created by the ancient elves of faerie, and the Ellcrys merely maintains the enchantment. She could potentially open a door, but not control who or what might come through. It’s a massive example of how magic is not good or evil, only power, and how the good or evil that comes from its use is determined by the choices of the user. Unlike we have assumed for all these (how many thousand?) years, the Forbidding is not merely a prison for raving hordes of pure evil. Its creation was an act very close to genocide, and may even have been intended to be exactly that. Lock all these species in a world-sized magic jar filled with poison and be rid of them forever. All that’s missing is a few million bottles of Amontillado.

    Two, Grianne was fully restored, but I think so completely and instantly traumatized that she reverted to her darker nature. She is also an Ohmsford, so there is elf blood in her, though I don’t recall how much. It’s conceivable she could use the Elfstones. I really like the idea mentioned that she might raise the elven corpses left behind in the Forbidding to use them for her. The stones require mind, body and will, but it hasn’t been specified that it requires life per se, or even that all three must reside in the same user.

    Three, Grianne expressed desire to kill Tael and take his place, but she never said why she wanted to be Straken Queen. Also unknown is what the full effects were of her battle with Redden. Redden experienced the horror and sorrow of her life, and since magic cuts both ways it’s possible she had a similar exchange, experiencing the love and joy he had in his life. Who knows what manner of queen she will be.

    Four, on the nature of the other stones. Their colors match perfectly with the chinese model of five elements: Earth (yellow), Metal (white), Water (blue), Wood (green), and Fire (red). Each also has a catalogue of associations ranging from philosophy to the seasons. It’s probably a coincidence. But if it were up to me, I would have their powers reflect those associations:

    Yellow (thought, communion with nature). Communicate mind to mind with any creature.
    White (discernment of quality). Augury or foresight.
    Green (perseverance and growth). Healing.
    Red (contentment—as from a heartbeat or a flame). Enchantment.

  35. OMG amazing! Really loved the burning of the pages that just finished two minutes ago. Overall this was just an amazing end to a great trilogy! Mr. Brooks, has always delivered for me!

    First, the battles in this book just fed my joy of reading brook’s way of describing a full out battle! This was an awesome way to have the middle of the book explode…..Arishag…..opps thousands of demons on the ridge!!!!!!!!!HA I loved it!

    The Elftones…….sigh I am bummed we will never know what the other ones do!! Even so it seemed like the red ones did kinda what the black elfstone did…..right? Of course amping the power of the magic user was cool!

    Teka was a sad note but if I can guess whats gonna happen through out the book than I am not happy, so I liked the bends and turns in the book. Cymarion though was tough, but at the same time his role as guarding a druid is one with a short life span to it.

    The characters in this book were just well thought out, everyone had something to offer, and I just loved reading about them. Even Grianne was something great and new to discover again.

    As far as wrapping up the high druid series i really don’t feel the connection there. It is a trilogy backing the Voyage books. Its nice to see what happened with Grianne and if she was gonna come how so? But overall this new trilogy was just great all by itself!

    The only thing for me that sucks is having to wait now……right next march i think? And then it will not be about Galiphile and Brona…….but a stand alone with Leah. I will read it and love it of course but my hopes were to see the epic first druid order and the story of Brona. thank terry brooks for the Denver tour and answer my queation about Galiphile and Brona! Your amazing and i cant wait to see where you take the end of Shannara in the next 5 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. One good thing from this series was that it was not considered successful. Not all adventures are. In all the series so far.. the books about the defense of 4 lands come around as a success. When they go out where the information is not so complete it comes out not so successful.
    I doubt if we will visit the forbidding again. There is so much to do in the 4 lands and the lands around them. The only thing is Arling was injured going in as the Ellcry.
    Terry said in Mpls that only a few more series will be wrote after he catches up fom the beginning to the present. I forgot exactly the exact quote but 5 years? then another different agenda.

  37. (1) There’s mention of the Void in Witch Wraith. This reminds me of the Void mentioned in the “Word and Void” trilogy. In that trilogy, the Void and the Lady were said to be opposing forces. That Void was pictured as being alive while its current manifestation seems dead, like an object. Or, I’m imagining things which were never written.

    I’ve always thought that Grianne as an aerid would be that Lady in question. But, that doesn’t seem likely with the Isle Witch being revived. Say, Grianne was split off from her body. Would the powers of her wishsong still be with her? I don’t think so, as the power is inherited by blood relations, which imply that the power resides within the body.

