Poll: Favorite Knight of the Word?

"Angel Perez" by Rob Alexander
“Angel Perez” by Rob Alexander
The Knights of the Word protect our world from the possible future they witness in their dreams.

As we have seen, that future is pretty dark. When John Ross came to Hopewell, Illinois in Running with the Demon, it was the beginning of something great for Terry. You can put me in the camp who believes that the Word/Void trilogy is Terry’s finest achievement—other than The Elfstones of Shannara—and in that achievement lies powerful characters, magic, great hope, and one helluva story.

The Knights of the Word are a part of that. They work tirelessly—literally, because to fall asleep means to possibly die‐to prevent a future overrun by the Void and its dark creatures. They are all chosen by the Lady and put upon and kept on their path by the mysterious and powerful O’olish Amaneh (Two Bears).

Their stories are about giving up much more than themselves for a good that might not come to pass.

My question today is about the Knights:

Who is your favorite Knight of the Word?

We spent the most time with John Ross, and I suspect he will be the character most people vote for. His story is tragic, perhaps more so than the others, with the exception of possibly Sider Ament’s story, which also deals with love’s loss. Still, the power found in both Logan Tom and Angel Perez might match that, and personally I loved the few pages we were given of Sider’s mentor, he who held the staff before Sider did. And some part of me loves the Knight gone rogue, Krikla Koos&mdahs;just twisted enough to see his logic fully.

Oh, and we’ll count O’olish Amaneh in this, since he acts like a Knight sometimes…

So vote! And discuss!

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  1. Now this would be an awesome novel . How do the Knights evolve into the druids (and/or how did Paranor come into being)

  2. After learning about O’olish Amaneh’s connection to the King of the Silver River in THE ELVES OF CINTRA, I keep hoping to see him pop up in one of the current era novels.

    @John – I keep hoping we will see that novel some day as well. =)

    • I would love to see a story with TwoBears back story. I like to believe that just like the Knights of the Word could fall, TwoBears is actually a Vietnam Vet who saw too much, started to go demon, but was brought back by a Knight of the Word in SE Asia, and then became a powerful champion as a result.

  3. I agree with John. I first read the Shannara books in early 2000. Earlier this year I decided to reread them but I started from the storyline beginning (Running with the Demon). I admit I was disappointed after reading Measure of Magic and starting on First King. Measure of Magic left off with Panterra Qu heading out of the valley in search of a new home for his “people” and next we hear about Galaphile and Brona. I know Terry must be at the burn out point in this series but instead of expanding the series this would make for a good stand alone or another trilogy!

  4. Tough choice between John Ross and Logan Tom, but I think I have to say John Ross. He is the original Knight, after all.

  5. John Ross is top dog. If any Knight deserves a stand alone novel, It’s our man Ross! Remember what a head case this cat was? I would love to see Brooks get inside of he mind. Wow, what a ride that would be. I don’t know about you but my fingers are crossed.

  6. I like Logan Tom. He’s practically a broken man, still fighting the fight that he was charged with, never sure he’s headed in the right direction or sure he’s going to be able to make people understand what he needs them to. It’s a super-charged emotional scene at the end of The Gypsy Morph when he finally defeats Findo Gask….and feels nothing; where he and Simralin finally admit to each other that they love the other. At that moment it’s like he’s finally able to allow himself to discharge this enormous task that he’s spent the better part of his life trying to complete.

  7. The Word and Void series is not only my favorite Terry Brooks series, but my all time favorite…period. John Ross was remarkable (does any one else picture “They Live” actor & WWE wrestler Roddy Rod Piper as John Ross?). Angel Perez is also on my top 3 (the actress from Fast & Furious, Resident Evil would make a perfect Angel Perez)…but my all time Favorite Knight of the Word – Tom Logan. Watching his family destroyed by Findo Gask and his legion is horrific. Having to go into the slave camps and witness atrocities…mind numbing…He is without a doubt, the reason I am a true fan and loyal reader from anything – Terry Brooks

      • You had me at Rowdy Roddy Piper. Hahaha. Not sure how good he’d be in that role, but I’d certainly watch it. Maybe even get a cameo appearance by Jimmy Superfly Snuka. Now I’m just getting silly. Really, neither one of them should be in a movie adaptation, but I love the visual the idea presents.

        I digress…

        I went with John Ross. The similar personalities between John Ross and Walker Boh are very striking. Both were reluctant heroes who begrudgingly did what was ultimately the right thing. Even though Word & Void was never intended to tie into the Shannara series, having John Ross, a damn fine Knight, get the ball rolling, so to speak, was a stroke of genius on Terry’s part.

        • Well the present Rowdy Roddy Piper would not make a good John Ross, but the 80’s version would! LoL.

          The reason you like John Ross and Walker Boh are the same reasons at times, they would irritate me. Logan Tom and Angel Perez were thrust into the battle against evil. I didn’t have to read about “why oh why me”. They had no choice, there love ones where killed by evil, and they chose to destroy the same evil that destroyed there family, hopes, etc.

          Have you ever seen a movie and your telling the screen “Dude common sense…use that door dumbass”? That’s the same experience I had when reading about John Ross and Walker Boh…A love hate relationship…lol

          • “Have you ever seen a movie and your telling the screen “Dude common sense…use that door dumbass”?”

            Every horror movie I’ve ever watched. It is by far my least favorite movie genre, even beating out musicals. I’ve never watched a musical from start to finish.

            Yeah, Logan and Angel both were thrust into the fray. From their loss came their strength to not only seek revenge, but to do the right thing in general. I love their stories and how we were introduced to them.

            The John Ross story, however, is the intriguing one to me. For all intents and purposes The Word and Void series is as close to a start point as we have. As a stand alone trilogy it was fantastic. Then when the conversion happened it became more than fantastic for me. Keep in mind that in Sword (I believe) we see remnants of a modern civilization while they are walking through the forest (steel I-beams). There was that hint that what we were seeing was a world that was once ours. Word/Void gave us that tie in.

            With Word/Void we all of a sudden have something that we as readers can relate to in some way because the story begins in modern times, our time, Hopewell, Illinois. John Ross is us in many ways in his very human choices. He never wanted to be a Knight. Tragedy ensues and he now wants to just be a simple dude who wants to live his life quietly. Moves to Seattle knowing what he doesn’t want to do and ends up being the guy that, more or less, started us readers on a journey we’re still traveling today.

            (Note: it is understood that we can go back 11 centuries to when the whole Knight process began, however, unless we get more books that go back to Owain Glyndwr’s time, or even the story of the elves, then I’m viewing Word and Void as the “start” point for what would become the World of Shannara.)

  8. to this question I am torn between logan and angel. they both had to endure so much, the world they inhabited was hell on earth and they weathered the storm with true courage. without their contributions the gypsy morph would have never been able to fulfill his destiny. that trilogy was an inspiration to me during a time in my life where doctors gave me 6months to live because of the cancer I had. those doctors were wrong. I am cancer free and have been blessed with a son who is now two. Sometimes the magic does indeed work. Thank you terry for books, they mean a great deal to me.

  9. Tough call between John Ross and Logan Tom, but I had to vote for John. He’s the one who had a bigger emotional impact on me – thanks largely to A Knight of the Word (arguably my second favorite book in the Shannara mythos). Besides, he was the only one who really had to hide what he was because he lived in the current age – the world had already gone to crap by the time the others came along. Logan was awesome (and I’ll admit a bit of a soft spot for Sider Ament), but John Ross will always be #1 in my book.

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