Terry In Italy

icon-mantuaTerry will be visiting Italy in a week!

Here is the information I have so far about what’s happening in Italy:

  • Friday, September 6
    Festivaletteratura – On Stage Interview with Chiara Codeca at 11:30 am at Palazzo di San Sebastiano. (Mantova)
  • Saturday, September 7
    Casadeipensieri – On Stage Dialogue on World Building at 6 pm at Galleria Acquaderni near Bookshop Feltrinelli. (Bologna)

The names after the dates above are the festivals:

  • September 12 – Nulvi (SS)
  • September 13 – Galtelli (NU)
  • September 14 – Mara (SS)
  • September 15 – Bauladu (OR)

These last four dates are in Sardinia, but we only have the locations, no actual venues.

More information will be posted if Terry and me get it!

Have fun, Italy!


8 responses to “Terry In Italy”

  1. Hi Shawn and thanks for the good news!

    As Andrea said, between parenteses you have the provinces of Sarinia where the city is. Also, Terry will join the first edition of the literary festival called “Entula”. It’ll start on 7th September. It’ll be a nice trip, the whole island is awesome in this period. You don’t have the venues because, I think, the festival will take place in various places within the cities. Wish you a safe travel and a lot of fun! Hope to meet you again soon!


  2. We fear the Saturday event is NOT in Mantova, but is in Bologna. Hopefully we can get this straightened out beforehand.

  3. Thank you Judine and Shawn!!

    It’s great to hear from you, Judine! Yes, saturday’s event is in Bologna, I told everyone in the italian website and facebook page, and I already have confirmation of people from The Blue Divide: they will be there.

    Looking forward to see you again, see you in Mantova, I’ll be there with other “bluedividers” and my family.


  4. Sorry to interrupt this commentary about Terry in Italy. But I have wondered where is the “mist valley” I think I can offer one possibility. It might be in all the national forest area just a few miles from Boise, Idaho. As for where it is on the Shannara map I have no idea.

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