    (2) I’d hoped to see the Witch Sisters returned to guard the Earthfire. I’d assume they were created to guard it and were sustained by it since they had no magic beyond the surrounding area. As magical constructs, they could be renewed — much like the Ellcrys is — once their numbers are decimated. I was hoping the Witch Sisters had a reset button that restored the original members all hale and sane.

    I’d also assumed that Morag & Mallenroh had, over time, forgotten their purpose — much like how the elves’ in the Scions of Shannara trilogy. Those Morrowindl elves’ had magically-created guardians, like the revenants and drakuls, whose magic degraded and became corrupted over time, transforming the guardians into Morrowindl Demons. I thought they were immortal and so expected to read more of the Splinterscat Stresa.

    (3) Whatever happened to the changeling spy, the Moric, who consumed the evil druid Iridia Eleri during Grianne’s time as Ard Rhys. The Moric is supposed to be able not only take the appearance of but also the memories of the person it consumes and then impersonates. Since the Moric consumed a druid, doesn’t that mean it knows and possesses all the knowledge and power of that druid? Furthermore, it then consumed an engineer responsible for building the powerful light mirrors used by the Federation in their airships. When the Moric was tricked by into the Forbidding, did it not then take its knowledge back? If so, couldn’t it have taught it’s brethren the secrets of druidic magic, then constructed the light mirrors to focus their new-found druidic magic against the Forbidding?

    • u should definitely ask these questions on the ask terry forum. u bring up some interesting points id love to hear what Terry has to say about them. thanks for taking the time to write that up.

  38. I love everything Terry Brooks has written. Like everyone else I have followed the Shannara series since the beginning. When I read that the new trilogy was going to deal with the missing Elfstones, I couldn’t have been more excited. I was a little disappointed that the story split from them as the focus though. I wanted to know more about them, the colors, powers, and what would happen if used. Hopefully we will get to see more of them in the future. Another issue that bothered me was how weak the Druids were in this trilogy. In the past novels, characters like Bremen, Allanon, and Walker Boh were larger than life. They could survive battles and scenarios that were a lot more difficult than the few battles that the druids in this trilogy died in. My final complaint is that I wish we would have been given at least some information as to the whereabouts of the Sword of Leah. I was genuinely excited to see a female Leah wield the Sword and if it would have any different ramifications. All in all, I deeply enjoyed the new trilogy and cant wait for the next adventure to begin.

  39. Like many here, I have read every Shannara novel Terry has written. I started with Sword and never looked back, following the books in the correct order.

    Whenever a new set of stories is published, as I am sure Terry’s committed fans will agree, you tend to evaluate and compare each book based on what you have read before. Yes, we all loved Elfstones and I wonder whether that single book will ever be surpassed but nevertheless, I have enjoyed the differences found in the sets of books written since – particularly Heritage and Jerle Shannara.

    When it came to High Druid I felt somehow disappointed. I think it was valuable, however, in that it prepared the way for another visit to the Forbidding in Dark Legacy. Having now read Dark Legacy, I think Terry did a really smashing job at writing a different kind a story. The typical quest elements were all there but there were aspects to the three books that seemed to convey a much sadder and, fitting to the title of the series, ‘darker’ outcome. In every book, main characters get killed off – we are used to that – and its something we expect. But Dark Legacy seemed even bleaker in many ways with the sense of loss being more profound and apparent. I personally applaud Terry for this – sometimes things don’t always work out happily ever after. Quests can end in disaster. I particularly appreciated this dose of reality.

    Favourite parts in Witch Wraith: the battle at Arishaig and the personalities of the loyal commanders; the brave Dwarf Druid who, remarkably, survived her encounters and personal battles with the dragon and the cunning changeling at Arbolon; the ending with Redden finally waking up…

    But I think my overall favourite moment was when Arlingfant and Aphenglow were walking together toward the old Elcrys. We all knew what that meant for Arlingfant. It was so well written. The love these sisters had for each other and the sense of loss over the sacrifice being made a truly emotive read. Full marks, Mr Brooks. You captured the significance of the event so well and the impact upon my heart-strings was 100% successful and I confess, there were tears.

    In conclusion, Dark Legacy was a different kind of read but with Witch Wraith finishing the story, I would it on par with Terry’s best. I actually felt really satisfied.

  40. This series was excellent, but the conclusion was disappointing. I was afraid the entire time that the plot would unfold exactly like I expected, and then it did. There were, however, several possibilities for divergence from the predictable that kept me hopeful right up until the end, and maybe even then some.

