When Fans Travel Great Distances

Denis, Terry & Alexandre
Denis, Terry & Alexandre

Terry can’t visit every city, town, and berg on Earth sadly. That means sometimes his fans have to travel.

For this tour, the winning prize probably goes to Denis and Alexandre. They first made a pilgrimage from France to Seattle, WA to see firsthand some of the settings in A Knight of the Word and Armageddon’s Children (the Underground tour, John Ross’s living space, the Hammer Man, etc.). Then they went to Highlands Ranch to see Terry himself.

Terry told them to send pictures into the website. They did. According to them, meeting Terry was a “great moment, magic.” And not only that, they want a small role in the future TV show, “maybe as Rovers.”

As a fan of Terry’s, I love this stuff! Just goes to show, if you really want to meet Terry, you will let nothing stand in your way! Not an ocean, that’s for sure!

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12 responses to “When Fans Travel Great Distances”

  1. I had a MUCH shorter trip (70 mi) to Highlands Ranch, but it was great seeing Terry again. Thanks for patiently signing everyones books Terry! Hope all the good news on TV and movies pans out.


  2. One day you pick a book without knowing what is it, the next you learn english to read the others, the following you met your favorite author on the other side of the earth.
    There is magic on this books.
    Thanks Shawn, thanks Terry !

  3. Meeting Terry was a dream, and it came true. So yeah, Terry’s magic of the Word truly is incredible. Thanks for everything and keep making us dream through your books!

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