Video: Italian Terry Brooks Interview

While visiting Italy recently, Terry was interviewed! It’s an interesting video interview not only because of Terry’s answers but because it shows how interviews get conducted in foreign languages!

In short, the translator has been edited out of the interview. Terry doesn’t speak Italian but he sure looks like it in this video!

Maybe some of the Italian fans who visit this site can translate the questions so we have a better idea of what is being asked…?

Hope you enjoy!


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  1. Hope this helps, I translated it quite quickly so I apologize if there are any mistakes. Also, I opted for keeping it more literally to avoid altering the meaning. So it might not be very smooth in English.

    First question:
    Terry Brooks, myth of fantasy (literature), 20 published books, his saga is the most sold in the world. I wanted to ask you, how are your stories born? Do you first come up with a character and then build the plot around him or does the plot come first?

    Second question:
    You are a very prolific author, how is your methodology: do you write every day? and what if one day you’re out of ideas?

    Third question:
    Is there a character from another author you particularly loved that you would have wanted to have created yourself?(not sure if I got the verbs in the correct tense, but I think you got the meaning:P)

    Fourth question:
    Right now, what’s the book you have on your bedside table?

    Fifth question:
    Do you think that the success of the ring trilogy, the movie success, helped fantasy literature or that now people wait to see the movie and don’t read anymore?

    Sixth question:
    If you were to move back in time, would you follow the same path or would you make different choices?

    Last question:
    In your study, do you have a map of the four lands hanging on the wall?

  2. 1st question
    “Terry Brooks, fantasy myth, 20 books and his saga is the best-selling. How do your stories born? Do you first think about a character and then you build the plot around or does the story come first?”

    2nd question
    “You are a very prolific author. Which is your methodology? Do you write everyday or maybe someday you have no ideas? Tell us what happen.”

    3rd question
    “Is there another author’s character that you loved especially or that you would’ve wanted to create?”

    4th question
    “What is the book that you have on the bedside right now?” (I’ve translated this litteraly, it’s a common saying in Italy to ask what you are currently reading, I don’t know if it’s the same in the USA.)

    5th question
    “Do you think that the success of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy may have helped literature or now you only wait for the movie?”

    6th question
    “If you could go back, would you walk the same road or would you make different choices?”

    Last question
    “Do you have the four earth map in your study?”

    Sorry for any errors

  3. Francesco and Andrea have translated correctly the questions in italian.
    I am so sorry I could not meet Terry neither in Bologna or Mantova (or Lucca in 2010)
    It’s funny in some way, because I am Italian and I would have the occasion to meet him, but unfortunately, my young boy’s schedule makes it impossible for me to catch the train and go so far.
    Could the next Italian event be hold in Milan next time? ;)))))
    I have had the great pleasure to meet Terry twice in England while I was leaving in London few years ago.
    I’d like to meet him again.

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