    First and foremost, and seemingly over-arching, is the idea that the Forbidding would go down for good. It’s understood that the Forbidding went up around the same time the elves lost the 4 sets of elfstones- their most powerful weapons against the demons. Could they survive without the Forbidding if the elfstones were returned (which they were)? And show me an epic battle where the elves unleash that mojo on the demon army! That could have happened in this book even if they did lose them all again, BUT they might have won the battle!

    Moving right along- what was required to create the first Elcrys? Was the Tanequil involved? Could it be the father/mother of the Elcrys (would explain why Pen needed a stick from the Tanequil to enter the Forbidding, and why both trees ‘collect’ young women in some way or another, and why one seems to enter another dimension when visiting the Tanequil)? Was there some kind of deal involved with the Tanequil and the Omarosian line; would the Tanequil have reason to set Grianne free with an ultimatum to collect on that deal, such as an ultimatum to destroy the Forbidding? Could she still?

    With this comes the theme of free will vs fate; Arling ‘choosing’ her own life instead of sacrificing it to maintain an unfair (unfair as noted by the characters themselves) selection system. Free will also ties in to good vs evil choices made by individuals; Tesla Dart, Charis, Grianne for example, and the promise made to help Tesla by Redden, which falls completely by the wayside. I expected that when it happened to Weka, and I was fine with it. I saw it coming for Tesla when she ‘held on to the elfstones for Oriantha’, but I was much more hopeful that this time things would change. 🙁

    Of course, all of this, or stuff like it, could still happen, which is why I mentioned that I’m still a bit hopeful, but I think that at least some of this could have been worked into the conclusion to this series to make a far more epic ending. I feel like I’m poised in anticipation for the 4th book of the series; it sets up so much awesomeness!

  41. Just finished Witch Wraith. While I can say I absolutely enjoyed the Dark Legacy trilogy–despite the fact that Terry killed just about every character I really liked, including ones from the past–I also don’t know what to say!

    What are the crimson Elfstones’ true power, since we know the blue are the Seeking Stones? They obviously destroy and it seems to me that they are much like the Black Elfstone which, incidentally, was responsible for killing off one of my favorites in First King.

    Will we ever see what power comes from the green, white, or saffron, or is that resigned to Terry’s imagination and our speculation? And what about Redden! Wil’s heritage developed the wishsong, but what will manifest in Redden’s progeny?

    I know I’m asking the same questions as dozens of others on this site, but I had to write them down before my brain exploded with Shannara-verse speculation.

    Also… STOP KILLING SO MANY CHARACTERS!!! lol. Why Cymrian?! Why!?!? He was the best since Garet Jax, in my opinion. *raises fist like elderly man*

  42. Just finished the book and was wondering something about the letter given to Aphen at the end about the Darkling Boy. Maybe I missed some details but I was almost expecting it to reveal that the boy was in fact Tael Riverine.
    Could anyone explain who the boy who was released from his prison as an old man was? Was he just someone who started the whole Forbidding thing?

  43. I loved te series but I was very sad when Cymrian died. He is one of my favorite characters of all time in any series.

  44. Dark Legacy Series:


    Great depictions of environments, locations and overall story-telling.

    Great ideas and descriptions about the Darkling boy and the relationship he had with the Elf girl and the tragedy that followed. Btw, where were all the Darklings in the Forbidding? TB never describes a single one, except Charis. Did they get wiped out by the other species within the Forbidding? Guess I’ll just use my imagination…

    Great idea about the elfstones and all the “possibilities” with how each set would work.

    I appreciated the strength that Arling had in sacrificing herself to protect the Fourlands from the Forbidding demons.

    I liked Edinja Orle’s use of magic which was new for TB (the “mutating” of humans, etc), but even she was a wimp when she battled Cymrian. If she was so magically powerful why did she need a knife held to Arlingfant’s throat? If she was so powerful how could an un-magically gifted Elf kill her? Weak. It was so TB could find a way to sacrifice Cymrian and avoid an awesome duel Aphen could have had with Edinja.

    I loved that the new technology (fire launchers, etc) were used against the demons. The battle of Arishaig was great.

    The characters Wint and Keeton were good strong male characters. Cymrian? See below.

    I liked how we see Paranor defend itself. That was new and appreciated.

