Terry’s San Diego Comic Con Schedule

icon-sandiegocomicconTerry will be attending the San Diego Comic Con!

Here is his schedule:

Friday, July 19
Random House booth #1515

Saturday, July 20
Autograph Area Table 4

Yes, I know. Terry doesn’t have a panel this year. But he’ll be around for all four days and maybe preview night too! And the Unfettered contributors who are attending (Terry, Patrick Rothfuss, Kevin Hearne, Eldon Thompson, Todd Lockwood, and myself) might be doing a group signing at the Random House booth on Sunday. More on that when I know it!

See some of you in San Diego!

With some news maybe!

8 responses to “Terry’s San Diego Comic Con Schedule”

  1. Been looking all over for Terry on the Comic Con website and couldn’t find him. But only twice during 4 days and for only 1 hour each time? Very disappointed now and know I will be then if there are very long lines.

  2. Oh…since I have never gotten autographs before, is there a cost? I know my son has had posters (and some books) autographed and he has had to pay for some/most of them. Thanks.

  3. Wow, that is a pretty small window to get Terry. There is so much going on and so many lines you have to stand in that hitting those little one-hour windows will be tough. 🙁 In the past, Terry has been a great signer. He talks to people, takes photos, doesn’t charge and will sign as many items as you have, but with that short of a time limit…????

    • I will be trying to get another hour’s worth of signing time at the Del Rey booth on Sunday for us Unfettered contributors. Terry would be one of them. More when I know it Tuesday.

      • He should just pull up a chair and hang out regardless. 🙂 Or maybe he’ll actually have time to go out and enjoy the convention. It can be fun.

  4. Read my first Terry Brooks in 1977 and been a tremendous fan ever since, so happy I’ve got a chance to have him sign my very first and much beloved Sword of Shannara 🙂

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