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Here is the tentative cover for The Darkling Child, the second book in the Defenders of Shannara series!

As I’ve said before, the Defenders of Shannara is a series comprised of three stand alone Shannara novels. The first book, The High Druid’s Blade, will publish March 11, 2014 and features a Leah has a the main character.

The Darkling Child is the second book and will publish later in 2014.

What do you think of the tentative cover above?

And no, I can’t tell ya more about it.


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  1. To the point: I want more Dark Thorn , NOW!
    Read it, very good, well planned. Easy reading style. Gets to the point. I started Terry Brooks “Sword Of Shannara” when it first came out and said the same thing. I will have every one of Shawn Speakman’s books as well. However, I am a lil ling in the tooth now following Mr. Brooks for all his writing career. But, my kids will continue the legacy of following an excellent Fantasy writer..

    young mr. sarkady

    enthusiast extraordinaire

    • Thank you for the kind words, Mike! Glad you liked The Dark Thorn! Be sure to write me a review on Amazon, B&N, or Goodreads. Reviews matter. All I ask is that you are honest — the good, the bad, and the ugly. 🙂

      And yes, there will be more books in the Annwn Cycle. First, there is my short story in Unfettered though that centers on Bran’s father, Charles, and his fairy guide Berrytrill. You can also read the first page of another short story I’m working on for a future anthology here:


  2. I think it’s great, i like so much the top of the image (the face). But the Sword, looks too much like the first. Maybe an other color could be good but and i don’t know if it’s possible (because of the story). The hand is awful, even if the chain is interesting.
    You should keep the face but the guy could hold something else.
    Remember that the fonts link the three books, you don’t have to make similar images especially if the story is not link.

      • Shawn,

        If this IS the Sword of Leah, is it Paxon still wielding it as well? I was curious as too whom it was as well as didn’t Arcannen have a sword that emitted a similar fire in High Druid’d Blade? I thought the next novel wasn’t to be focused around the same set of characters. I wouldn’t complain if they were as I enjoyed them from what I’ve read. Anxious to hear more about the plot of the book when time allows it.


  3. One of the best covers in recent years! Very eye catching and yes I like covers that match in style and layout. Trilogy or standalone, if they have a series title, they need to be consistent, at least for me.

    I second all comments on Dark Thorn and am waiting with baited breath for the next installment. In my review I quote “Speakman speaks volumes” and I mean that as a blessing that we haven’t heard the last of this fresh new writer that is carried on the same winds that blew Terry through the window of my Library on a cold wintry night by the fireplace. Walk On…

  4. paxson leah, i assume has shannara/ohmsford blood. the head of the druid order has worn the eilt druin, or so i thought. paxson through his use of the sword of leah could have awakened inate magic that has been dormant. could the chain hold the eilt druin??
    who is head of the druid order? aphenglow? through use of the druid sleep its very possible she could still be alive and well. so many questions!! March will be here soon enough

  5. also the green magic if i remember correctly is directly connected to paranor. when allanon closed the keep with brin and rone green fire spead throughout the keep. i think that is accurate, but i will have to check

  6. The title is interesting as well. Darkling Child. could we have a reopening of the forbidding. Could we see how grianne has cemented her rule of jarka ruus? Could the word and the void renew the battle for earth?

  7. let’s hope these stories are of good calibre and a satisfying addition to the Shannara novels.
    Lately some of the stories have been quite similar and not breaking new/different ground.

    And why write a conclusion to the series now? why not write a different series and come back to Shannara later?

  8. I agree with above comment. At the same time we have been spoiled. To do something for over thirty years has to get old sometimes. At some point it has to end. Raymond Feist with Magician’s End, or Robert Jordan’s wheel of time. Lets hope that when it does end, it is epic.

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