    Most male Characters in the series:
    Cymrian = submissive to Aphen
    Bombax = wimp Druid (really? Subdued by a Mwellret? Where are your Druid powers?)
    Railing/Redden = hot tempered, immature, pig-headed
    Emperowen Ellessedil = old and tired
    Phaeton Ellessedil = impulsive, self-absorbed

    Women were the dominating force in the books, much to my disdain. Maybe it’s time to create a strong male figure that won’t wimp out, be immature and hot-tempered, old and tired or submissive. Want a successful Druid Order? Galaphile-like character anyone? Allanon? Walker Boh? Forget this Grianne, Khyber, Aphenglow crap. TB needs to ease off the hyena-like matriarchy and make it more balanced or he may end up being like Justin Beiber, only teenie-bop girls liking his stories.

    Killing off characters: This seems to be a perverse enjoyment of many writers. I hate this style of dangling “character death” over the readers’ heads. For that reason I purposely waited the whole way through the series, waiting for characters to die and was disappointed that Cymrian died. However, it was a given being that Aphen was a Druid and Druids “don’t take partners”. Still it is was typical and expected.

    Elfstones; what the @#%&! Really? TB totally got lazy with this, or has future plans for them, which is equally frustrating. I was HUGELY disappointed by this. For years readers have begged TB to write a story in which we discover what the other stones were like, could do, etc. And what do we get? First off, it was expected that much was to be learned of the elfstones and the whole quest was based around them. Then very quickly in Wards, the quest dissolved, as is expected in recipe for fiction writing but the whole focus on them disappeared and then was quickly tied up in the end. We never get to know what the stones really do. And all but one new set are whisked away back into the Forbidding, for what? The next Forbidding book? This practically ruined the series for me. In my opinion, TB either is too tired to think up a new type of magic (all the elfstones and their different abilities) or he really could care less and wants to leave it up to the “reader’s imagination”. I understand that a good book must have a good story and cannot be made wholly of discussion and creation of different magic types but come on here, throw us a bone. The last type of magic he “created” was the Wishsong back in, oh wait, Wishsong of Shannara. I think it’s time to move on to something else and step away from Shannara…or create something different magically that is fresh and will excite your readers.

    I was, again, disappointed in the battle between Tael Riverine and the Witch Wraith. What happened to the awesome duels TB used to write? Allanon & the Jachyra, Wil Ohmsford & the Reaper, Allanon and the Dagda Mor, Grianne and the Morgawr…sorry to be brutal but Witch Wraith was weak in that aspect.

    Anyone else getting fatigued by the whole “consequences” of magic idea. Magic has its consequences and therefore should not be used. When will TB create a character that has an incredible gift, aka magic, that has only good ramifications of its use, like some sort of healer mage, for example. Yes, I understand the whole, conflict-needed-in-a-book to be interesting and keep focus, but again, throw a bone here. And the King of the Silver River and Quickening don’t count. He is one and only.

    The Druids in this series were straight up wimps. Bombax, Khyber, Seersha, etc. All but 2 were killed? So weak. What happened to the powerful “genes” of magic? Allanon took on countless demons and destroyed them. He killed a dragon for cat’s sake and scores of Furies! Tay and Riska were beasts in First King! Even Grianne killed the Morgawr and a huge Graumth in previous series’. Again, the weakness of the characters in Witch Wraith is tiresome. Aphen didn’t even detect that shape-shifter assassin when it was in the SAME room as her. Druids have become so weak. The series relies, not on strong heroes, but on some teens (impulsive Ohmsford twins, Arling) to save the world…sigh.

    Will we ever see what the Elves can do with their magic? Elf Queen had them depicted as just creating demons with the magic and also becoming Shadowen. The time of Faerie was all about magic I’m sure. How did the demons of the Forbidding come to be? Misuse and abuse of magic? Did the Elves become the demons of the Forbidding? Did the Elves and other creature of Faerie create the demons? If some of these questions would be answered I could understand why magic, in TB books, is always viewed as bad. But I don’t agree with it 100%. Can there be a pure benevolent use of magic without negative consequences? Will there ever be a purely good undertone to any use of magic? Doubt it. Because that wouldn’t cause conflict within oneself, right? *sarcastic voice* That wouldn’t sell a book…

    I was excited when Wards came out, but was immediately disappointed by many aspects of it. Due to that I didn’t expect as much from the 2nd and 3rd books. I actually tried predicting what was going to happen and when TB was planning on killing off characters. That was kind of fun. Overall I was disappointed. I still am a fan of TB and his books. I just wished for something better. Even the Measure of the Magic, in Legends of Shannara, seemed rushed and not on par with what I expected from TB.

    Sorry for the long, drawn out, and scathing critique but I had to be honest. Hopefully the new book next year will be better.

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